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Featured Comments + Responses #3

Featured Comment

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to increase exposure to the unsung heroes of Source Gaming, you!

We get some of the best comments any site could hope for. They are informative, interesting and (usually) very kind. Thank you very much!

Here are some great comments that if you don’t check the comment section, you might have missed (From January 16th to January 22nd, Japan time).


My picks for Pokken? I really only have two left:

1) Zoroark – Zoroark was essentially the face of Generation V, a generation currently under-represented in Pokken, with only one fighter in Chandelure. Zoroark would help fill Gen V’s representation, as well as add another dark type to the roster, a type also under-represented. Zoroark is a staple in the Pokemon universe, having starred in his own movie, and been obtainable in every game since Pokemon Black & White’s release. Zoroark is still getting attention, too, being one of a few Pokemon to recieve special BREAK edition Pokemon cards, and recieving a special in-game download with a move that it cannot naturally learn. Hopefully this attention can last a little bit more, and get the face of Gen V a slot on Pokken Fighters’ roster.

2) Gallade – Gallade is a psychic & fighting type Pokemon from Generation IV, and is the male counterpart of Gardevoir. Gallade was also one of the 18 to recieve Mega Evolutions in the most recent Pokemon games, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Not to mention that in said games, Gallade was the signature Pokemon of your rival, Wally. However, the roster already has a decent balance of ppsychic types, fighting types, and Gen IV Pokemon, so the roster may not have any room left for him. Only time will tell. —SG Choice #14 — Pokken Newcomers

I think Zoroark would make a great fighter. I really like his design. The Pokken Newcomer comment section had some other great ideas. Will be interesting to see who comes next!

I figured the money wouldn’t be enough, but I do appreciate the sentiment behind wanting another Advance Wars game. xD Instead of buying the company, maybe he could try individually funding that project instead, which I assume would cost much less than the company. May be something for another article? “Just how much does it cost to make a game like Advance Wars?” –Quick Analysis: Can you Buy Nintendo?

Probably the best use of large sums of money + Nintendo. I wonder if they would accept the backing if it was made available to them.

Oh, I’ll definitely get in on this action. Though quick question, will it be a problem if I have neither a Twitter account nor a SmashBoards account? I mean, if either or both are required then I could make them, I just won’t be likely to use either after this thing is done. We Love Smash — Asking for Submissions

I made the We Love Smash campaign pretty open. If you want to release something using the hashtag that’s not on this site, please feel free to.


This interview actually makes it sound like Sakurai had some pretty decent creative freedom with Cloud’s move set. Pretty neat. I think overall he did well with balancing an inherently unbalanced character. —Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part One]

Yeah, I was really happy this interview exists. I was kind of disappointed that Cloud didn’t get a full Famitsu Column to himself, but this makes up for it!

Another thing I really liked about these cross interviews is that it shows the developers personality more than a 1 to 1 interview. I really get a sense of Nomura and Sakurai’s working relationship from this interview! It really does seem that Sakurai had a lot of freedom.

I’m impressed that Sakurai could list so many video game developers born in 1970 off the top of his head, including an American developer! The man’s passion for the industry knows no bounds. —Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part two]

17 years of Smash…how time fly so fast.

I still remember when I was in high school. When I was checking on the Japanese Nintendo website, I was stunned that Nintendo was gonna have a crossover fighting game featuring my favorite characters and some I somehow know. I also still remember one of my classmate brought the actual instruction manual of the Japanese version game, which I think in a boastful way since he was a jerk. But as I went on a trip to Japan, I was so glad that I finally got the game from the nearby shopping department (which was JUSCO back then but now AEON), and couldn’t wait to get back to Hawaii to play the game. And as I got back to Hawaii and start playing it, everything was so awesome…the opening movie, the music, the characters…everything was ultimately great! And this was the time I started to love Smash so much, as I started to buy new Smash along with the newly released consoles, as I bought Gamecube for Melee, Wii for Brawl, and Wii U for 4. And I think I’ll do the same thing for NX if the next Smash comes up.

I pretty much knew all of the Nintendo characters starting from the 64 era, although I haven’t played any Zelda and Metroid games at all. But the only time I was blanked out was the inclusion of the FE characters back in Melee, as I no idea who Marth and Roy was since FE wasn’t released in the west back then. However, although I had no intention of playing any FE series, I pretty much learned those characters thanks to the trophy section, which I’ve understand that Smash can be a historical museum of Nintendo franchise. Much more, Smash wouldn’t be Smash without these trophies, and it really did help me learn more about every Nintendo characters even I won’t have any chance playing those games in the future.

Another thing I was well surprised was the inclusion of 3rd parties. Back in the 64 era, I’ve always imagined of what if Sonic, Mega Man, Cloud, and Resident Evil’s Leon was in the game. I knew it wouldn’t happen since it was just my typical imagination, but since Brawl was released and later to 4, all characters from my imagination (except Leon) was included in the game, and I was so excited with happiness. I can even still remember the time when Mega Man was included back then, and that time was definitely 4 am. I can also still remember the time when Sonic was included for Brawl back then too, and that time was actually while I was studying for my final exam. ? Seriously, Smash was full of unexpected surprises, and I do believe that surprise will continue on in the later series, whether anybody will like or not.

Furthermore, Smash has became the world’s most greatest crossover fighting game than any other. I could say it’s more better than Marvel VS Capcom I suppose. Although there may be tons of people not liking the game anymore because Sakurai didn’t brought the character what they wanted the most as much people are hating Sakurai too for that reason, but this is something they need to understand that Smash isn’t MUGEN, and Sakurai isn’t a god to wish for as he has his own limits to follow and protect. But even then, he is a master of imaginations, who can break any limits to turn those impossibilities to possibilities. Everybody needs to respect him for creating a greatest game of all time, if not he wouldn’t be making Smash in the very first place. I may have said this many times before, but although you may hate someone if they committed a scandal, you can’t hate someone for choosing somebody for Smash. Sakurai has his own sets of imagination of who may be fitful for being more unique than others, which is important to every fighting games, and that imagination is something nobody could understand. Furthermore, I really thank Sakurai for making such a wonderful game as he put so much effort for us fans and gamers. If there was to be the next Smash for maybe NX, I’m definitely looking for it while I’m not expecting any characters so I won’t get disappointed, and definitely gonna buy the NX after the next Smash is released! —Roundtable: 17 Years of Smash

Thanks for sharing your history with Smash! Smash does bring a lot of passion out of its’ fans :).


  1. What’s interesting–and a bit troublesome–about Zoroark is how his character is tied his illusion abilities. They implemented those powers rather well into the mainline turn-based game, but it’s tough to imagine how you’d get that part of Zoroark’s identity across in a fighting game (as I’m sure people have pointed out with Smash). Though if they cross that hurdle, it could make for an AMAZINGLY distinct character.

    Igiulaw on January 23 |
  2. I really like these articles- I am not used to how comments are laid out on here yet.

    DonkaFjord on January 23 |
  3. Cool, one of my comments was included. Thank you guys!!

    JM on January 23 |
  4. Smash has been part of my happy childhood memories…although I was still a teenager back then. I can still remember how fun Smash was back then, and I still believe the game will stay as fun, no matter who joins Smash for the first time.

    Thank you so much for choosing my comments!

    zoniken on January 25 |