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Nintendo News Week

Another exciting week in Japan with a brand new Dragon Ball game announced plus two new 3DS retail compilations, a couple of reissues, four new amiibo, and several eShop games, themes and badges, not-forgetting the Japanese release of the awesome Hyrule Warriors Legends. Don’t forget to check out Japanese Nintendo for all the latest news, charts, reviews and scans…

● Bandai Namco Entertainment announced Dragon Ball: Project Fusion for Nintendo 3DS. Scheduled for 2016 release, Project Fusion will be an RPG scheduled for 2016 release and developed by Ganbarion (Pandora’s Tower and one thousand One Piece games). Check out the teaser site at

● D3 Publisher announced two SIMPLE Series compilations (SIMPLE Series For Nintendo 3DS Vol. 2: Escape From THE Backroom 1 and SIMPLE Series For Nintendo 3DS Vol. 3: Escape From THE Backroom 2) each consisting of five escape games to release at retail on 7 April priced at ¥2,700.

● Both Bokujou Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (Story of Seasons) and Rune Factory 4 will be re-released on 7 April in limited quantities complete with an added guidebook. Story of Seasons Guidebook Pack will be ¥5,400 whilst Rune Factory 4 Guidebook Pack will be ¥5,616.

● Four new Animal Crossing amiibo were announced with another Isabelle, Kapp’n, Timmy & Tommy Nook and Rover (all at ¥1,296 each) plus the fourth series of amiibo cards (¥324 per pack of three) and a Nintendo 3DS amiibo set containing Happy Home Designer with Isabelle amiibo (¥5,400) all scheduled for 24 March.

● Mechanic Arms excellent DSiWare RPG/mini-game collection Nazo no Mini Game is getting a 3DS release next week priced at ¥500 complete with a graphical upgrade although sadly no stereoscopic 3D. There will be two new themes too priced at ¥150 each.

● The Wii U Virtual Console next week sees the PC Engine game Wallaby!! – Usagi no Kuni no Kangaroo Race (¥617) and the Game Boy Advance games Medarot Vol. 2 CORE Kabuto and Kuwagata Versions (¥702 each). Still no sign of 3DS -VC until Pocket Monsters in late February.

● In other eShop news: Starsign are developing Brain Training with Bingo: Bingo Training! for 3DS releasing on 17 February for just ¥200, Adventure Bar Labyrinth is also coming in February for ¥648 courtesy of Rideon with Pikii localising Elliot Quest for Wii U this coming Spring for ¥1,000.

● The Theme Shop last week saw an Oshushi theme, a new Assassination Classroom theme, a Mochi Alien theme, a Hatsune Miku theme as well as flumpool, team Hiragi, team Otori, High School Star Musical and Gesu no Kiwami Otome themes (all ¥200 each) plus this awesome Zelda Musou theme free to those who bought the game.

● Finally it’s a 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda week on Nintendo Badge Arcade and Nintendo’s official LINE account this week with new retro badges plus returning retro and modern badges and two free goes each day. LINE sees Kinopio-kun playing the Ocarina, drawing both Zelda and Ganondorf, and starring in Zelda Musou…


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Source Gaming Team

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  1. I know that Bandai-Namco makes crazy Dragon Ball games, but never knew they’re gonna make another crazy game that’s mainly focused on Fusion this time! Only original Fusion I’ve seen in the past was Yamcha and Tien’s back in Budokai 2, and I’m kinda curious what other original Fusions they’ll make for this game. I could see they’re planning to make a Broly and Goku’s Fusion according to the pic, so I may look forward for this game as curiosity.

    zoniken on January 25 |
  2. Sorry if this is unrelated, but I really love the new website layout!

    aguchamp33 on January 25 |