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Patreon Update #2

Patreon Update

Hello patrons and fans!

I’m here to give you guys another update on the site and some of our projects.

For our patrons, we have a special preview available sometime soon (hopefully this week): donators will be able to access an older translation where Sakurai discusses Bayonetta (The first game), and a preview of an upcoming multi-part article in which PushDustIn discusses the hypothetical Smash on NX. If you are interested in gaining early access to these articles, please donate to our patreon.

We are also working on content that has been requested by our patrons. The first article will actually debut later this week. It’s a Case For article about a character of your choosing….Articles suggested by our patrons will have a gold border around the header.

The site was redesigned today. It should load faster and look sleeker. We will continue to make small adjustments to the design in the coming weeks. Let us know ASAP if you run into any issues.We are working on improving our communication and rewards with our patrons. I hope that we will continue to provide interesting, new content for our fans.

James Montagna, co-director of Shantae and the Pirates Curse was recently interviewed by PushDustIn and Spazzy_D. I hope this shows what other interesting content we can produce post-Smash. The content will be made available in the very near future. The upcoming SourceCast will be released very soon, and will feature Oliver from Minus World.

Lately, we’ve nearly finished the entire Melee Character Introductions (List of translations here). This was in large part due to the efforts of Soma, Nocturnal_YL and myself. These character introductions will continue to provide useful sources for the community in the future. We are working on translating the Definitive Unused Fighter List Sources (Led by SutaMen), GSLR Brawl Summary (Led by Soma) and other initiatives. I’m also looking to expand the translation team. Nantendo has also been working on his On Character Selection series (On Character Selection: Melee). Future installments to the series requires a lot of sources to be translated, and goes hand in hand with the translations we have posted, and will post in the upcoming month.

In the coming month, we will post a couple of interviews. Patrons and fans have requested we cover some of the fan games for Smash, so I have arranged an interview with the developers of Super Smash Brothers: Crusade. We’ve also launching a new subseries called, Settle it in Smash. We are hoping this unique approach to debating will be interesting and insightful for fans. The first Settle it in Smash will be between SmashChu and PushDustIn.

Recently, we’ve announced We Love Smash, which is a collaboration with Relax Alax, SmashBoards and Source Gaming. I believe that the scope of the project draws a lot of attention to Smash, and hope to spread a positive image of the Smash community to other fandoms. We have some other projects we are working on, and I hope you guys are looking forward to our content. Please let us know how we are doing in the comments below.

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