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Hyrule Warriors: Legends Treasure Box Review

HWL Treasure Box Review

Hyrule Warriors: Legends Treasure Box

I don’t usually buy special editions of games, but I felt that the Treasure Box for Hyrule Warriors (Wii U version) was truly unique. I was pretty satisfied with my purchase — I use the Triforce Clock as an alarm to wake up everyday, the treasure chest is great for keeping treasures in it (currently trapping the rest of the Game and Watch amiibo) and I love the scarf. So, when they announced a new Treasure Box, for the Hyrule Warriors: Legends, I decided to buckle up, save money and pick it up. Both variants are exclusive to Japan. Other parts of the world got other versions of the special edition. After numerous delays my package has finally arrived! But…was it worth it?


There’s no escaping…the 9.

The Package:

The cost of the Hyrule Warriors: Legends Treasure Box is 14,904 yen at retail. Currently, that equates to 125.84 US dollars. For reference, the Wii U version was 18,000 yen at retail (about 151 USD).

The Treasure Box set is encased in a white cardboard box with a design on the front. This was to be expected as it follows the tradition from the previous Treasure Box. One particularly annoying thing is the fact that the two Treasure Boxes can’t sit well together: they are totally different shapes (one is long, the other is deep). This will annoy any collector who wishes to show off both sets let’s look at the contents.


The Wii U one is much deeper.

What’s Inside:

  • A Plush fairy
  • A “Compass” clock
  • A Fairy Ocarina
  • An Artbook
  • Hyrule Warriors: Legends (3DS)
  • Theme Download Code (3DS)


The plush fairy is completely made of 100% polyester. Nothing too special, really. The quality is alright, but not amazing. Yells “HEY LISTEN!” when squeezed.

I’m honestly a little disappointed with the compass clock. I would have honestly preferred if they made it an actual compass. Now, I can’t really pretend I’m Linkle when I’m running off in the wrong way. It’s not really big enough to be practical for a wall clock either.


The Fairy Ocarina is pretty neat. It also comes with a card showing you how to play ten songs from the Zelda on it. This is probably the item I’ll use the most. However, my cat is not impressed.

I enjoy the custom song for the 3DS theme, but besides that it’s nothing too special. It doesn’t work well with badges, so I’m not sure I’ll be using it. I’d rather have exclusive character costumes, or even My Fairy costumes.

All in all, this Treasure Box is a step down from the previous one. The other items were more interesting, and the DLC content was much nicer. It feels a little less special, and more of an obligation this time around. The last one made a point of being about showing Zelda love, and this one doesn’t make that much effort.

I’ll be reviewing Hyrule Warriors: Legends (the actual game) after I get some more time with it. The full review will be posted here on Source Gaming!

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