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Smash for NX rumour Discussion (Video)

The Smash hype train never ends. A new rumour is approaching coming from Dr. Serkan Toto on twitter. He says that Bandai Namco are working on a Super Smash Bros. for NX that will be a launch title for the system.

I (Nantendo) am joined by youtuber ConnorEatsPants to discuss this rumour, whether we believe it to be true and, if it is, what we expect from a Smash Bros for NX.

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  1. Will this be posted to the podcast feed?

    fangzthewolf on January 29 |
  2. I do really like Smash 5 to come, but if this rumor came out this fast before Corrin and Bayonetta DLC’s release, then it wouldn’t make sense to bring Smash 5 this early. It does make sense if this new Smash game is Wii U’s expansion, and I guess the whole Smash Ballot does work out for this expansion too, since we still haven’t noticed who were mostly voted among the top 5 other than Bayonetta from both Japan, US, and Europe. Maybe the staffs finally can work with those top 5 characters and put them in this expansion, or maybe focus on adding new contents instead, like transferring 3DS exclusive contents to Wii U for better HD graphics.

    I do wish to have Smash Run for this expansion since I really enjoyed beating up enemies and gathering customs and money as best stress reliever. (lol) I do also want those 3DS exclusive trophies to be in this expansion too like those handheld game characters and Smash Run enemies, or add in more new ones like more MOTHER/Earthbound characters, Mega Man’s Robot Masters, Kirby’s newest and popular characters like Adeline and Marx, etc. I do wish to have more remix musics too, as I want it for Sonic and FFVII since they had none.

    I think there will be more characters included, but I don’t know how many will be limited. We already have 58 of them, and I wouldn’t think there’s anyway of removing anybody from there. If there would be returning veterans, I definitely vote for Ice Climbers since they were planned to return to Smash 4 in the beginning, if it wasn’t for 3DS’s lack of power which I still blame on it. If there would be new characters, I could vote for Waddle Dee, Impa, Inklings, Krystal, and Medusa, as long none of them will end up as clones. I don’t know about the third parties at this moment since I think the third parties for this Smash is well enough, but if there’s a possibilities, then I may vote for Shantae or Jibanyan, which I still think it’s impossible. I might make an article about Jibanyan’s case for Smash, if I can make a better research and article at the same time since I suck terrible in grammar.

    Normally I wouldn’t suggest to trust any rumors unless the officials announce it, but if it ends up true, then I’ll be looking forward for it! But I think this will be the first time when Sakurai won’t be involved since he’ll be taking a breath taker for a longer period and announced that he’ll be working on a different project. But even he won’t get involved, I think he’ll advise the Bandai Namco staffs on how chosen characters will work. He has more better imaginations than us, and I think he wouldn’t mind sharing about it.

    zoniken on January 29 |
  3. This whole thing just seems iffy to me. It just seems way too soon after Smash 4. I believe that if Sakurai wanted to add something to Smash 4, he would have done so and not just held it off for the next game. He said the whole reason that DLC was wrapping up was that he couldn’t keep the development team together forever, but if the development timeline for this Smash 5 is to be believed, then it’s been pretty much constant so far. I remember someone mentioning cross-platform play between Smash for Wii U and the supposed Smash 5, and that was just a hypothesis to be fair, but if they did add new stages and characters, wouldn’t that be impossible without re-adding those characters and stages to the Wii U version? And that would end up de-syncing the compatibility between the Wii U and 3DS versions since as far as I recall, they were supposed to at least have the same characters on each. I’d love to see a new Smash game, but I’d much rather wait for solid information before I start jumping to conclusions. Heck, we barely have enough information on the NX as it is, and we’re already talking about the games. I guess that is one of the high points of the Smash community though, we’re always hungry for information.

    Spiral on January 30 |
    • Speaking of it, you are right on that part. We still don’t know what NX’s gonna be like in the first place (eventually not many people in Japan even know its existence anyways), and it may be too early to speculate anything about it. Its true that like I said, rumors shouldn’t be taken trustworthy until officials announce it, but in any community, I think we’re free to dream anything as long its not wrong to do so, and doing it responsibly.

      zoniken on January 30 |