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SourceCast #7

Welcome to the first podcast of 2016! And what better way to start off this new year than by looking all the way back to the previous millennium.

In today’s Podcast Nantendo is joined by SourceCast regulars Spazzy_D and Smashchu but out special guest is new. For the first time we welcome a good friend of Source Gaming Oliver Jameson, Editor-in-chief for the Minus World website.

The theme of today’s topic is ‘Retro Gaming’ where the gang go over what they believe counts as retro and from this, what their favorite retro system and games are. We share some memories and some laughs and we hope that you will be willing to share your retro gaming moments below in the comments. In the next part of the podcast we talk about when dead franchises see a reboot. Some examples of this are Kid Icarus Uprising for Nintendo 3DS and Bionic Commando on the Xbox 360 and PS3. We discuss the types of ways games can get rebooted and throw our own hats into the ring by sharing ideas of series we think should get rebooted and how we would go about it. Finally we move onto Super Smash Bros, because what is Source Gaming without a bit of Smash Bros talk, where we discuss the retro characters that are already in Smash, what role they play in the game and which classic characters we would like to see in the future.

Relevant Links

The Minus World: the website of our special guest, Oliver Jameson.

Mewtwo DLC, Takamaru and Sakurai’s Nico Nico Appearance: PushDustIn

Donkey Kong Jr. – Dream Smashers: Nantendo

Nintendo's Official Sheriff Artwork remade and prettied up by Nirbion



00:00:00 = Introduction

00:01:44 = What is Retro Gaming? Memories and favorites

00:37:49 = Rebooting retro franchises. Yay or nay?

01:19:33 = Retro characters in the Super Smash Bros. series

01:49:03 = Break the Questions!

02:04:44 = Outro


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Special Guest

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