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Character Corner: Animal Crossing

chara corner animal crossing

Welcome Source Gaming readers to the Character Corner, a weekly video segment in which our very own Connoreatspants discusses who, from a particular franchise, he would like to see in a future Smash game with another one of our staff members. This is a bit more free form than a lot of our other content, and we truly hope you enjoy it. Today I will be joining Connor to discuss possible representatives from the Animal Crossing series.





  1. Not heavy on Animal Crossing and only played New Leaf for quite a few months. If there was any character to choose from, then KK Slider would be the best option as some of the aforementioned moveset would make him stand out. I also feel like there should be more characters with sleep/stun-inducing moves when there’s only moves like Sleep, Disable, Paralyzer, Witch Time etc not counting custom moves.

    Chris.W on February 22 |
  2. Neat series, I agree that Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and Resetti are the most likely.
    Personally K.K. Slider would probably be my character of choice out of those four.

    Still though, it’s both rather funny and slighly sad how neglected Kapp’n was while you were talking about minor characters. XD 14:35 “if you were talking about once again minor characters-” Camera then centers on Kapp’n. 😛

    Smasher44 on February 22 |
  3. In an odd sort of way, I’d rather Isabelle not beplayable fighter. She’s certainly Nintendo mascot material, but the idea of her being on the front lines rather than helping out in the background is too out of character for her. …then again, the irony could be kind of hilarious–kind of like making a Mii Fighter out of Ghandi.

    Igiulaw on February 22 |