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Dream Roster: Nintendo vs. Capcom

Welcome to another Dream Roster article. If you missed out on our previous entries, be sure to check out the articles looking at Nintendo Kart, as well as MvC4, Kellogg’s vs. Capcom, Fire Emblem Warriors, Disney X Mario Kart and Konami-Smash.

We’ve done quite a few of these Dream Roster articles now, and every time we tease one on social media we always get a ton of requests to do one for Nintendo vs. Capcom. It must come with the territory, after all we are Smash Bros. fans.

Nintendo and Capcom have had a fairly intimate history, dozens upon dozens of Capcom games have seen the light of day on Nintendo systems. This includes games from top Capcom franchises such as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Dead Rising and Monster Hunter. Hell, at this point Monster Hunter is a Nintendo exclusive (at least it has been for the past 5 games)!

Yoshinori Ono himself has stated that he would love for Nintendo vs. Capcom to one day be a reality. We envisioned a game that operated more like a traditional Capcom vs. fighting game to help differentiate it from the likes of Smash Bros., a 3vs3 format like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3. Finally, we chose a roster totalling 36 characters with those perimeters in mind.

What might that roster look like? Don’t worry, we here at Source Gaming have got you covered.

If you’d like to see the reasoning behind some of the character choices, be sure to read below!


Like most of our previous Dream Rosters, we voted on individual characters. This lead to some interesting results, and characters who were oh so close to making it. Sorry Ridley fans, I guess you’re doomed to a life of Ridleyless fighting games.

The ‘big three’ Nintendo franchises all got multiple characters. The core cast of the Mario series; Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi are must-haves, a Nintendo cross-over could simply not exist without them present. Donkey Kong, who sits in a sort of limbo between his importance to Mario, and his importance to himself was someone who fit the same criteria.

Similarly, the Zelda series got a total of 3 characters. Those being of perennial importance; Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. The latter two helped greatly with making the roster feel inclusive of female Nintendo characters and villains.

Pikachu and Mewtwo were chosen as the two Pokémon characters. Despite both originating from the very first crop of Pokémon, they are extremely effective at displaying the diversity that you can find in Pokémon.

The other characters are sole reps of historically important, currently relevant (or both) Nintendo franchises. It was important to make sure the likes of Star Fox, Splatoon, Fire Emblem, Kirby and Metroid had a voice in this.

Captain Falcon’s inclusion was above all else a nod to his current status as a fighting game icon. At this point he’s arguably more of a fighting game character than he is an F-Zero character.

Even though Capcom may have given Megaman the shaft in some of its some of its past cross-overs, it does appear that they have been open to embracing it more recently. Megaman has heavy ties to Nintendo, particularly the classic series so it inevitably wound up with several characters. Protoman made the roster by the skin of his teeth.

Street Fighter is always quite annoying when it comes to cross-overs. There are so many important characters, but you don’t want to over-saturate the roster with them. Three tends to work well, though that usually means that due to the enormity of Ryu and Chun-Li you’ve only got one left! M. Bison works well due to his status as *the* villain, as well as his unique abilities.

Resident Evil was kind of tricky. Some of the more violent characters such as Tyrant or Nemesis wouldn’t really mesh with the tone of Nintendo like they do with say, Marvel. Ultimately Leon made a lot of sense due to his relevance to Nintendo (Resident Evil 2 and 4 were among the only Resident Evil games to initially release on Nintendo platforms). A second character, Jill who has been a recurring character in many Capcom cross-overs felt like a good fit, especially when considering the (at the time) exclusive Resident Evil REmakeLeon and Jill represent the peak of Resident Evil’s Nintendo presence.

Many of the other Capcom characters, bare a significant importance to the Nintendo brand. Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, Ghosts ’N’ Goblins, Final Fight, Viewtiful Joe, Okami and Breath of Fire have made significant impact on various Nintendo’s systems, ranging from the early days of the NES, alll the way to the present day.

With the exception of Morrigan, who has become a secondary Capcom-cross over mascot; every character from the Capcom side has prominently appeared in a game from their home series that appeared on a Nintendo system!

Would you like to see a Nintendo vs. Capcom? Which characters would you like to see duke it out? Let us know in the comments section!

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2015-12-18 (3)


  1. Yes please to all of these, but especially to the Street Fighter and Resident Evil reps!

    Link on January 29 |
  2. I think Akuma is kind-of a mainstay to crossovers as well. As much as I’d like to see Bison get some action, I think Akuma needs to be here for tradition’s sake.

    SSJ22Terris on January 29 |
  3. If it does happen one day, i would love a Captain Falcon vs Captain Commando matchup and Shiek vs Strider Hiryu matchup.

    Aside from capcom vs snk, MVC, Tatsunoko, i’m still surprised they haven’t decided to do a “Namco vs Capcom”, I’m not talking about the Japan only rpg or StreetxTekken, i literally mean Namco characters and Capcom Characters fighting each other, i wonder if Capcom will do that in the future.

    vigilante 155 on January 29 |
    • I meant StreetfighterxTekken, apologies for my typing.

      vigilante 155 on January 29 |
  4. The left side is what Smash’s roster should be; KISS.

    Dan on January 29 |
  5. I feel this roster is far too safe, The Nintendo side is just Smash bros + Inklings, while the Capcom side is too Ultimate Marvel vs capcom 3.

    Capcoms side of the roster could help with more oddball choices like Zack & Wiki, A Killer 7 rep and a P.N 03 rep to change things up while keeping a ‘Nintendo appearance’ criteria.

    Nintendo could use some characters too that probably wouldn’t be possible in Smash, Ridley is a good example, Wonder Red would be a great obscure choice to get that viewtiful joe pairup nicely.

    jazzmanjazzman on January 30 |
    • Well, what else can you really do with the Nintendo side outside of what’s been done with Smash?

      Anthony Acquilano on January 30 |
    • I voted Ridely. Ridley was soooooo closed to getting in on this roster!

      Spazzy_D on February 2 |
  6. This roster is kind of lacking. There aren’t really any bad choices individually but some more characters would’ve been nice.
    Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Kirby, and even Donkey Kong side is too small. I’d think Nintendo would want more Pokémon reps in particular. I think King Dedede should at least be added since he and Kirby debuted in the same game. Bit of a missed opportunity to not include Zack and Wiki as an obscure Capcom rep. I also think Mega Man could have more variety but I like have Wily as a villain. IMO, Mega Man and Proto Man are a little similar to one another despite Proto Man having a shield. And no retro Nintendo character like Duck Hunt or R.O.B?

    Are the characters opposite one another considered rivals? You didn’t discuss that like you did the other VS. Capcom articles.

    Anthony Acquilano on January 30 |
    • As much as I love the idea of Nintendo vs Capcom, I can’t quite say that I agree with your roster. I’d try to introduce fresh Nintendo faces who missed out on smash. I would also give each side two more characters for a nice 20 on each side. I’d also axe Luigi because I don’t think we really need Luigi due to the Mario series being well represented enough with just Mario, Bowser and Peach. Here’s my Nintendo side below with explanations for characters who may need them.
      7.Donkey Kong
      10.Chrom (Chrom is pretty much a modern face of the series with prominent roles in two other crossovers: Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Project X Zone 2. I imagine he’d mainly use the Falchion as well as other swords from awakening(Killing Edge as a launcher) and lances. Also a super where he promotes to great lord for increased damage output would be sweet)
      11.Tom Nook(He wouldn’t just be the Villager from Smash. Tom Nook could swing around a large bag of bells, and borrow abilities from Tanooki Mario such as turning into a stone statue)
      12.Captain Falcon
      13.Fox (Jon Talbain’s Beast Cannon could be turned into Fire Fox)
      14.Kirby (in Robobot Armor because Kirby would be too small of a character and annoying to hit plus the Robobot Armor has access to copy abilities, so what makes Kirby, Kirby would still be in tact)
      16.N and Zekrom (No Pikachu!? Nope, I opted for an N and Zekrom team because a big part of Pokémon is the bond between trainer and pokemon. This was almost Red and Charizard, but I’d rather represent more than just Gen 1)
      17.Little Mac
      18.King Dedede
      20.****(There were too many options that I didn’t pick one lol but I was juggling between Isa Jo, Ashley, Shulk, Mecha Fiora, and Yoshi)

      With the Capcom side I similarly don’t have many problems but there are some changes I’d like to make. Proto Man and Wily are axed in favor of just Zero to represent more than one iteration of Mega Man plus he’s a fan favorite. Here’s the rest of the Capcom side with reasons
      2.Chun Li
      3.Necalli (My Street Fighter “villain” of choice. He’d represent Street Fighter V. He could get exaggerated abilities like Ryu in previous iterations of the versus series and even sink in the ground as a pile of mud like in SFV’s story mode.
      6.Leon Kennedy
      7.Jill Valentine
      9.Hsien Ko (to be honest I have a bias towards Hsien Ko plus she’d make a great rival for Tom Nook. Who knows what weapon they’re gonna throw out next?)
      10.Dante (He’s a fan favorite)
      11.Tessa (
      13.Viewtiful Joe
      14.Fou Lu (He’s like BoF Ryu but doesn’t share a name with someone else and he adds a Villain to the roster)
      15.Monster Hunter character
      16.Phoenix Wright
      17.Akira Kazama (Repping Rival Schools is Akira instead of Batsu because the other characters of this series are hardly ever explored as possibilities besides Kyosuke)
      19.Asura (He could have a very exciting moveset which warrants a spot on a roster by itself
      20.****(Another internal struggle between the likes of Saki, Rouge, Regina, Nero, and Trish)

      P.S. Hades as a boss character and Dark Pit and Lilith as secret clones

      Deku on February 5 |