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Dream Roster: Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Welcome to another Dream Roster article. If you missed out on our previous entries, be sure to check out the articles looking at Nintendo Kart, as well as MvC4, Kellogg’s vs. Capcom, Fire Emblem Warriors, Disney X Mario Kart, Nintendo vs. Capcom, Microsoft Smash-Up, Kirby Fighters, Pokken Port, 100 character SmashKonami-Smash And Sonic & Sega All Star Racing 3.

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works got us Kame-Hame-Hyped at E3 with Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a 2D fighting game with cel-shaded 3D models akin to Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. In fact, Fighter Z’s models are so high-quality that it looks like if the characters are teleporting directly from the anime to the battlefield, generating a level of detail that prior Dragon Ball Z fighting games were unable to emulate. The intense 3vs3 fights mean players must be prepared for an endless combination of characters, and that brings us to today’s topic: Which characters we think will make the cut for this game’s roster.

But first, let’s explore the first question in any hypothetical roster: How many characters?

Until now we know 9 characters: Goku (SSJ1), Vegeta (SSJ1), Teen Gohan (SSJ2), Frieza (Final Form), Cell (Perfect form), Majin Buu (Fat?), Future Trunks (SSJ1), Piccolo and Krillin. But when the game was revealed the developers told us that the game was only about 20% done. So if we jump to conclusions and do some quick math, we get this:

If 6 revealed characters represent at most 20% of the final game, how much characters will represent the 100% finished game?

“If 20% done = 6 characters”, then “100% = X characters”

hard calculations noises

100% = 30 characters

We know the method to get this number is a bit unorthodox, but 30 characters is a decent number considering the aforementioned Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 has 25 characters, and the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch will have over 70 characters. So, putting it in perspective, 30 characters is a conservative roster size for a Dragon Ball fighting game, as there could easily be over 9,000.

With that point (and that overused joke) out of the way, we asked our staff for their choices and we got these results for their Dream Rosters:


For Voyager's Explanation, Click here

I made my roster based on the idea of “rival pairs”:

  1. Goku – Frieza: The protagonist and the villain that pushed him to the limit.
  2. Vegeta – Cell: The arrogant Prince of the Saiyans and the arrogant Perfect Bio Android
  3. Gohan – Majin Buu: Both kind-hearted and the strongest among their pairs.
  4. Krillin – Nappa: The balding foils to the Super Saiyan duo.
  5. Android 18 – Android 17: The battling siblings.
  6. Future Trunks – Kid Buu: Total contrast between Noble and Savage.
  7. Master Roshi – Cap. Ginyu: The leaders of their own fighting squads.
  8. Piccolo – Android 16: Both wanted to kill Goku, but changed when befriended Gohan.
  9. Videl (as Great Saiyawoman) – Dabura: Videl & Devil, Palindromic puns are fun.
  10. Kaioshin – Zamasu: Supreme Kai of their respective universes.
  11. Tien Shinhan – Hit: Both first appeared as villains in tournament arcs.
  12. Gotenks – Pilaf (on his mecha): Fun sized but packing tons of raw strength.
  13. Tapion – Cooler: Movie Characters Part 1: Cool and Cooler.
  14. Beerus – Broly: Movie Characters Part 2: Destruction bringers.
  15. Pikkon – Janemba: Heaven and HFIL.

Also, on the left we have the “Good Characters”:

  • The first row of good characters are the ones that have always been good.
  • The second row is for “reformed villains”
  • The third row is for the new generation of Z Warriors (and Pikkon)

And on the right we have the “Villains”:

  • The first row has 3 characters from Frieza’s Saga
  • The second row has 3 characters from Cell’s Saga
  • The third row has 3 characters from Majin Buu’s Saga

You may miss some characters. Like Adult Gohan, but I wanted to keep the roster with only one variation of every character, Kid Buu being the only exception, explained as at the end of the series they become 2 different characters (yeah, that’s a cop out). Also, I would like to see Adult Gohan (or Great Saiyaman) appear as part of a Videl “Strong Super Move”. At the same time Chiaotzu would appear as part of Tien’s “Supers”, attacking with Dodon Rays.

Other characters that were considered but didn’t make my final cut were:

Mercenary Tao, Whizz, Mr. Popo, Uub, and Nuova Shenron (the 4 Stars Dragon)

For Nirbion's Explanation, Click here

My goal of my dream roster was to create a roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ as diverse and interesting as possible and intentionally “crazy” to many fans. This means I had to rely only on the character alone and not on his or her many transformations. So sorry Goku Super Sayajin Blue, you’re out. However, that doesn’t mean that one character can be in the roster twice. As long as they provide an unique moveset and body structure that makes them distinct, they should get a shot. After all, there’s a gigantic skill and moves difference between Son Goku as an adult and as a child.

I also payed attention to legacy of the character and what unique possibility they could bring to the roster. Captain Ginyu is a prime example for having the unique ability to switch bodies switch his opponent. Others are literally here to represent one of many Dragon Ball-Arcs or a non-canon property. Yes, Pan and Broly only made it into my roster because they represent for me GT or the Movies. I’m not really fan of both characters but throwing a bone to those non-canon properties doesn’t hurt to much. Also, Broly is insanely popular among fans, so it would be a missed opportunity to not include him. After all, Arc System wants to create a roster appealing to all kinds of Dragon Ball-Fans.

I won’t go into detail too much since many characters are either safe bets or are pretty obvious on how they could work in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

…But…yeah, I included many characters, where I need to explain why on earth I wanted certain characters.


I wanted to have someone representing the Saiyan Saga on the villain-side and first, I wanted to put Nappa there. But honestly, it didn’t felt right since Nappa was just there as a plot-device to make Vegeta look even more strong and menacing. So Nappa wasn’t really an appealing character to have in an all star-Dragonball Fighting game…but Radditz? Isn’t he the same plot-device character as Nappa? That is true, but he was the character who changed Dragon Ball forever. And I think the Radditz’ legacy as a character is far bigger than Nappa’s. He was a significant character, but his time was short, so what can he do? Well, Radditz’ moveset could reflect the historic barbaric skillset of all Saiyans. He can be the representation of what a Saiyan is historically supposed to be.

Vegito Blue:

I said no transformations but I can’t imagine Arc System and Bandai Namco to NOT banking on the Super Saiyan God Blue Transformation. So I just found a loophole and took Vegito Blue as someone, who could go Super Saiyan God Blue. Because Marketing, amirite? And with this, I could also represent a fusion-character, so Vegito Blue was very convenient for me. I’m aware that Gotenks might be a better character to represent Fusions, but I’m honestly not really a fan of him and with many “brats” in my roster, I thought that I rather want to give Vegito Blue a chance. Sorry Gotenks!


The very VERY first villain of Dragon Ball, how can I possibly ignore his gang? At first, I actually wanted to give the original Yamcha a shot to represent the first search of the Dragon Balls. But he’s way too much associated with his role of being a “weakling”, that I think I better leave it by that. And this brings me to Pilaf, because I completely forgot his unique trait that could make the roster more unique: His Pilaf Machine! He could be the Tron Bonne we’re searching for Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Pilaf Machine would be the perfect fit for a robot-character. And as a special, he can call his other gang-members to unleash the combined Pilaf Machine on his opponents.


Hu? A quite “new” character and already in such a fighting game? Why?

Well, with the current Tournament of Power-Arc, I wanted someone represent that and

…well, the roster was lacking female fighters, so I wanted to her for those two reasons despite not seeing her full potential yet. Also, it would be fun to have her interact with Broly.


And now my most bizarre and random pick of my entire roster. So why the heck did I include such a minor character, who didn’t contribute much even in the original Dragon Ball and was completely forgotten by Akira Toriyama as soon as the Saiyan-Arc in the Manga started? What was I thinking?!

With Arale, I first thought that she is the perfect joke-character and wanted to leave it by that. But I also wanted a completely unexpected and maybe even unwanted character in the roster, that surprises the fandom. My first thought was instantly Launch. And it’s not that I choose a character for “lol random”-reasons, she actually has an unique trait that could make her really special in the whole roster: Launch has a good personality and a “bad´” personality and she switches her personality by…sneezing. She’s basically two characters in one and would be very similar on how Zelda and Sheik worked in Melee and Brawl, but with Roll and Baby Bonnie Hood.

It might be very strange to see her beating Goku or Freezer, but that comedic effect and her very unique trait was just too good to pass on.

I want to emphasize that I don’t think that my Dream Roster is likely at all. But it’s not called “Dream” for nothing and it’s my ideal picture of a perfect Dragon Ball roster.

IMPORTANT: I might have used unintentionally Fanart in my roster-picture. But even with research, it was impossible to find the real source. So dear artist, if you recognize any artworks from you in my roster, please notify me as soon as possible and I will gladly properly credit your work!


For NantenJex's Explanation, Click here

So while my co-writers for this article have tried to cover every series of Dragon Ball including the original and GT, I believe that the big focus will be on Z. We already know from Golden Frieza that they aren’t opposed to using elements of Super but overall I think it will be minor. Z is still where a lot of people’s favourite fights and characters take place and there is even an emphasis on the ‘Z’ in the title. All nine characters confirmed so far are from Z and even take on their appearances in Z as opposed to their current forms. That leaves me with 21 other characters to speculate on so let me present my thoughts below.

Standalone Omissions

Starting with the ones that need the least explaining, Android 18 & Android 17 feel like obvious picks. They are both relevant, popular and unique fighters who were important to the story. Next we have Tien & Roshi who I included after the developers said that some characters were added to be more in the support role than fighting role. Both of these fit that perfectly with Solar Flare and the Mafuba being great support attacks. Lastly we have Ginyu who admittedly is the weakest link here. I included him so Freeza would have an ally and he could easily be replaced with Nappa, Raditz or even Scouter Vegeta for the same effect.

Different versions

I need to address the elephant in the room about my roster. There has been a lot of talk about comments made on the developer that different versions of the same character wouldn’t be appearing in the game. This actually isn’t true. What the developer actually says is that different transformations for characters wouldn’t get individual slots (like the do in the Budokai games). What this means is that Freeza and Golden Freeza won’t get individual slots but it doesn’t mean Goku and Kid Goku both can’t be in.

With this mindset it means we can have Adult Gohan, Cell, Kid Buu and Super Buu. For Gohan he has an entirely different build so may as well be a different character and Kid/Super Buu are different characters to Majin Buu. The key thing here is that none of them are actually transformations. The character has changed but it’s not like a Super Saiyan-type transformation. Cell can’t jump between forms like Freeza can. Majin Vegeta is slightly different and is also on the weaker end of things but I felt he was more popular than Dabura and the scene where he blows himself up is too iconic to avoid.


One thing you might have noticed is the lack of Gotenks on this roster, and for good reason. One thing that has always been hard to replicate in Dragon Ball fighting games is the fusion mechanic. But, in this game we have a 3vs3 system which means we could have situations where we get both Goten and Kid Trunks on a team and using a transformation they can then fuse into Gotenks. This is more loyal to how it’s portrayed in the series as it is a transformation and not permanent. The same goes for Potara Earings now which means we could get Vegitto as a transformation as well. This is also why Zamasu and Goku Black are separate instead of just having Perfect Zamasu.

Super Heroes?

I mentioned Dragon Ball Super being represented as well which makes sense as it is the current season and what is most relevant. We know it at least goes up to Golden Freeza which means Beerus is probably very likely. It also opens up the possibility for Super Goku and Super Vegeta; although these two are transformations I believe they are too important/popular to miss out. On the side of popularity, if we are going all the way to Zamasu then Hit is probably also quite likely. I think his fighting style is also a fit for Arc Systems. I don’t think we will be covering the Universal Tournament arc which means Caulifla and Kale will have to wait until next time, although speaking of Kale…

Movie Madness

Kale exists as some weird way to canonize Broly because of how insanely popular the Legendary Saiyan is. He makes it into nearly all pieces of Dragon Ball media, especially the games, so I don’t see why we would make any exceptions for this one. Joining him are Cooler and Bardock who are both popular characters thanks to their movies/OVA. Bardock can also bring with him the Great Ape form, at least for an attack. These two are definitely less likely than Broly, but they’re not out of the question.

And with we have 30 characters (34 including the fusions). My picks might be pretty safe but this is the first game in a new series. They need to get all the staples in before they start throwing in the crazy characters, at least in my opinion. Dragon Ball FighterZ may not actually hit 30 but we can definitely hope.

What do you think about our choices? What are yours? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Can you guys give a clear version of yours without characters selections…. because i wanna put my version, please 😛

    Nacho Loredo on August 3 |
    • Sure, have fun!

      Nirbion on August 4 |
      • 2nd Question: What Typography you used for this??!!!

        Nacho Loredo on August 4 |
        • For the names on the banners?
          Blow Brush – by Petar Acanski

          Voyager on August 4 |

            Thank you guys, again! Here my roster and here my explanations!

            I made my roster based on the idea of “rival/arch-nemesis/foil pairs”:

            *Goku – Freeza: Biggest Arch-Nemesis in history DB
            *Vegeta – Cell: The Pridefull warriors
            *Gohan – Fat Buu: Innocent but pure rage
            *Krillin – Android 18: Odd but good chemistry
            *Future Trunks – Android 16: Pacifist still gonna crossed line for good
            *Piccolo – Androide 17: Worthy Oponents
            *Yamcha – Raditz: The butt-jokes of group
            *Tien – Ginyu: The most tricked character
            *Mystic Gohan – Kid Buu: The “full potential” (and also rivals)
            *Roshi – Black: Wisdom of own reality
            *Trunks Kid – Beerus: Bratty but powerful
            *Goten – Broly: They hate each (“Brocolli” not likes carrots, Awakening to Heaven” not like
            brocolli and also carrots)
            *Jiren – Zamasu: They’re definition of “Justice”
            *Bardock – Hit: The Anti-Hero and Anti-Villain
            *Chi-Chi – Caulifla: Strong Temperament Women

            Also, on the left we have the “Good Characters”:

            *The first row of good characters are the ones that have always been good and all were trained by Master Roshi (except Jiren)
            *The second row is for “Jerk with Heart of Gold”, Anti-Hero or The Loner
            *The third row is for all family Son (Piccolo also count!)

            And on the right we have the “Villains”:

            *The first row is for narcissit character and prideful
            *The second row is for almost “Noble Demon”
            *The third row is for most violent and brutal characters

            I’m almost “cut” Mystic/Ultimate/Adult Gohan and also Kid Buu, althought i’m tried make roster with not variations/clones, thinking prefer they stay same because most iconic character in series and they’re not variations compared others such as Goku SSJGB, etc..
            I’m thinking in replace for those character, almost put Videl and Cooler… but decided not for originals reasons.

            I’m decided with idea of NantenJex with Fusions Mechanic, even Trunks and Goten are not my favorite choice ore they’re lack of movesets compared all but still incluided for “Fusion”. The same goes for Potara Earings now which means we could get Vegito as a transformation. also goes to Zamasu and Goku Black.

            All you decided put Android 18 as “Heroes” but i’m decide put her in “Villains” tecnically i’m used 18 of Future with combination Presest and obvious her clothes represent when she was a villain in Android 18.
            Now thinking about Jiren and Caulifla…. i’m should change position, both are “antagonist” (different be a “villain”) or at least neutral… but i’m just put Jiren in “Heroes” for reason he’s more heroic thanks for “Prideful Troops”.
            Beerus more same reason, Antagonist only but dangerous!

            Only movies characters decided put all roster are Bardock, Broly and Beerus… all these three are most popular movies characters (even althought i’m never like Broly, i’m put him for USA like him… even althought is most stupid villain motivation)
            Yamcha, guys!! COME ON!!!! THE LEGENDARY WOLF!!! how you forget ones original Warriors Z (i know Toei and everyone look him now… but he still more fun character)
            Chi-Chi, is character women actually make sense believe or not… Chi-Chi appear in others game as fighter but most know the “Super Dragon Ball Z” (yes, is same name!) with mechanic of Virtual Fighter but more 3D…. her moveset basically composition with Kid Goku (she can go in nimbus and used Power Pole in all atacks)

            Nacho Loredo on August 4 |
  2. People are already being in their HYPE-R DIMENSION for the game, as they believe it’s gonna be a RAGING BLAST of the time! (oh I suck at puns) I’ve seen so many people are predicting who’ll join this Marvel VS Capcom version of Dragon Ball Z, so I’ve decided to make my own dream roster of this game too. My choices may look very controversial in many ways, but I’ll explain as much as possible to make things interesting. And similar to what I did last time in the 100 character roster article, since I don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account, I cannot post my dream roster pic in here, so please forgive me for my very lengthy comments. So, here ya go!

    [Bardock][Master Roshi][Android 18][Krillin][Goku] [Frieza][Ginyu][Raditz][Nappa][Cooler]
    [Hercule][Gotenks][Android 17][Trunks][Vegeta] [Cell][Bojack][Zangya][Broly][Hit]
    [Arale][Pan][Tien][Piccolo][Teen Gohan] [Mr. Buu][Kid Buu][Dabura][Android 20][Beerus]

    As we know so far (or what I guess so far), each 15 rosters are split into two categories. The left roster is mostly what I call it the Hero Side, while the right represents the Dark Side (Sonic reference :P) as not just only villains, but antagonists and rivals, or simply not that evil baddies. As the roster was limited, I really had a difficult time who should join the brawl. While there are many characters that didn’t make it in the roster, I may try use them as assists for certain characters, like how Frieza summoned Sorbet for support during gameplay. So, here are my totally lengthy predicted character lists, starting from the Hero Side!

    [Left 15 Rosters]
    ・Android 18: it is easy to predict 18’s inclusion since she’s the most popular female character in the series since her first debut in the Android saga, but she is also the most experienced character among all Androids in the fighting games ever since her first debut in Super Butoden for Super Famicom. It wouldn’t make sense if she wasn’t in this game.
    ・Android 17: first of all, I wasn’t planning to bring him in this roster, but thinking of being 18’s assist as they both can perform the Accel Dance attack. However, after they leaked the information that he’s gonna be in the game (, I’ve decided to include here instead. I think he’ll become powerful than 18, while he can perform a Barrier technique since it was originated by him.
    ・Tien: unlike Yamcha, he’s a lot more powerful than him as being the strongest fighter in the world alongside with Krillin. He even returned to the Z Warriors after the Buu saga, and even joined Goku’s team in the Tournament of Power. So his inclusion would make a lot of sense, since he’s more requested to join the game by fans. I can imagine Chaotzu being his assist, which might end up using his self-destruct attack on opponents again…
    ・Master Roshi: not just he returned to his fighting career again and joined the Tournament of Power, but he does have an experience being in the fighting game series, surprisingly since his first debut in Ultimate Battle 22 for Playstation. Although he normally doesn’t fly, his inclusion may be plausible since this game will be mostly fighting on ground, while flying is temporarily. His macho form can be a better choice for his transformation, like how Frieza transformed to his golden version during battle.
    ・Gotenks: I do see many want Goten and Kid Trunks in the game, but since Gotenks is known to be both of their iconic technique since the Buu saga, and since I didn’t want to bury too many slots for this case, I’ve decided to bring Gotenks to this roster as a Fusion representative. Gotenks have more iconic movesets like Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, and since I can easily imagine both Goten and Kid Trunks performing the Fusion during their intro, so his inclusion would be perfectly plausible.
    ・Pan: I was wondering whether I should add a GT character in her since GT is possibly non-canon to the official timeline, but I decided to add her in as a GT representative. I could’ve added Videl instead, but since Pan is much more on the heroine side of the series than her mother, maybe she can borrow some moves from her for special occasions, like Eagle Kick and Afterimage Strike.
    ・Bardock: c’mon, he’s the father of Goku and the REAL legendary Super Saiyan; who wouldn’t want him in the game?! Ever since his debut in Budokai 2, he have been appearing in many fighting game series for quite a long time, even obtaining him an important role throughout many “what if” episodes. Toriyama even treating him specially as he became Super Saiyan for the first time in Episode of Bardock, and even remaking his story with his kindful wife Gine’s appearance in Dragon Ball -. He even became more important to both Heroes and Xenoverse series. I do believe Bandai Namco would add him in the game, possibly turning him into his Super Saiyan form during battle. Super Saiyan 3? I don’t think so…
    ・Hercule: I’m actually shockingly surprised nobody brought him in their roster. Yes, I know he’s a weak character, but keep this in mind. He’s the only Earthling who haven’t died once throughout the entire series. He may not be powerful as the entire Z Warriors, but is a strongest human in the world before the Cell saga happened. Plus, weak and joke characters are important to the fighting game as they can be challenging for advanced players, whether they can beat the game by using them, while they can become stronger instead on how you play as them. I think he doesn’t need to use the jet pack for this game as flying is now unnecessary, while he’ll still use his explosives instead.
    ・Arale: yes, her inclusion does seem controversial, but even she’s from her own series of Dr. Slump, she’s still part of the Dragon Ball universe ever since her first crossover appearance with Goku back in the first Dragon Ball series. She even returned to Super and beatened Vegeta once. She even appeared in many fighting games since her first debut in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Plus she can be a representative of the first Dragon Ball, so her inclusion is plausible. She can be fast and powerful at the same time, while she can call Gatchan for assistance to use their electricity attack. I could also imagine using her iconic ground breaker attack as her specials.

    [Right 15 Rosters]
    ・Ginyu: it’s hard to ignore how identical he became since his debut in the Frieza saga. His Body Change ability does make himself unique as to confuse other players, so his inclusion is plausible. However, for the other units, although they won’t have a chance to join as playables, I think they’ll appear as Ginyu’s assists.
    ・Bojack: I know the movies doesn’t count as part of the timeline as it take place in an alternate history (according to Supreme Kai of Time in Xenoverse 2), but I do think Bojack’s film does somehow connect as it takes place after the Cell saga. Plus he is the actual first movie character to be in the fighting game since his first debut in Super Butoden 2 for Super Famicom, so he does have a lot of history in the fighting games. His powered up form (which I don’t what you call that) can be his transformation during battle, while I can imagine his bear hug attack would work perfectly in game too.
    ・Kid Buu: he’s meant to be a lot more different from the his fat but good version, while he’s also known to be the final boss of the Z series, so it would impossible to ignore him at any point.
    ・Raditz: another controversial choice for this case, but not just as being the first villain of the Z series before Vegeta and Nappa, Bandai Namco seem to treat him more important to the series, while Toriyama may have ultimately forgot about him alongside with General Tao. He has been favorited by Bandai Namco ever since his first debut in Budokai 1, and have been appearing many fightings games for quite a long time, even giving him many important roles throughout many “what if” episodes like his reformation episode in Budokai Tenkaichi (seriously Toriyama why you didn’t make this official?!) and turning into Super Saiyan 3 for the first time in Heroes. Even due to this, Raditz have become more liked by many fans, even Bandai Namco itself, so his entry should be plausible. Although I’m not expecting to see him to become Super Saiyan 3 like in Heroes, but I think he could become the weak fighter of the villain side.
    ・Zangya: another controversial choice here, but let me explain here. Not just we needed a female villain to this roster other than 18 who’s a former antagonist, but she was the most popular character among Bojack’s 4 henchmen back then, which resulted her to be included along with her boss in her first debut in Super Butoden 2. Although she didn’t make in the DLC of Xenoverse 2, I think it’ll be interesting to have her in the game, including the part that she have a love interest with Krillin, so I wanna see how both 18 and Zangya would react to each other…oh that cute faced bald bastard. (lol)
    ・Dabura: although he didn’t last long in the series as he was immediately eaten by Buu, but he was a unique character that differentiated with many villains of the Z series. He can pull out a sword and a trident out of nowhere to attack, breathe fire from his mouth, and even petrify enemies with his spit. He was even the only henchmen of Babidi’s who made Gohan the weakest character during the Buu saga, and he seemed to have refocused more in Heroes as well with the aid from his sister Towa. It’ll be interested to see him fighting in this game, as his petrification ability can be something similar to…like the freezing effect from Mortal Kombat.
    ・Nappa: his inclusion was the difficult one whether he’s worth it or not. He was the toughest character to defeat during the Saiyan saga as he killed Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu, and Piccolo. He has also given a special treatment by Bandai Namco by turning him into Super Saiyan 3 for the first time in Heroes. He is really identical among many villains while Giant Storm is his iconic move, and he even appeared many times throughout many fighting games. His inclusion may make sense, but even I included him in this roster, I’m not really confident to be honest. Also in addition, I think it’ll be interesting if he has an ability to summon Saibamen to as assists.
    ・Broly: honestly, and I gotta admit…he’s too popular in all Dragon Ball series. I could imagine everybody would go RAGING BLAST if Broly was rejected (and what a terrible pun). Although he doesn’t belong to the canon timeline as his movies are mostly takes place in the alternate history, he is the only movie villain that made appearance for THREE TIMES in a row. While it’s difficult to classify his last movie was even himself due to being a corrupted clone, he have been favorited by many fans since his first debut, as he started to appear on many fighting games ever since his first debut in Super Butoden 2 alongside with another movie character, Broly and Zangya. I don’t think Bandai Namco would ignore him for this game, so I guess his inclusion may be plausible.
    ・Android 20: he is the character that started the Android saga, and while his inclusion does look controversial as being weaker than 17 and 18, he does have a unique move that can absorb energy from his enemy. He even appeared in many fighting games more than 19, so his inclusion may be plausible. We can also add Android 19 as his assist, just like how he did in his arcade debut Super Battle. And to be honest, if Roshi may have his possibility to join in, then I think we need another “old man” on the villain side too.
    ・Cooler: he is another movie character, but similar to Bojack, I think his films can be close to canon as his first debut took place after the Frieza saga (and since Goku’s back in Earth I also think it takes place after they met with Trunks). He is another popular character as he appeared many times throughout the fighting games (while he also “accidentally” reappeared in GT), so I guess his inclusion should be plausible. His final form can be his transformation during battle, but I wouldn’t think his metal form would make it in either.
    ・Hit: just like Pan’s case, I don’t know whether anybody from Super would join in, but if there was anybody to choose from, I think Hit’s the best choice. Not just hat he’s a lot more popular in Super series, but his ability was unique enough, so his inclusion should be plausible due to that case. Other than that, even I placed him in this roster, I have no confident whether he should be in the game or not to be honest.
    ・Beerus: while he is now on Goku’s side, his first debut was still on the antagonist side, so I decided to put him in this roster as reference. Although he’s now a regular character in Super, his first debut was still part of the Z series, so it’s plausible to be in this roster. I mean, who would ever disagree with his inclusion? It’s almost 100% confirmed already. Bandai Namco is just being too afraid that they don’t wanna get destroyed by him, including his fans. (lol) Also, I think they could add Whis as his assist too.

    [Honorable Mentions]
    As these are the character I’ve chose so far for this dream roster, I decided to add this for the ones that didn’t make in. Here is the list of characters I decided not to bring in for this roster…
    ・Dragon Ball characters: I do see many choosing Pilaf here, but even he can represent himself as being the first villain in the first Dragon Ball, I just don’t see him being unique as simply being fighting in a fused robot. Although he did make it in many fighting games, I still don’t see him being fitted in this game. And if we’re gonna relate this to Ridley in Smash, he’s just too big. 😛 This also includes General Tao, whom I was thinking of him for a while, but since he already became a forgotten character among Toriyama’s watch, I think his inclusion may not be plausible.
    ・Movie Characters: Turles, Slug, and Janemba are popular movie villains, but unlike Bojack and Cooler, as their movie takes place in a complicated alternate timeline, I’ve decided not to bring them here. For Garlic Jr. and Dr. Willow…I don’t think anybody even remembers them.
    ・Android 16: honestly, I wanted to bring him here. But after I’ve heard of a leak that Android 17’s gonna join in, I’ve decided to remove him instead. Seriously, his Rocket Punch and Hell’s Crush…I’ll miss them. 
    ・GT characters: I could’ve represented Omega Shenron as a final boss of GT, but decided not to in order to avoid the over usage of the GT characters, since they’re non-canon. Super Baby was a definite no-no because he’s too huge as his ape form is more identical than his regular form. And since Android 17 has been leaked to join in, Super 17 shouldn’t be eligible as well. Eventually, I still think Pan deserves her inclusion.
    ・Super characters: they have a strong popularity since then, but since we don’t know whether more Super characters would join in, I’ve decided not to bring them to avoid over usage of Super characters. Goku Black and Zamasu may have been popular as the Future Trunks saga was a huge success to the series, but even then, I’ve decided to reject them, even for the possibility that Goku Black may be treated as Goku’s clone. This also includes Cabba and Frost from Universe 6, despite I’ve chose Hit among the team as he’s more deserving as a Super representative due to his identical appearance and popularity. Caulifla may represent another female Dragon Ball character, but since she’s still too new to the series as we don’t know much about her specialties, I’ve decided not to include her here.
    ・Same characters: since we already have Goku, Vegeta, Teen Gohan, Frieza, Perfect Cell, and Fat Buu from launch, I don’t want to add more of their alternates in this game, which may simply bury the empty slots for no reasons. Those are Super Saiyan Blue forms, Ultimate Adult Gohan, Great Saiyaman, first form Cell and Frieza, Super Buu, Kid/GT Goku, etc. Super Saiyan 4 forms are already non canon, so they won’t count. Kid Buu is different since he’s the original of Fat Buu, so he deserves his inclusion in the roster. Fused forms like Vegitto and Gogeta is also removed, while I think Gotenks does first perfectly as a representative of that form.
    ・Jaco: I was thinking of including him, which his laser gun could be more unique than expected. But as he’s now part of Super’s characters, I’ve decided to remove him instead. Besides, to be honest, I was planning to bring him before Android 17’s inclusion was leaked.
    ・Mira & Towa: yes, they’re both originated from the video game (as they were originated form the cancelled online game) as they don’t belong to the canon timeline. It could’ve been interested to join the fight as they’ve appeared many times throughout the recent fighting games since Xenoverse. But since the game possibly focused on canon timeline from the original manga/anime series, I think the duo doesn’t have the chance to join for the first time. Sorry our handsome demon android and everybody’s sexy demon waifu, but your love isn’t futile.
    ・Dumplin & Puddin: okay, this is actually a joke. (lol) They’re the popular Xenoverse avatar heroes made by Team Four Star, so it’s really clear that they can’t join the game no matter what. I could’ve been interested to them join the game as fan service though. (lol)

    zoniken on August 11 |
    • Oh, and I forgot to add in Yamcha in the honorable mentions. Sorry Yamcha, you’re already forgotten in my memory watch. 😛

      zoniken on August 11 |
    • Android 16 joins the battle! Android 17 becomes 18’s support! SSB Goku and Vegeta’s separated character!! It has proven my prediction have turned wrong!!!

      But I’m glad!!!

      zoniken on August 19 |