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What Does Midna mean at the end of Twilight Princess? [Spoilers]


I recently answered this question on r/zelda, so I figured this would be a great first post. User Tetra_Zelda believed that the Twilight Princess, Midna was originally going to say something of importance to Link. Other users felt that Midna was going to confess her love for the protagonist.

Link…I…see you later

Here’s a link (pun intended) to the part in question.

For comparison sake, here’s the original Japanese version of the ending:

In Japanese, Midna states:


Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can probably tell that the fourth character is repeated. While the official translation is technically correct, I believe a better translation would be:

Link…I’ll…see you later.


Link…I’ll see…see you later.

as it wouldn’t create this kind of confusion among fans. In the end it’s not terribly important, but it just demonstrates the power of translation.

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