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Sakurai Picture of the Day 8/19


When I first saw the English translation of today’s picture of the day, I was incredibly surprised that the mentioned it was a female designer, as you don’t typically use the gender pronouns in Japanese. However, in the original Japanese post, Sakurai designates the gender of the designer through the ♀ symbol, shown below in parenthesis. Sakurai obviously wanted to limit any controversy from this outfit, despite it being a great call back to the Metroid games.

きょうの一枚。 制作に残された日程、タスク的に、作るのは無理だろう。 スタッフには、そういう話をしたのです。 が、担当デザイナー(♀)の根性によって、完成しました。 『メトロイド ゼロミッション』エンディングで観られる、ショートパンツ姿のサムス!

It’s also kind of funny to point out that the two pictures of today have been retweeted 5,800 times and have been saved a total 3,000 times in less than a day. Metaknight’s reveal got 10,200 retweets and saved 4,000 times in a week.