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Smash 4 3DS Demo Tips Quick Translation


This is my three part post from SmashBoard’s Leak group. I went through it rather quickly, so expect mistakes.

Translating tips [quickly]:

Villager Island: Sometimes bee combs appear from the tree. Be careful you don’t become a target by attacking them! Sometimes, sharks will appear in the water. Be careful, fighters that seem like they will fall in the water will be attacked! (The sharks will jump and attack)

Boxing Ring: You can stand on the light on the boxing ring. If you attack it, and it will fall. It may land on your opponents!

Paper Mario: In the land part of the stage there is a huge fan. Be careful, you will fly to the right as the fan blows.In the water part, a giant Blooper will attack the ship, causing it to shake violently. You cannot damage the Blooper.

Wily’s Castle: Once the Yellow Devil is defeated, he will blow up. The damage done by him will be attributed to the person who dealt the last hit. Using this, aim at your opponents!

Assist Figure: Ghosts from Pacman: Pinky will wait in front of the opponent that you aimed at. Clyde will aim for whoever he wants to.

3d Land: Trap Door: In the middle of the stage during the mountain area, there is a wall that you can attack. Once attacked, the platforms will tilt, so be careful not to fall.

Spirit Train: When Link or Toon Link joins the battle, Alfonzo takes over.

Distant Planet: When rain falls, the slope on the left side becomes wet. It’s quite strong, so fighting on the bottom of the stage becomes quite difficult.

Game Mode: Single Player. The marks on the road display the difficultly level. In order of difficulty: blue, green and red you can easily understand which way to go.

Gerudo Valley: If you attack the bridge in the middle, it will take damage and break. Actually, even if you don’t do anything the bridge will eventually break.

Smash Run: Shy Guy. There are four types of Shy Guy: red, blue, green and yellow. Depending on the color, their ability will change and which kind of item they will usually drop.

Jungle Japes: It’s difficult to come back if you fall in the river below the stage. Try to knock your opponent down!

Rainbow Road: Inside the tunnel, the ground will usually turn. If you stand still, you might get knocked out of the screen.

Rainbow Road: Sometimes Shy Guys will drive by with their carts. Be careful not to hit them, as you will receive damage.

Blue Shy Guys (Smash Run): They have more health compared to the other Shy Guys. They will usually drop protection/shield power ups.

Golden Plans: If you get 100 coins, you will change into a gold fighter. Your whole body becomes stronger, and you won’t event flinch when attacked.

If you touch the red ring, 8 red coins will appear. 1 red coin is worth 5 regular coins.

Hitting the P Switch will cause blue coins to appear. Blue coins disappear quickly, so collect them ASAP.

When standing on the see-saw like boards (Balance platforms, no idea what to call them), the side you are standing on will start to fall down. When there is two fighters on it, it will compare the weight.

Tomodachi Collection: The room and Miis will change every time you play. Sometimes your friends Mii’s will show up.

Find Mii Stage: The Dark Emperor has only two platforms near him. Either can break.

The Dark Emperor uses a variety of magic spells at random. Look at the bottom screen to show information about the magic.

Villager Island: After a certain amount of time, Kabei’s boat will head out to sea. Be careful not to stay on the boat, as you will be K.Oed.

Spirit Train: Linebeck’s Shop, a coal train, and an iron and steel train can sometimes appear at the end of the train.

N’s Castle (Pokemon League): Zekrom, the black dragon commander of thunder. He attacks the stage with Close Thunder? (クロススンダー) , breaking the stairs causing the stage to slope.

レシラムの「クロスフレイム」が階段に落ちると、炎を上げつづけた後、階段をこわしてしまうので注意 Reshiram attacks down the stairs with his Fushion Flare. After the fire has gone out, the stairs will be broken.

Milotic、 Whimsicott, Shaymin can sometimes appear. They will effect the battle in some way. When approaching N’s Castle, a stairwell appears. The wide cliff platform disappears, but continue fighting.

3D Land: Items will appear from the ? blocks. Super Mushrooms appear a little more frequently.

Living Room: After a set time, blocks will fall down and cause potential damage. Look for shadows to see where the blocks will fall, and avoid them!

5 different kinds of dogs can appear. They will be chosen at random. Sometimes a kitten will appear.

Item: Pokemon: Mew: a very rare Pokemon. It will drop rare items such as customization parts.

ピクトチャット2 背景に描かれた絵によって色々な仕掛けが起こる。絵の種類に合わせて戦いやすい位置や戦い方を考えよう PictoChat 2: Depending on what picture was drawn in the background, a variety of things can happen. Depending on the picture’s type, think about if it’s an easy platform to fight on or how to fight (using the picture).

Would really appreciate it if someone could check that translation. I’ve included the original Japanese so it can be checked.

Assist Fighter: Tingle. Tingle has 5 different attack possibilities. He will do one.

Assist Fighter: Pac Man’s Ghost: Blinky he will take the shortest route to the targeted opponent. Inky will take the opposite route to get to the targeted opponent.

Fire Emblem Areana: There are 4 different patterns. Some platforms and statues can be broken.

Find Mii Stage: Miiが入ったカゴを攻撃してふっとばすと、『すべてのやみの王」が早めに立ち去ってくれる。 If you attack the cage that has the Mii in it, the Dark Emperor will leave at once. (Please confirm).

Skull Kid: Skull Kid has 3 different attacks. [Reverse up and down/ left and right], [Make everything black] or [flip the stage].

Assist Figure: Ghost: All four ghosts appear. The ghosts separate and whoever they touch, will receive damage.

Yellow Shy Guy can jump higher than the other Shy Guys. He usually drops jump power ups.

(Smash Run Enemy) Starman: An alien like creature, he moves by teleporting and shoots PK Beam. If you are hit with the PK Beam, then you will go to sleep/ be stunned (しびれて) for a little bit.

(Smash Run Enemy) White Bear (Ice Climbers) He’s actually weak to fire damage. If you hit him with a flame, he will die quickly.

Finished all the tips. God damn there were a ton.

It does not say Ice Climbers in the tip. For any of the Smash Run enemy tips it doesn’t. I’m just pointing out which White Bear they probably mean.