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Challenge Guide Super Smash Brothers 3DS


SEE OP for Challenge List

Quick Multi-Man Melee Guide:

Cruel Melee: Based off of this video:

Using Wario, run to the edge and jump off. Then press forward. During your short invincibility frames, grab the opponent and throw him backwards. Wario is used because he will knock the other Miis back while back throwing. Once the throw is complete, chase the Mii off the stage, and hang on the ledge again. Rinse and repeat until you have reached at least 4.

Endless Melee: Based off my experience:

Use Bowser. The only attacks you need are smashes and down aerial. Stand on a platform and try to time the smashes so it hits all the Miis. Every 25 K.Os a fighter comes on the stage, thus disrupting the easy 5 K.O. Mii kills. They should also easy to K.O.

3 Minute Melee:

Use a similar approach to Endless Melee.


Homerun Contest: Based off of this video:

Use Ganondorf. Forward smash 2 times, then Forward A attack 8 times. Pick up the bat and smash quickly. You should get over 1,000 M.

Smash Bomb:

The key point is timing. Once you hit the bomb, the timer starts. The bomb blows up at 0, even if you are in the process of hitting it. Before starting, touch the bottom screen to see the whole screen and to figure out where to aim. The higher the damage the bomb receives, the further it will fly/ the speed it flies will increase. First aim for the top section and try to clear as much as possible. Then, aim for the bottom section by smashing the bomb into the back wall.

Smash Run:

The getting 1st place with all fighters in Smash Run takes a long time to complete as the prep is 5 minutes, and then a battle follows. Here’s my preferred load out for most of the fighters.

(Green Speed Icon) 走行速度アップのスビードバッジ: +17 Speed, -23 Attack: (Special Ability:走行速度アップ Increases speed by 1.3) -2 load out *REQUIRES A4 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

(Red Attack Icon) アート回復のアタックバッジ +13 Attack, -33 Defense (Special Ability: アート回復 heals a little damage every so often.) *REQUIRES B7 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

I either then went with:

(Green Speed Icon) ジャンプ強化のスピードバッジ +21 Speed, -33 Attack (Special Ability: ジャンプ強化 increases jump by 1.2) -2 load out *REQUIRES B6 of Page 3 to unlock


(Red Attack Icon) ハイパースマッシュのアタックバッジ +13 Attack, -27 Defense (Special Ability ハイパースマッシュ Increases smash time by a bit, but increases damage by 1.3) **REQUIRES A6 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

In Smash Run, speed and attack are essential in order to move around the map quickly and get more power ups. There is a chance that shield items will not help you in the deciding round as you could get “Climb to the Top” or “Race to the Finish”, so I generally ignored them. I choice these not because of the stats, but because of their special abilities. The healing equipment is particularly useful as you move around the field. The other ones that are unlocked with page 3 challenges may be better, and I’ll update this post if that is the case.

For Items I generally went with the following:

水平ビーム (Red icon, Purple beam shooting to the right): Shoots a beam to the right of you.
オート回復 (Blue icon, Heart with a timer and sparkles) Heals you.
天の光 (Red icon, Light around a green figure) Surronds with you with a heavenly light. damaging enemies
ふっとびリング (Red icon, Green figure surrounded by two rings) knocks enemies back

Each item has different levels, so you will collect the same item 4 times. So after you collect a bunch, you will have a lot of choices on how many times you can use that item/ability in Smash Run.

Match Types:

Free For All
Team Battle
For Glory style
Mr. Saturn
Race to the Finish
Climb to the Top
Defeat the Enemies (Smash, Mario, Kirby and Kid Icarus themed)
Multi-Man Melee

The only challenges I have left are the finish on 9.0/ collect all of X/ finish X with all the fighters. Let me know if you have additional questions.