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Smash 4 Data Discoveries: Round 4


Round 3 -> Smash 64 Masterpiece, empty sound files.
Round 2 -> Trophy categories, Additional unlocks, empty brainage emblem.
Round 1 -> Potential virus enemies, cut stages and possible Rhythm Heaven Rep:

The first versions of the conversions scripts are being release, so I can view some of the textures. However, I’ve been pretty busy with other things so it’s took me awhile to even get started.

Huge shout out to chhrox for his Noesis script, and RandomTalkingBush for his conversion script. Also special thanks to PKBeam and TheNerdyOne_ for their assistance.

Check out the new models being dumped on Gary’s Mod and other places on the Internet.

Here’s stuff that has been found in the last week:

  1. There is going to be a stage DLC tab. Here is my attempt on what it will look like. I’m not sure what color it will be.

The symbol also shows up in the Tourney stage select menu.

  1. Conquest and Official Tourney will be placed under a menu called, “Events” in the Online Mode:

  2. The Miiverse menu icon is already in the game. It may change.

  3. Speaking of Miiverse….the reflection map for Miiverse and the Online Training Stage is the same.

  4. RushL_F [Two player Trophy Rush?], Playable_roll_f [Credit’s stage], fig_get, Greninja’s, Megaman and Shulk’s final smash do not have reflection maps (So when those characters do their Final Smashes on metal victims, the victims become regular). However, All Star map, Smash Bomb, Figure Display, the Trophy Photo scenery (All four variations), Captain Falcon’s final smash, Duck Hunt’s Final Smash do have unique reflections.  Most of these are not viewable in normal gameplay.

preplay reflection

Homerun stadium reflection

  1. Yoshi’s Woolly World reflection map is slightly different from the final stage.

  2. Meta Ridley was going to have his own stock icon. As far as I know, this doesn’t appear when you K.O. Meta Ridley. Meta Ridley switches between his normal and black skin in the current game: 

  3. The Share menu/icons are all still in the game.

  4. The Smash Tour trophy icon has been posted by RTB.

Please take note note: Empty one next to DuckHunt is: mark_00_etc
Between F-Zero and Fire Emblem: mark_00_fs_item [Probably Field Smash (Smash Run) Items] Between Smashbros and Sonic: mark_00_soft [Probably for Masterpieces]

Still going through the files, but I don’t think there is much left to uncover at this point. I’m hoping to eventually piece everything together with interviews/ additional information and come up with my own conclusions about Smash 4’s development.

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