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Some Japanese Reactions to the Fake Rayman “Leak”:


Rayman’s supposed leak quickly spread throughout the entire Smash community. It was featured on most Nintendo related blogs/ vloggers, and Smash discussions boards on the web. Almost a day after the first images and videos surfaced, Artsy Omni revealed that he had created the leak in order to generate hype for his new video series; Smashified. Artsy Omni was also behind the Bomberman, Klonoa and Geno renders that have appeared in the past. You can see his video showing you how he made the leak below.

Originally, I had planned on just doing Japan’s reaction to the Rayman leak (As a sequel to an old post). However, after it was revealed to be fake I decided to wait a bit until I could get reactions to it being fake. Here are some tweets, and blog comments translated. I’d like to point out that most of the reactions are very similar to what is being said on discussion boards now. I grabbed most of these from Twitter, as I felt it would give a general reaction.

It would be ludicrous to assume that mariotehplumber represents all of the West’s feelings on Smash Brothers. Likewise, it’s unwise to assume, that each of these comments, taken individually, are suppose to represent’s all of Japan’s feelings. Instead, I hope to provide a general outline of what has been said on social media sites.

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スマブラにレイマン参戦ってマジ? Twitter
Is Rayman really in Smash Brothers?

スマブラのDLCでレイマン参戦するというリーク動画が出回ってます。 リーク動画なので100%とは言えませんが、可能性としては高そうです。上には配信予定のミュウツーもいますTwitter

A video leak showing Rayman as Smash Brother’s DLC has appeared. Even though it’s a leak video, we can’t be sure 100%, but the possibility of it being true seems high. Above Rayman is Mewtwo who will be downloadable.

海外向けでレイマン、日本向けにはリュカとかないかね …
Wouldn’t it be nice to have Rayman for the overseas (fans) and Lucas for the Japanese (fans)?

スマブラの新キャラリークでたみたいでみてみたら知らないキャラだった…。 レイマンとかいうよくわからんキャラ。 もう今回のスマブラ本当アメリカよりのゲームやな.. Twitter
When I saw the new Smash Brother’s leak, I had no idea who the character was. I have no idea who Rayman is. This Smash Brothers is really shaping up to be an American game….

海外の超人気ゲームキャラでUBIのマスコット「レイマン」が『大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for 3DS/WiiU』にDLCで参戦するかも!? レイマン、知らんなぁ… というか最近なぜかスマブラ熱が一気に冷めてしまった… Twitter

Ubisoft mascot, “Rayman” who has huge popularity abroad is joining Smash Brothers for 3DS and Wii U as DLC? Rayman…I don’t know…my enthusiasm for Smash Brothers has really declined recently.

I’m not saying that with Rayman’s inclusion that Smash will be half 3rd party characters, and half Nintendo characters but if Rayman is allowed then: Baten Kaitos, Fatal Frame, Lego,  Bayonetta, Trine and so forth in addition to unknown Nintendo characters should come out too. Essentially, Rayman’s inclusion is big progress.

Miiverse Comic

(Perfectly drawn Sakurai) When I was making Mewtwo…I had some trouble…so I decided to make Rayman (laughs).

*Sakurai’s hand*

If Rayman can join Smash then the compatible Dr. Kawashima can join too.

スマブラにレイマン参戦って誰だよ Twitter
Who is this ‘Rayman’ in Smash?

( ^o^)レイマン参戦!!! (´-`)oO{レイマン……?} Twitter
( ^o^) Rayman is in Smash!!! (´-`)oO{Rayman….?}

【スマブラfor】ミュウツーに続くDLCキャラはレイマン…!!?参戦しているキャラセレクト画面がYouTubeにて公開中  嘘乙といいたいとこだが過去のそういう系の動画本当だったしなぁ Twitter
After Mewtwo, Rayman will be the next DLC character…!!? The character select screen video has been made public on YouTube.   Man…I really want to say it’s fake but when I said that the last time, it ended up being true.

The next set comes from Ebitsu

(悲報) 「スマブラ 3DS/Wii U」 レイマン参戦はフェイクと判明!ドヤ顔のオッサンが告白動画アップ
Sad news) Rayman’s inclusion in Smash 3DS/Wii U is fake! An old man with a self-satisfied face, uploaded a confession video

I recognize your great work, but this is the worst thing you have done. Because of you, everyone is disappointed. Please do the right thing.

When I saw this leak, I was extremely excited. However, the leak wasn’t true. Please recognize this. You took pleasure for a period of time. I feel disappointed. I pray that you stop doing things like this.

火に油を注いだ模様。仕方ないですね。 ( ´・ω・)y─┛~~~oΟ◯
By not saying, “I’m sorry” and smiling with this pose [picture above], he added fuel to the fire. There’s no other way.

Most of the Japanese tweets that I’ve seen about the fake video are either about Artsy Omni’s ドヤ顔 (his self-satisfied face) or just a simple, ‘it’s fake.’ I guess that’s to be expected as the video isn’t translated into Japanese yet.

Another blog which explained the events did add that Artsy Omni was regretting the self-satisfied face introduction.

I saw the Rayman making video…it’s like the quality Takasu’s Clinic (A plastic surgery clinic in Tokyo).

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