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Miiverse Translations – 2/16


These posts will generally lag 1-2 days behind. This is due to time commitment and because I want to translate only the most “popular” posts.

Please note: Japanese comics are generally read right to left. I included numbers for the first comic.

2.                                                                   1.

Ness: Nooooo~
Kirby: (Poing)
Luma: peep

Villager (Male): Um…I think I hear voi—
Villager (Female): It’s just your imagination!

Villager (Female): I made these chocolates for you!
Villager (Male): Wow! Awesome! Thank you!

1st Panel: Happy Valentine. I love chocolate.
2nd Panel: I will never give this up to anyone!! What? This isn’t chocolate from my loved one?

Kirby: I caught you–!
(Out of Habit)

Lucina: I made chocolate…just for you!
Marth: Lucina…please watch only me*.
*A reference to his taunt in the game

Fox: This is actually pretty good…
Diddy: This makes me want a banana (Came over to hang out)

Robin: Please eat with everyone.
Falco: Okay
Fox: That color of somen…is that…chocolate?

Kirby: Are you copying me…
Pac-Man: ….

Wii Fit Trainer: Villager <3.
Villager: What is it?   (She’s finally here!)
WFT: Please stand on this.
Villager: Is it chocolate?
Villager: Just stand on it?
WFT: Yup

First row, last panel: Kirby: Here’s some chocolate! Eat it!
Bottom row: Now you will become chocolate!

Girls: We love you!
Dreamy Ness: It’s hard being this popular!
Girls (swoon)
Ness: A dream?

Link: I thought of mankind that day.*

*I’m sure this is an Attack on Titan reference that I don’t understand.

Zelda: I want to captivate you without chocolate (Japanese and English are the same).

ZSS: …It’s still Valentine’s Day in America…

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  3. For the one with Fox, Falco, Diddy and Reflet, I think the plot would make more sense with the order swapped?

    Also note that Soumen, or some kind of white noodles, is some joke material targeted at one of Falco’s special taunt, where his teammates thought he said 素麺(White Noodles) while he meant 創面(Injury).

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