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If there was a Smash 2 Poll

Okay, so this is really old but I haven’t been able to find a good comprehensive translation of the Sakurai’s column back when Smash 64 came out. It’s really interesting to see how many of these have become playable characters, or assist trophies over the years. Oh, I should add: the date of this poll was May 31st, 1999.

Answers were recruited from the readers response coloumn. Here’s the results for: if there was a Smash 2, what characters would you like to see? I organized the results by series.

Super Mario Series:

Rank: Name: Votes:
1 Bowser 169
2 Peach 66
3 Wario 65
4 Toad 27
5 Koopa Troopa 9
6 Kamek 8
7 Goomba 7
Mallo (MarioRPG)
Geno (MarioRPG)
10 Baby Mario 3

Pokémon Series:

1 Mewtwo 35
2 Mew 24
3 Red (Protagonist) 18
4 Any Pokémon 12
5 Lugia 11
6 Meowth 8
7 Raichu 7

Legend of Zelda Series:

1 Ganon (dorf) 36
Child Link
Princess Zelda
5 Darunia 2

Kirby Series:

1 King Dedede 46
2 Gooey 17
3 Metaknight 11
4 Someone from Kirby 10
5 Waddle Dee 3

Mother Series:

1 Mr. Saturn 18
2 Poo 6
Someone else from Earthbound

Star Fox Series:

1 Falco 7
2 Slippy 5
3 Wolf 4
4 Peppy 2

Fire Emblem Series:

1 Marth 21
2 Someone from Fire Emblem 18
3 Ogma 8
4 Seliph 4

In Connection to Rare, Ltd.:

1 007 James Bond 35
2 Banjo Kazooie 18
3 Diddy Kong 15
Blast Corps Robot(Not one in particular)
006 Alec Trevelyan

Other Fighters from NES/SNES:

1 Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight 15
2 Lip (Panel De Pon) 9
3 Prince Richard / Prince Sable (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru 8
Metroid (Metroid Series)
Foreman Spike (Wrecking Crew
Pit (Kid Icarus
Donbe & Hikari (Shin Onigashima)
The Protagonist of Marvelous
Samurai Goroh(F-ZERO
Popo and Nana (Ice Climbers)
Protagonist of Balloon Fighter

Those aren’t Nintendo Characters Group:

1 Chocobo 9
2 Doraemon 7
3 Bomberman 5
4 Crash Bandicoot 4

Notes on the poll from here, translated.

☆『Smash Brothers 2』  currently does not have a project plan (6/1)
Just reminding you・・・。

☆I only counted the first character requests written if someone wrote a long list.☆I omitted all the characters that were currently in Smash 64

☆Ganon and Ganondorf’s request were combined into one☆「A Fire Emblem Character」「Someone from Pokemon」means someone from the game. However, it will not be a minor character.

☆ Also, Peach and Wario fought violently for second place throughout the poll.
(Peach won by one vote!)

☆As for the characters who ranked top、「Bowser」「Dedede」「Mewtwo」and so forth, were actually planned additions to the original Smash Brothers、but for various reason they regrettably ended up getting cut….

☆I didn’t include myself in the final results. However, I left the characters I wanted in the survey.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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  4. I discovered this blog today. All this information is really interested. It amuses me at the thought of having a james bond character. Anyway i am a big fan of Smash brothers and i look to reading through more of what you find.

    blacklegjex on April 14 |
    • Thanks! We are trying to be the best source for Smash news and speculation. Check out the Unused Fighters List that was recently published!

      PushDustIn on April 14 |
      • Yeah i saw it. That was actually how i found the site. There were some things i did not know about melee, especially the japan characters. I remember reading an article that i found through Smashboards that said that Dedede was planned for Melee only if Sakurai could not use Marth. He had plans drawn up on paper but because Sakurai got marth no development went into it. You may have found it already and deconfirmed it but if not i know it’s out there. I can try and re-find it if you want.

        Keep up the work. I cannot wait for the smash 3 poll. 🙂

        blacklegjex on May 10 |
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