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Who Does PushDustIn Support for Smash DLC?


Check out SmashChu’s thoughts!

I’m not including characters already in the game. Takamaru, Waluigi, Ridley, etc. I believe these characters have a chance for Smash 5, but I seriously doubt they will make it in as DLC. I’m also convinced that Wolf will be announced during E3, along with a “Season Pass”, as they have not announced Lucas’ release date nor pricing.

One of the best points of Smash 4, was how many new series were given player character representation in the game. Personally, I would like to see them continue to draw from new, unique IPs in order to give us really unique characters–both in play-style and art-style. I also take into great consideration on how I believe Sakurai chooses characters.

My overall top three choices:

Chorus Men – I believe these guys have the best shot. Also, I would really like to see them.
I’m even more convinced of Gematsu Leaks, as they actually do have an aggressive DLC plan. Furthermore, I found a series reference to rhythm in the emblem database in the Wii U version of the game. The order of the database strongly suggests that they were planned characters. In addition, they do have a new game coming out in the summer (In Japan), so I think Nintendo will announce a digital release of the new Rhythm Heaven game at E3 (Along with the Chorus Men as playable DLC in Smash). If they do not make it into Smash, then they will surely by in the next game, as Rhythm Heaven is a huge Nintendo IP.

Potential Issues: They were cut/ moved to DLC for a reason. Perhaps the development team ran into issues realizing the concept. Many people claim that since the Ice Climbers had to be cut because of the limitations with the 3DS/ potentially 8-player Smash in Wii U, that the Chorus Men would make no sense. I believe that if the Chorus Men are playable, that the other two members wouldn’t have an AI like Nana. For starters, an AI controlled Chorus Men would actually not be representative of the games. Rhythm Heaven, like the name implies, is focused on rhythm, so they would have a moveset based on that. It makes the most sense for the player to control the 1st Chorus Man. The other two would do their attack after a certain amount of time. The player controlled Chorus Man might be in the background of the stage, like Pokemon Trainer.

Inkling– Runner up. Would really love to see him/her in the game.
The Inkling has huge support online, and many people are insanely hyped for Splatoon. The game has a great art style, and a unique play-style to boot.When Splatoon was announced, Nintendo received tons of fan art. Splatoon seems to be a major IP for Nintendo, as they are releasing amiibos, and have included hats in the new Mii Plaza update. The gameplay is unique, and everyone who has played it says it’s really fun. I could easily imagine an inspired moveset with this character. Lastly, they could have different outfits/ gender as alts. The series, like Pikmin before it, has a great future.

Potential Issues: The game is so new. Pikmin and Captain Olimar weren’t included with Melee (He did get in as trophy), even though that was a new major IP. I think if enough fans request the Inkling, his/her chances will greatly increase. I’m not sure if the game could handle 8 players shooting ink all over the map, if that was part of the move-set, but I’m sure Sakurai could figure something out.

Professor Layton has a good chance. His series has been exclusive on the DS and 3DS, and has widespread popularity and recognition even among non-hardcore gamers. His series has inspired an anime movie, manga and even novels in Japan. Furthermore, his series is extremely successful and still relevant. I haven’t played any of Professor Layton games, but they are also extremely well received. The only major hurdle to his inclusion is the fact that his games aren’t made by Nintendo (Level-5 develops them). However, Nintendo has published his games, and has a good relationship with Level-5.

Honorable Mentions:

Wonder Red– Extremely popular on Neogaf, and Twitter. Kamiya is friends with Sakurai which would help his inclusion. Music and trophies from the game already appear in Smash 4. The main issue is that there are no plans to develop a sequel. Kamiya may revisit the franchise, but it didn’t sell that well. I don’t think Sakurai will include a newcomer from a game that isn’t going to turn into a series. I think he would be great, and bring a unique playstyle to the cast.

Paper Mario – Another Mario!?
I enjoy the Paper Mario series. They are fun, charming games. I would love to see an inspired Paper Mario character in the game, and I think it’s about time for the series to have full representation. However, I feel that Paper Mario–by himself is not iconic enough. If I show people a picture of Paper Mario, they will likely say “Mario”, and not “Paper Mario”. Dr. Mario does not have this issue. Paper Mario only distinguishes himself from regular Mario through movement and his world. My suggestion to the Paper Mario support group on SmashBoards was to get behind a partner combination. Personally, I believe that the fairy from the Wii version would make the most sense. While not the best game in the series, the Tippi would allow Paper Mario to change into various forms (like a paper airplane) for some of his moves.

Chibi- Robo– one of my most wanted newcomer/new series rep, but he has a lot of issues.
First is his size (too small for Smash!). He’s known as really small character, even in his game. While Olimar is actually really small, he appears normal size in the game, and appears on alien planets. Chibi-Robo, like its name suggests is a small servant and interacts with “giant” humans within the game. As much as it pains me to say it, he would probably work better as an assist trophy.

Non-New Series:
King K. Rool/ Dixie (One):
I feel that the Donkey Kong series should get another player character, but I’m not sure which one. I’m leaning a bit more towards King K. Rool overall, as there would be more variety in appearances among the DK series (And I really like his voice in DK64– yeah! Thank you!). But, I think Dixie could really use her hair for a unique play style and might have better recognition among people in general.

Toad/ Captain Toad:
Highly recognizable. The only potential drawback is that Toad already uses a Toad in her moveset. Captain Toad, however, is a recurring character in the Mario universe and does have his own game. His lack of jumping in his normal game might be seen an issue, but the creator said that he can’t jump because of his heavy backpack. Therefore having a move set based on having a backpack with tolls available (and not being able to jump) versus not having tools available (but being able to jump) could be really interesting.

Jimmy __ or 9-volt:
I love the Warioware series. I like Wario Land more, but I think it will be awhile until we same a true Wario Land style game. I don’t think these characters have a good chance of getting in, but they would be interesting.

Jimmy is a great character from the Warioware series, who could be an interesting fighter. Not as popular as Ashley, but Ashley is already in the game as an assist trophy.

9-volt would be a great meta character, as he could use Nintendo hardware for his moveset. His Final Smash could cause the game to “crash”.

We need a new Advance Wars game for this to happen (We also just need one in general!). With no new games in a while, his chances are pretty low in my opinion.

Maybe in Smash 5 category. Retro characters:

The next three are all sports related. Currently, there are no sports-themed characters in the roster, and these types of games are important to Nintendo’s history. However, I don’t think these characters will push the DLC sales, so I don’t think they will be chosen.

Ice Hockey (NES) or  Golf (NES) – Another Mario!?!
These characters would use their respective sports equipment to fight. Golf was one of the highest selling games on the NES (and Mario got an alt based on it), which increases its’ chances.

Kensuke Kimachi – From 1080 Snowboarding.
The series is basically dead, which makes him a very unlikely choice. He was featured as a trophy in Melee, and music from the series was picked for Brawl…but I don’t think anything from 1080 has made it into Sm4sh. Would work better as an assist trophy.

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  6. I Agree with a new Advance Wars! It has to be reality! Otherwise, I agree with everything else except for Chibi-Robo’s size: Olimar is pretty small in his own series too, after all…

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