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All About Ryu and Roy’s Files


TL;DR on the bottom.

New Information:

shinyquagsire23 looked through the fighter table and found this:

After Mewtwo + 7 there are 5 additional “Mario”s listed. This means, that there are 5 additional unused characters in the fighter table in the latest update. Right now, we know for sure that Lucas is coming. After Lucas, it is heavily suggested that Roy (Fire Emblem) and Ryu (Street Fighter) will be incoming as DLC. Therefore, we have two additional slots for DLC. Whether the two slots will be used for the ballot results, or for pre-ballot result DLC is unknown. Stay tuned for additional information.


On April 15th, 2015 Club Nintendo users finally had the chance to play as Smash Veteran, Mewtwo. With the new fighter an update was released for both the 3DS and the Wii U which introduced a number of gameplay balance changes, and support for upcoming DLC. However, this news was quickly overshadowed by future DLC discoveries.

shinyquagsire23, an active member of the 3DS homebrew scene, posted on reddit claiming that there was a number of unused tracks in this update. The tracks were housed under a new folder, thus indicating that they were accidentally left in. Based on the numbering and names of these tracks, users were able to quickly figure out what the tracks were. The biggest shocker was that Ryu (from Street Fighter) and Roy’s (From Fire Emblem) victory songs were included in this folder– two potentially previously unannounced DLC fighters. Because of this, the Internet went on fire as users within the Smash community tried to find additional sources to confirm. Around 10 hours later, additional confirmations started to pour in as other data-miners and hackers backed shinyquaqsire23’s claims. Now, there are over 5 unique confirmation, which further proves that these files are indeed left in the update.

Below, are the list of files that were accidentally included in the update:


Based on the track naming convention within Smash, users were able to identify the music tracks.

“MoriStage” is the Forest Stage song from Kirby’s Air Ride.

“Sentou Zekrom Reshiram” already exist the base version of the game. The file was updated in a previous patch.

“Ryu” is Ryu’s Theme from Street Fighter 2.

“PupuLand” is the N64 remix of Dream Land from Kirby Super Star

PacMan is a song that already exists in the base version of the game. Reportedly, it was altered in this latest patch,giving further credibility to this data-mining.

Mewtwo, Ryu, Lucas and Roy are all victory songs.

We can decipher the meaning behind the tracks not only by listening to them, but by the naming convention.

What Do You Mean, ‘naming convention’?

Brawl introduced a unique track naming system. This system is relatively straight forward once you look at the tracks. However, let me quickly break down some tracks:

First off- snd_bgm indicates that the track is background music.

The first letter indicates its part of group “A”, which in Brawl and Smash 4 translates to the Mario series. 53 is the track number within that series.
MKT8 indicates that the song is from Mario Kart 8. “Rainbow Road” is the name of the track. The last number indicates if there has been a revision.

A = Mario
56 = track number in Mario series.
GLX = Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy theme song.

The Smash 4 system builds upon the existing Super Smash Brother’s Brawl system. Brawl’s system was even ordered by release date of games, which allowed users to identify some of the tracks that have been completely dropped or deleted from the game. Smash 4 new songs are placed immediately after Brawl’s songs. Below is a list of the series letters:

A – Mario
B – DK
C- Zelda
CRS – Menu music, music for modes
D- Metroid
E – Yoshi
F – Kirby
G – Starfox
H – Pokemon
I – F-Zero
J – Fire Emblem
K – Mother
L – Pikmin
M – Wario
N – Animal Crossing
O – Is missing. Was missing in Brawl.
P – Kid Icarus
Q – Famicon ・new series
R – Game and Watch, Punch Out, DS, Other ・Additional new series
S – Megaman (Used to be Metal Gear in Brawl)
T – 64 Songs
TEST1-5 – blank files, for testing purposes
U – Sonic
V – Pacman
W – Melee Songs
X- Music from Brawl
Y – Only two tracks here: snd_bgm_Y05_SBX_BossSentouKyoku1 and snd_bgm_Y07_SBX_BossSentouKyoku2. The two boss battle tracks. (Presumably for Subspace)
Z- Fighter related tracks (winning theme music)

New Kirby Stage:

Since there are two new Kirby songs, it would appear that Kirby is getting a new stage. Frostwraith, an active member of SmashBoards noticed in several 3DS Classic playthroughs that if the Kirby path was chosen, it would now sometimes load Battlefield instead of Dream Land. Theoretically, this is because the game is trying to load a new stage that isn’t in the current file set.

shinyquagsire23 investigated the stage table in Smash 3DS, and found that the number of additional slots was increased from 4 to 14. However, because each stage has both an omega version and a regular version the actual number of potential extra stages is increased from 2 to 7.

“Z” Fighter Numbering:

I marked my guesses with a question mark. I’m assuming based off the order of instance slots in Brawl. Only myu2 and Roy were leftovers in Brawl.

Bold, and caps lock so people will read it:


Fighters that were missing for a version were given new numbers in the newest version. See Mewtwo for definitive proof. This means that Lucas and Roy will also get a new number when they are released.

64 Fighters (Notice the lack of Jigglypuff)
Melee Newcomers
Brawl Newcomers
snd_bgm_Z26_F_Lucas (FILE NOT IN SMASH 4)
29 Squirtle?? (FILE NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
30 Ivysaur ?? (FILE NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
31 Charizard?? (FILE NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
36 “Pramin” [reworked Pichu]?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
(Let’s bring back the vets section/ new clones)
39_F_Roy (NOT IN SMASH 4)
40_Dr. Mario?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
42 – Toon Zelda?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
43 -Toon Sheik?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
(…Actually, lets add some new fighters)
44- Wolf ?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
45- Dixie?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
snd_bgm_Z46_F_Snake (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
48 – ?? Reserved number? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
49 -?? Reserved number? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)
snd_bgm_Z52_JCLEAR1 (NOT IN SMASH 4)
snd_bgm_Z53_JCLEAR2 (NOT IN SMASH 4)
Smash 4 Section
(Smash 4: Clones and Altered characters first)
75 – ?  Reserved number? (NOT IN SMASH 4)
76 –  ? Reserved number? (NOT IN SMASH 4)
(Updated File List)

The list of files updated/changed in the newest version of Smash 4 3DS can be accessed here (Provided by SciresM).

The “Z” number order is further proof that Jigglypuff wasn’t a priority in Brawl. Also, since there are no missing numbers in Smash 4, it could mean that the Rhythm Heaven representative didn’t get very far into development at all. Most investigation will be done into both of these topics. 

Please note: because this folder was only accidentally left in the 3DS version, there are no files present in the Wii U version. Here’s the list of files included in the update. (Provided by soneek).

Possible Fighter Pack Incoming?

It’s possible that a fighter pack will be released with these three characters. Currently, there is no price listing for Lucas on all versions of the Super Smash Brothers site. The release date is slated for June, which will probably coincide with E3. Ryu and Roy would be huge reveals for Smash DLC, and it makes sense to announce both of them at E3.


NEW INFORMATION: 5 additional “Mario” was added to the character database. 3 of them will probably be used for Lucas, Roy and Ryu. The other 2 are currently unknown.

Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy are very likely going to be DLC in Smash 4.
Their numbers indicate that they were started along with Lucas, possibly even with Mewtwo.

There’s additional stages incoming (up to 7). One of which is possibly a Kirby stage due to the number of new Kirby songs that were included. Possibly Dreamland from Super Smash 64.

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  2. The Kirby Stage, Ryu and Roy could still be DLC, and I’ll hold on to that belief until an announcement happens, because of 2 things Sakurai said:
    “this guy does what this guy already does. He fills the role that this character already has. So while you may like this character and he’s interesting, that doesn’t really merge well, here.” (a quote relating to fighting game characters)
    “At the end of the day, Chrom would just end up being another plain-old sword-wielder like Marth and Ike. Compared with other characters, he lacks any unique characteristics.” (a quote that can easily be applied to a 2nd Marth clone)

    Anonymous on April 19 |
    • *could still be cut content (not DLC) my bad

      Anonymous on April 19 |
    • Why would cut content be added to the game now? These files weren’t found until after the update came out, which means they were added with the update. Plus, Roy has t3h ph1r3, so he’s more than just a sword wielder.

      CrystalForce on April 19 |
    • Sakurai is a huge liar, look at him saying we won’t get DLC and then we get Mewtwo and Lucas.

      Anonymouss on April 19 |
      • He never said there would be no DLC.

        He said he wouldn’t think about DLC until the game was finished. But then all signs point to DLC being planned from the start so he could’ve been lying about that.

        Sup on April 21 |
    • Sakurai’s comments on Chrom can’t really be used on Roy considering he has already been in Smash one of the reasons Sakurai chose Roy over Leif was because he stood out from Marth due to his abilities.

      If he thought Roy was unique enough back then, why wouldn’t he now? Especially since Lucina took none of Roy’s traits from Melee.

      joe on April 19 |
      • The Leif thing might be false information. It came from the same guy that claimed that Wolf was planned for Brawl, which I’ve been able to find 0 sources for on Japanese sites. Roy was chosen because he was a model change, and potentially to create hype around his game. But yeah, like you said Chrom can’t be comparable to Roy because Roy has already been in a game. He’s got priority now, even if he plays similar to two other characters. He also doesn’t play quite the same way as Lucina or Marth.

        PushDustIn on April 19 |
  3. […] Attraverso altri videogiocatori, inoltre, hanno scoperto che il codice sorgente contiene in più punti slot per altri 5 personaggi; se uno di questi è Lucas, e gli altri due sono Roy e Ryu, l’ultimo paio è ancora sconosciuto. Chi potrebbero essere? Tra le voci di corridoio più pressanti, Dixie Kong, Wolf e Chorus Man. […]

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  6. I want melee stages the stages in smash 4 are absolutely terrible and it’s very hard to actually want to play this game. It’s brawl 2
    Where is a retro mushroom kingdom, Kirby dreamland ,etc I haven’t played this game since December and until we get more retro stages I won’t go back to it

    joe on April 19 |
    • You must be kidding…
      Brawl 2?
      If you dont like the stages is problem
      Go play melee or omega (boring “achooo”) stages
      Oh, and dont forget to disable the items

      Nintendo is trying to innovate and people is always complaining about shit “this game needs to be more like melee” no, it doesn’t, its a new game “the characters are broookeeen” no, they are not broken “stop creating new items, they make the game un-competitive” the idea is to have fun, IF you dont like the fucking items just disable them just doing that makes the game more competitive

      “Bring old stages baaaack also bring: roy, snake…(insert more characters that were in previous SBB games here)” Really? Again? Arent you tired of having aaaalways the same in SSB?

      “until we get more retro stages I won’t go back to it
      Stop complaining, youre not Nintendo and you dont develop the game (and if you did it would be shit, seriously” fine, nobody cares if you play it or not :3

      Pd: “notify me of new comments via e-mail” is off
      “Notify me of new posts via e-mail” is off

      Have a nice day, sir


      Eugine on April 19 |
      • got eem

        jimmyc on May 14 |
  7. Here is my predictions

    Slot 1 – Ryu
    Slot 2 – Roy
    Slot 3 – Wolf
    Slot 4 – Whoever wins the ballot

    Christopher James on April 19 |
  8. I really hope Fountain of Dreams comes back. And if not, at least bring back the track.

    Brandon Wall on April 19 |
  9. So is this the result of the character poll already or is it just something else additionally?

    Sur on April 19 |
    • We aren’t sure, but it’s probably the planned Dlc.

      PushDustIn on April 20 |
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  14. i went Some Sonic the hedgehog
    Characters Like Kunckles our Silver

    Yaqubniazy on April 20 |
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  16. What if they announce the winner of the ballot to be roy or ryu, meaning that the ballot was rigged. lol

    Anonymous on April 20 |
  17. All I’m Hoping Is The Ice Climbers Will Come Back….Funny Thing Is They Were Found In The Database…Not Anymore? Sic.
    I Will Always Find Them, They Were My Favorite And The Reason Why I Fell In Love With Super Smash Bros.

    Steven on April 21 |
    • There files are not present in Smash 4. The only references that I know of them are the trophy categories, which could be imports of Brawl.

      PushDustIn on April 21 |
  18. Dr.Mario not in smash4 eh? In what universe, surely not this one as that would be a lie.

    ...Really? on April 25 |
    • He’s right here. The number I assigned him for Brawl is unused.

      Smash for number:

      PushDustIn on April 25 |
      • 36 “Pramin” [reworked Pichu]?? Where are you guys getting that from? As much as I’d want that to be the case I don’t that’s the case.

        Octavian on March 3 |
  19. Not sure if it’s even possible yet, but has anyone decrypted the files of the recent update for the Wii U version, and found if there’s any peculiar named files on that one?

    Brandon Wall on April 27 |
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  22. 44- Wolf ?? (NOT IN SMASH 4/BRAWL)

    Ya sayin’?

    Logo on June 6 |
    • I’ll check again but I don’t think Wolf has a unique victory theme in Brawl, which is why I have a question mark next to it.

      PushDustIn on June 6 |
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  26. What about 2 characters missing Like Naruto and Sora

    Yaqub on September 21 |
  27. What about sora and Naruto please mrSakurai these two are part of Nitendo

    Yaqub on September 21 |