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Things You May Not Know About Jigglypuff


1. As far as canon is concerned, Jigglypuff is neither male nor female.

…and so is Pikachu and the other Pokemon (In Smash 64)! Masahiro Sakurai in Smash 64’s reader response page 84 had this to say:

“Maybe Kirby is female. Maybe Pikachu is also a female. The truth is shrouded by mystery.”

Furthermore, Jigglypuff does not appear in Melee’s “Girl Power” event. Therefore, Samus is the only female character in Smash 64.

*Please note, this quote comes from 1999. This was before Pikachu was given different tails based on it’s sex (Introduced in Generation IV). Therefore, Pikachu in Brawl and “Smash for” are male.

Many fans claim that Jigglypuff is female because of its ribbon costume, and it’s overall pink cuteness.

2. Jigglypuff was added to Smash 64 as a weak character.

Jigglypuff was the original joke character. Being extremely light and having a special that causes opponents to fall asleep was hilarious. Also, when it shield breaks, Jigglypuff instantly flies into the stars. Pichu followed the tradition in Melee.

3. There’s no evidence that Jigglypuff was added because of her body shape being similar to Kirby.

It appears that Sakurai has never stated this, and it is most likely a fan theory.

4. Jigglypuff was almost cut multiple times:

On Melee’s website, Sakurai confirmed this with Jigglypuff’s introduction. He stated that he didn’t want to disappoint fans of the character. Since Pichu was the new joke character, Sakurai also introduced some buffs to Jigglypuff.

In Brawl, Jigglypuff was most likely planned but not prioritized. It does not appear with the original twelve in the sound files, and has an extremely limited role in Subspace Emissary.

EDIT: Sakurai has confirmed that Jigglypuff was not a priority in Brawl.

It’s currently unknown if Jigglypuff was close to being cut in “Smash for”.


5. Jigglypuff was popular when Smash 64 was released.

Many people tend to forget this but Jigglypuff does have fans. Jigglypuff was also a recurring character in the anime.

6. Jigglypuff’s Japanese name is, “pudding”

….and it’s very difficult to pronounce. Xander Mobus, the announcer for “Smash for” stated that “Purin” was the most difficult character name to announce. This is because the Japanese “r” sound is actually in between the English “l” and “r” sound.

That’s it for today! Leave a request in the comment section below, or tweet me for what character you would like to be examined next.

  1. Most of these are false because:
    1. Jigglypuff is a female in Smash 64 and Pikachu was always male in all the smash games.
    2.Whoever said that Jigglypuff was added as a “weak” character is a fucking idiot.
    3.There IS evidence that Jigglypuff was added because it was a similar resemblance to Kirby you idiot.
    4.I will murder anybody who tried to get rid of Jigglypuff in any of the games.

    That is all and you need to do more research because it seems like you are not well educated. Bye bye!

    The Forever Jigglypuff Lover on March 1 |
    • Did you check any of the sources?

      1. Sex/Gender does not exist in Blue/Red/Green. Sakurai had confirmed on the official Smash website that Pokemon in Smash 64 do not have a sex.
      2. You just called Sakurai an idiot, multiple times as he’s said this 2 times (Once during Smash 64 and another time in Melee).
      3. Source? The only thing I’ve been able to find is Sakurai’s FE 25th Anniversary interview which we translated. In that he states secret characters were chosen for their ease of development. Before that Sakurai NEVER said anything close to Jigglypuff being chosen because of its’ resemblance to Kirby.
      4. You might need help.

      Please learn how to do proper research before telling people to do it themselves. Bye!

      PushDustIn on March 4 |
      • But I am a Jigglypuff expert. I know everything about Jigglypuffs.

        The Forever Jigglypuff Lover on March 17 |
        • It isn’t hard to know everything about a character that’s been irrelevant in it’s own franchise for over 13 years lol.

          SomeDude on March 29 |
          • Wish there was Gif for dropping the mic here…

            julian randolph on December 18 |