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Rhythm Heaven Mini Comic Translation


同窓会当日ー Day of Class Reunion

カランカラーン: Ding Dong

お!ひさしぶりだね! – Oh! It’s been awhile!

キミもかわらにあね~。 You haven’t changed either!

なつかしいなあ。 I remember that.

すごーい!!! Wow!!!

あ、みんなで~All together now!

かーもね!ハイッ  Come on! Hi! (Japanese version of Fan Club)

テクテクテクですか? Did you take your time coming here? (Sound of going a long distance at a steady pace)

ピーピャコ ビャッコ ピャー! ピャー! (The sound they make in this game)

えーと um…

きみは。。。だれだっけ? Who are you again?

だれだっけ。 Who was that?

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