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Quick Facts about the Spacies in Melee


Short post today, but I wanted to bring up something that I recently discovered.

First off, Falco might be a peregrine falcon according to Sakurai.

UPDATE: According to Ask Iwata for Star Fox 3DS, Falco is a Green Pheasant (Japanese) (English). Special thanks to TheAnvil on SmashBoards for the correction!

Secondly, Falco and Fox had unique victory quotes for when battling each other in development. You can listen to them on TCRF:

(SFXV_FOX_KINISURU) (“Don’t worry about it, Falco.”)

(SFXV_FALCO_OMAENO) (“Is that all you’ve got?“)

These unique victory quotes were in Melee until the very end of development, until they were cut. According to Sakurai, they would play randomly. They can still be accessed in Sound Test in the Japanese version of the game, but you can not hear them in normal play.

Unique victory quotes would make a comeback in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Smash for 3DS/Wii U.

To see additional stuff that was cut from Smash, please visit the Definitive Character List, or check out the Data Dumps.

In the upcoming days, I’ll be releasing a translation of Sakurai’s lecture at the Game Developers Conference from 2008. XKan from Kantopia will be helping out, so stay tune!