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The Case for Bayonetta’s Chances: The Controversy and How it Can be Solved!

Hello loyal readers, Spazzy_D here.You may be familiar with some of my previous “Case 4” articles for Source Gaming.In those write ups I made cases for such characters as Snake, Bomberman, and even the Prince of Persia.

Today we will be doing things a bit differently. Platinum Game’s Bayonetta has proven to be a very divisive character amongst the Smash fanbase.The following is my good friend BluePikmin11’s case for why Bayonetta should be in Smash Bros .That, however, is only half of the story.Stay tuned for my own personal reasoning behind why Bayonetta should not be in Smash!


*Disclaimer: This is an opinion article.

Enjoy listening to these tracks while reading:

Bayonetta is certainly one of the most heavily debated characters when it comes to Smash Bros. DLC. People are quick to point out her supposed “faults” (‘She’s over sexualized!’, ’She’s not an industry icon!’) while completely glossing over why she makes perfect sense.I say that her positives can potentially outweigh her negatives, so let’s look at the reasons why Bayonetta could join the battle! Every link I post regarding moveset potential and issues regarding her sexualization issues, I highly recommend to read and not ignore.

+She is a highly requested character Bayonetta’s support has skyrocketed ever since the Smash Ballot was announced. This is most notable within the Tumblr, reddit, and Twitter communities.

+Platinum Games supports her inclusion. Like many other third-party companies, (Bayonetta developer) Platinum Games and (Bayonetta creator) Hideki Kamiya Kamiya are currently advocating for her inclusion.Here is an example from Platinum Game’s Twitter:

Apparently Bayo 2 ended with severe head trauma. RT @xnescorex: #BayonettaforSmash #platinumgames

— JP Kellams (@PG_jp) April 6, 2015

Kamiya himself had also said years ago that he would be more than happy to include her if Sakurai wanted to:

“So it’s not something that I could comment on. In fact, you could probably ask Mr. Sakurai! If Mr. Sakurai wanted to put her in the game it probably would happen and I’d be more than happy to!” — Hideki Kamiya

+Platinum Games relationship with Nintendo. Platinum games and Nintendo have had a very close relationship over the years. The studio created the critically loved but commercially unsuccessful Wonderful 101 for Nintendo back in 2013. They are also currently assisting Nintendo with Star Fox Zero. The game studio even had its own article for one of’s Iwata Asks segments. Sakurai himself also has a good relationship with the studio. Look at the following tweets for proof:

Cuz he was cute. RT @LimpSwagger: are you allowed to say why Sakurai was caught in Platinum Games earlier this year?

— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) September 17, 2012

Sakurai gave it to me. 😉 RT @ZeldaPrime If u like starfox and funny games, u should get Kid Icarus Uprising on 3ds!

— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) March 27, 2013

I think it’s safe to assume that these two are pretty close friends. Let’s remember that Snake was put into Brawl mainly due to Kojima’s friendship with Sakurai, so Kamiya could easily approach and ask the same for Bayonetta.

+Nintendo has used Bayonetta for Promotion!

Nintendo funded and helped out with the promotion for Bayonetta 2. They did this most notably by teaming up with Playboy and using her as one of their characters for Women’s History Month. This is especially noteworthy as Bayonetta was one of the only third party characters Nintendo used!

+She comes from a popular and recent third-party franchise that has a new audience to cater to.

The Bayonetta series has sold nearly 3 million copies since its inception, making it a well known franchise to many recent gamers including PS3/Xbox 360 fans (a new audience that Nintendo can try to bring in through her inclusion). The series also spawned an entire line of external media including an anime film, CDs, and books. This existence of this merchandise gives Bayonetta an edge over less popular third party candidates.

+She’s one of Platinum Games’ most well beloved characters!

She sometimes acts as a de-facto mascot for the company, appearing in much of their promotional material and making cameo appearances in other Platinum games such as the Wonderful 101 and Anarchy Reigns.

+Bayonetta has extremely interesting and distinct moveset potential!

This is by far the most beneficial advantage Bayonetta has. With how big the hoops of getting a third party are, they should at least provide unique stand-out characteristics that make them distinct from characters in the current cast. And Bayonetta nails it in the coffin.

I strongly believe that she would be the most distinct addition to Smash since Snake joined the battle back in Brawl. I have personally seen many characters suggested during my two years of time on Smashboards, but Bayonetta is (in my opinion) one of the most unique characters that can possibly be added. There are an abundance of moves provided from her Witch Arts that make her truly stand out. I strongly hope you are convinced of her potential once you read the moveset analyses included below. (Highly recommended)

  • I highly highly recommend to checkout this moveset too. For Bayonetta newcomers reading this, I highly recommend reading it! Animated gifs of the moves are provided.

Arguments Against Bayonetta:

There are a couple of arguments that I see come up repeatedly against Bayonetta’s inclusion. I think these flaws can be potentially overcome as the positives in her favor far outweigh them.

‘Bayonetta is too sexualized in combat and in personality to be in Smash! If Tharja couldn’t get in as a trophy, she has no chance!’

While it is true that Bayonetta can often be a very controversial character with her sexuality, there are solutions to making her work. Read this reddit post by SankkharaDukkha, which completely address these concerns.

Her inclusion would therefore not cross any boundaries not already crossed by Zero Suit Samus or Solid Snake. Bayonetta’s characterization is also a lot more than her sexuality. My good friend Captain Hotcakes from Smashboards said it best:

Bayonetta has demonstrated more than one layer in her character development across both games. She’s noted for being a crass, determined deadpan snarker willing to go great lengths for the people she loves (e.g., going through Inferno to save her best friend’s (Jeanne) soul). Now, you want something archetypical to reflect through her character interactions? Just have her allure be cheeky and flirtatious. Maybe give her a few sharp-tongued stingers as taunts showing her clever wit.

Also important to mention:

Interviewer: If Heihachi was included, I start to imagine that one of his palette swaps would have been him in his fundoshi  (laughs).

SakuraiIf we did that, we’d end getting in trouble with CERO again (laughs).

This confirms that he’s not going to change the rating at all. So really, the only option is to not strip at all. And again this is only one layer of what makes her great; the real question is whether or not the lack of stripping is really a problem. Personally, I don’t think it is. If she got rid of it, there would still be a load of other things that would still make her Bayonetta.

Also important to note within the same translation:

How should I bring out the character’s personality? How should I make them move? Can I devise a consistent, comprehensive style for them? What techniques can I come up with to help them stand out from the other fighters? Moreover, do those techniques fit the character and their original game? And, above all, can I make the character fun to play? If I just slap together a moveset, that character wouldn’t be very enjoyable.

(Emphasis mine)

Stripping is 10% of what makes Bayonetta Bayonetta. He’s going to definitely try his best to keep her intact and find what works.


People use this argument, yet the fact is that there is no specific, “iconic” criteria mentioned by Sakurai. Most people use this interview to argue this point, Sakurai merely says that a 3rd party character must be a “special case,” which is a very vague statement. Even if this were the case, Sakurai has said things against certain types of characters such as “no fighting game characters” pre-Smash 4 which have been proven false in the long run (by Ryu in this case and others like Villager.) If the rules can be broken for these types of characters, this unconfirmed rule can be potentially broken for 3rd parties too.

But the guns! They are the essential part of Bayonetta’s character, no real life guns aloud!

Real life gun

I have to say, when small guns like the above fire at a ridiculous rate and feature a fashionable and colorful design, they actually feel less close to a real life gun than they do to a fantasy weapon. If her weapon was a rifle then I would be concerned, but I believe that they can be implemented in Smash as they are now. If the bullets themselves are a problem, then Sakurai can just make the guns shoot muzzle flashes and make the shots nearly unseeable much like Sheik’s needles.

There are other SEGA characters that should be prioritized before her!

Aside from Sonic, I do not believe that many SEGA IPs have been notably close to Nintendo like Bayonetta. As a result, the only other notable SEGA characters being requested at the moment are other Sonic representatives.While they are pretty iconic characters, the other Sonic characters do not in my opinion have the same moveset potential nor the same potential to draw in a new audience in the way Bayonetta does. Not to mention, that she’s currently been in a bigger spotlight for Nintendo than most of them, also making her stand out.

Kamiya doesn’t want her in!

Even though Kamiya has said multiple times to stop spamming his Twitter, that won’t stop him from including her if Sakurai approached him. He has said years ago he would be more than happy to include her if Sakurai wanted to.

“So it’s not something that I could comment on. In fact, you could probably ask Mr. Sakurai! If Mr. Sakurai wanted to put her in the game it probably would happen and I’d be more than happy to!” — Hideki Kamiya

She doesn’t fit Smash very well!

Probably the least important factor Sakurai has stated. There are very rare cases in which a character can feel out of place visually, but most newcomers fit in just fine. They blend in the game in a different distinct way, like with Snake.

Platinum Games and Nintendo are very close at the moment, and Sakurai likely knows about the character with close relationship he has with Kamiya. The real issue is whether or not Sakurai can approve of a Bayonetta without stripping and overt sexuality. I believe that there are multiple major — and likeable, traits about Bayonetta that can easily make up for the loss of those factors, but is it enough? I certainly believe so.I’m pretty confident that Sakurai knows the character of Bayonetta well enough to implement her while addressing the issues fans bring up while still keep her core personality intact, she has a pretty good shot overall.

  1. Sorry, but this is not well-reasoned really. It basically throws out ‘here are some positives and here are some negatives, the positives all matter because they do and outweigh the negatives because they do’. Her creator wants her in the game? She’s unique? People want her? Great, how does that begin to set her apart from every other character with all of that and none of her big hurdles.

    MontgomeryJunior on June 30 |
    • Please take a look at some of the moveset ideas linked in article. (like this one:

      As with all characters, it’s what new awesome moves they could bring that ultimately makes people want them. Examples include, Witch Time (could be used as counter/slow down time after certain dogdes) or Beast Within’s such as crow, bats, panther, snake ect.

      With Bayonetta, arguably the most iconic moves are her combos and they are plenty. Sakurai just needs to choose which ones to use, such as ‘Afterburner Kick’ and her Wicked Weaves which may be used for Smashes.

      Witch Community on June 30 |
    • Did you click the links that I recommended?

      bluepikmin11 on June 30 |
  2. Yes. And again I ask why she’s a special snowflake out of the hundreds of other characters who have unique move set potential.

    MontgomeryJunior on June 30 |
    • I’ll give you a short summary if you decide not to click the links, she already provides a load of moves from her games (provided that she comes from an action beat em up similar to Ryu, which means Sakurai doesn’t have to make up many moves for her), her Witch Arts (which revolves around using her own hair for combat) and fantasy guns for her main play style something undone with other characters (making her inherently unique), already provides a play style involving witch time (which is a game mechanic that rewards well timed dodging to slow down time), and a unique alluring personality. She is the most inherently unique newcomer I’ve seen anyone support with the most moveset potential that’s already been provided in her games.

      bluepikmin11 on July 1 |
  3. Grats Blue!

    Spazzy_D on December 16 |
  4. Funny how things change over time, I’m surprised they changed the rating for her.

    bluepikmin11 on December 16 |