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Reasons to Subscribe


We have an exciting future for Source Gaming ahead. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on beefing up both the content and translation staff at Source Gaming. At the same time, I’m also encouraging people to subscribe and have pleaded with other blogs and media creators to recognize the amount of effort we have put into our humble site. Today, I’d like to list (only) several reasons why you should subscribe to this blog.

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  1. We aim to give you guys as much information as possible.

The basic philosophy behind Source Gaming is quality over quantity. Theoretically, I could have the other translation staff and myself break apart Sakurai’s Famitsu columns, degrading them to sound bite-like quotes for simple, quick consumption. In fact, this is what used to happen when other major blogs or news sources were translating these articles. We work hard to provide the entire translation. However, the context is lost and misinformation runs rampant. For articles that I have partially translated in the past, the other staff/ or I will eventually get to providing a full translation for our readers.

  1. Multiple people review content before it’s posted.

This increases the quality of our posts when compared to normal blogs. I personally aim to have almost every article that we published to be considered a “feature” on a normal blog.

  1. We have been behind a ton of Smash news over the past year. Here are some highlights:

Stage Selection Order

Wii U Data Dumps

Reported and compiled information on shinyquagsire23’s 3DS findings
Current Famitsu Translations

100 Questions for Sakurai

Older Famitsu Translations

Cases 4 series”, looking at character’s chances.

Cut Content List

Fixed people’s perception of Villager’s Japanese chant

Japanese Thoughts on DLC

Iwata’s role in Smash

Japanese Thoughts on Shovel Knight

Mega Smash Poll

Explored if DLC was Planned from the Start

…and so much more.

I could spend hours collecting a list of all the other blogs that have used our content.

  1. We have over 12 members working on the blog now, each working on a variety of projects. We are also adding more writers.
    We have character analysis, several translations of Sakurai’s Famitsu articles/ interviews, a biography of Sakurai, and interviews all being developed simultaneously. With multiple people working on long-term, quality projects, we can regularly create good, educational content for our readers.
  1. We want to open the communication channels with our fans and encourage dialogue.

The feedback that we have heard so far has been overwhelmingly positive. I would, however, like to bring the fans of this blog closer so that we may continue to deliver content that is not only informational but desired. If there are certain types of articles that you would like to see produced, please contact us through e-mail or Twitter.

That’s it for today. Again, thank you to all of our fans and the people who are regularly using our content. We hope to continue to provide you with reliable information, and continue to be your source for Smash.

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