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Additional Cut/ Dropped Content in Smash for 3DS/Wii U


As many of you are aware, Sakurai has recently released two anthologies of his weekly Famitsu column, Think About the Video Games. All of the translators at Source Gaming are hard at work providing the wealth of new information these, and the other anthologies have to offer. Some of the more recent highlights include additional information about Pac-Man’s design choice, Intelligent Systems’s attitude towards Chrom, and the most recent Famitsu translation.

There’s more such as additional information about The Subspace Emissary in Brawl, how Sakurai broke into the gaming industry, and some other big news that we will be releasing in the near future. So what are you waiting for? Hit subscribe (on the right hand side), sit back, and enjoy the content!

Double fireball...what does it mean?

We have already single-handedly transcribed and translated all of the Smash for 3DS/Wii U development slides. As of right now, we are working on recreating these slides in English in order to provide you with the full experience. However, we would like to give you a sneak peek at some of the information we have uncovered. Please note: some of this may actually just be “dropped content.” How long development lasted before they cut said content—or if they even began development at all—is currently unknown.

  1. Rock Pikmin were planned but ultimately put on hold. It’s unknown if development had begun on these Pikmin, but they likely would have been added had there been more time. Rock Pikmin would have been heavy with short reach but high attack power.
  2. Co-op play was planned for Smash Run, but the 3DS’s processor was unable to display multiple fighters on the same screen, so the mode was dropped.
  3. Co-op power-ups for Smash Run were also scrapped alongside co-op play.
  4. Sakurai initially considered including four versions of each Special. One slide displays Mario launching a double fireball, a feature not present in the retail version.
  5. He also considered adding special rules to 4-on-4 Team Battles, similar to the multiplayer mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Light vs. Dark, but no such features were implemented.
  6. Mii Fighters’ Specials were originally going to be included as in-game rewards (much like other characters’ Custom Specials), but they ended up as default content.

Again, this is only some of the information we’ve been able to dig up for you, so stay tuned for the rest!


EDIT: Here are the slides!

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