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“Everyone Joins the Battle! Anyone Can Join the Fray!” Sakurai Famitsu colum vol. 455– on Mii Fighters


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Think About the Video Games, vol. 455, June 19th, 2014.

Everyone Joins the Battle! Anyone Can Join the Fray!

Several announcements for “Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U” were made at this year’s E3 as well. Among the announcements was that Miis are now playable as “Mii Fighters.” You can make your Mii a Mii Fighter on the 3DS and on Wii U. Mii Fighters have 3 distinct movesets– “Brawler,” “Swordfighter,” and “Gunner.” They are Miis, but I won’t let them be sluggish! If they’re going to be included, they’re going to have the skills to fight on par with the other fighters.

A normal fighter has 4 types of special moves, with 12 customs total. Of those 12, you can pick 4. With 3 types x 12 moves, there are 36 custom specials to choose from. That’s nine characters’ worth for a normal fighter. Making these is really tough! In addition, we’ve prepared numerous hats and outfits. Outfits affect the look of the weapon, and are worn as a set. Each type has its own unique outfits, as well as different outfits for each gender. Hats can be worn regardless of type. In addition, you can adjust the body type of your Mii. Bigger Miis are stronger, and smaller Miis are faster. It took a lot of effort to create these characters, and we tried our best to add as many customization options as possible. From the perspective of having fun “making many different characters,” you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

The inclusion of Miis was considered for the previous game, “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” but after thinking about it for about 1 minute, I dismissed that idea immediately. I didn’t want bullying incidents to occur, and I felt like Miis weren’t suited towards fighting in the first place anyway. And playing against them I felt would be boring because they don’t have any character. It’s a fighting game, so you’re not the only one who uses characters– you have to think about what it’s like to play against those characters as well. However, since Brawl was released, Miis have become more strongly associated as a personal icon because of Miiverse and other features. They are a character that you will always see if you turn on your Wii U, and will see with high likelihood if you use your 3DS, so you could say they are famous for Nintendo characters.

However the biggest reason for the inclusion of Miis was because “anyone can join.” I know that having even a single character be playable in Smash is very important to those fans. I get requests from fans all over the world. With no regard for things like production costs, copyright, and even requests for characters that aren’t in games. Even if it is impossible, that these fans want those characters to be playable in Smash is a real desire.

aren’t in games: Requests for characters from Attack on Titan or Dragonball, for example. The younger the fans are, the more unrealistic the requests get.

If so, then you should make them yourself! I’ve set the stage for you to do so, so please, do as you would like. The outfit isn’t as freely customizable, but you should try to make Miis that looks like your favorite characters. If you use them, you can’t complain.

Being able to play as your favorite characters, like Mario, Link, or Kirby, is something I think is really groundbreaking. Depending on the person, traditional “Smash Bros.” and the new “Smash Bros.” may have completely different meanings. However, I made it so that when playing with strangers online, you cannot use Mii Fighters. It could turn into a copyright mess, and playing against a Mii that’s made to look like someone you don’t know probably wouldn’t be very fun.

It’s an element of the game that I put quite a lot of effort into. The Mii Fighters, where everyone and anyone can join the battle! I hope you enjoy them.


Caption: Streamed during E3 2014, an official “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U” tournament. In addition to the matches played out by the 16 elite pre-selected competitors, I was able to enjoy several exhibition games with the Famitsu editors.

Looking Back

Interviewer: The Mii Fighters are really fun. This is a personal anecdote, but on the 3DS version I played almost exclusively with Mii fighters.

Sakurai: With your own face (laughs).

Interviewer: That’s right (laughs). It was particularly useful in Smash Run. I personally like meteors, so I use Brawler.

Sakurai: Playing Mii fighters with friends is great.

Interviewer: I saw a video on the Internet of Miis that were made to look like politicians fighting each other. People who are good at making Miis like that can probably have even more fun. However, I never thought that Miis would be playable characters.

Sakurai: There were some opinions like “punching and kicking specific people might not be great,” but I think we reached a good compromise, a common ground.

Interview: For that reason, I did agree with not being able to use them online.

Sakurai: You can use them online among friends. How fun it’ll be to play against them is something I take into consideration for all characters.

Interviewer: But, in addition to the various outfits, why did you make three different types of Mii fighters?

Sakurai: If you play as them, I think you’ll understand the answer. If there weren’t 3 types, they would have been fairly shallow characters. Well, I gave it my all!

Interviewer: Thank you for your efforts!

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      PushDustIn on July 8 |