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Character Design 101



We are working very hard on new articles and translations for you guys. In the meantime, I wanted to encourage current readers to catch up on some of the older posts and make it easier for new readers of Source Gaming to find the information we have posted. This reading list will help you become more informed on how Sakurai makes his character choices and designs. I’ve placed this in order of my own personal recommendation. So without further ado, here it is!


Sakurai On Articles:

Sakurai on Third Party Characters

Sakurai on Character Choices


GDC Slide Translation
This 2008 talk discusses the character selection, and design process for Brawl. It gives a lot of information on character design, so I’m really excited to bring this translation directly to you.

Smash 4 Project Slides
This translation contains the proposals for three characters: Robin, Rosalina and Duck Hunt. It gives some idea on how character selection is made. Very useful.

Abilities Unlike Any Other
This translation details why Robin was chosen over Chrom. My #2 recommendation as it gives information why some characters are not chosen.

Are the Characters Dancing?
Sakurai discusses the need to imagine characters before committing to them. Great read!

My First Conception is My Landmark
How Sakurai goes from choice to design.

Everyone Joins the Battle! Anyone can Join the Fray!
Information about how Mii Fighters were designed in Smash for 3DS/ Wii U.

Solid Snake Joins the Brawl
Great information about third party characters, and some design restrictions.

Melee Character Portal
All of the character introductions in Melee.

The Little Pepper is Very Hot!
Sakurai discusses Little Mac.

Nomura x Sakurai [Part One] [Part Two] Sakurai discusses working on Cloud in Smash.

Other Source Gaming Articles:

Definitive Unused Fighter List
The best source for unused content in Smash on the web. Everything is 100% sourced, and I update it from time to time.

Chrom Almost Had His Day
My research in Chrom’s planned role in Smash for 3DS/ Wii U.

How Does Sakurai Pick the Roster?
My interpretation on how Sakurai decides the roster. However, this is severely outdated, and I will need to refresh it with new information.

External Sites:

Sakurai is Aiming to Make Super Smash Bros. the Best Character Game in the World
Interview by GamesTM. Here Sakurai lays out his basic philosophies for character selection.

7 Questions with the Creator of Smash Bros.
Interview by Mashable. Brief, but to the point.

An In-Depth Chat with the Genius Behind Super Smash Bros.
Interview by Kotaku. A lot of the same points that have come up in other articles, but it’s always good to have another source.

Little Mac Famitsu Column

Picture of the Day Famitsu Column

Smash for 3DS Debugging Famitsu Column

Let me know on the comments, or on Twitter if I missed anything!

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