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Sakurai’s GDC 2008 Presentation Slides

UPDATE: One of the sentences does not read 100% correctly. The change is below in red. I’ve included the original Japanese for this section at the end of the article*. Sorry for the mistake.

Standard for Selecting Characters:
・The character must display personality in their game
・It’s important to have something only that character can do.
・Potential development issues, and game balance is also taken into some consideration
・ Distribution among the franchises is also taken into consideration

The following images are a translation of Sakurai’s presentation at GDC 2008 about choosing, creating and developing characters for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Translations were completed by PushDustIn.  They detail the formation of the redesign of Pit, creating moves and setting the frames, details about Sonic and Snake, graphics, and more! See the details below.

GDC Scan 01

GDC Scan 02

GDC Scan 03

GDC Scan 04


Here’s the audio of the talk (Thanks TwistedN!):


For more character design information check out our other translations. We’ve compiled them here!

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