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July 31st Smash Update Translations



Translation: On the morning of Friday, July 31st, we will be releasing an update for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. In addition to Tourney Mode (Wii U) and Replay Uploading, we will also distribute new premium DLC (Mii Fighter costumes, Stages).

Translation: In Tourney Mode, players compete to win points over a set period of time. Players can create their own tourneys and adjust the rules as they like. We will also be holding tournaments for players to compete for the top spot. Tourney Mode will be available for free.

New Costume – Smash Hoodie
Translation: A snazzy zip-up featuring the Smash logo. Also note the flame accent on the sleeve! Comes paired with cool gray pants. Available for all Mii Fighters on 7/31!


New Stages – Peach’s Castle 64 / Hyrule Castle 64
Translation: The two stages are throwbacks to the original Super Smash Bros., Peach’s Castle 64 and Hyrule Castle 64. Both stages will be available for 250 yen each on one console, and 350 yen for both Wii U/3DS.

New Costume (Swordfighter) – Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Translation: A faithful recreation right down to the Brand of the Exalt on his arm. Unsheathe your Falchion and show Marth who the real Hero King is! Available 7/31.

New Costume (Brawler) – King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
Translation: A vivid recreation, from the bulging eyeball to the glimmering crown. Put this on, and you’ll feel like King of the Kremlings! Available 7/31.

Translation: But that’s not all! We will be distributing more Mii Fighter costumes in addition to the ones we have shown today. Check back here tomorrow for more info!


Uploading Replays
Translation: In the 7/31 update, you will be able to upload footage of your battles to YouTube and Miiverse!
*Players must set up a Google account and YouTube Channel in order to upload replays.

New Costume (Gunner): Bear Suit
Translation: Introducing a full-body bear suit! A curious little cub poked its paw into the honey pot…and it got stuck! Luckily, that jar makes for a great gun, too! Available 7/31.

New Costume (Brawler): Flying Man (MOTHER)
Translation: This little birdie has flown straight out of the MOTHER series and right into Smash! The bold contrast between red and yellow is sure to draw everyone’s eyes. No need for a tombstone because you’ll be the one dishing out KOs! Available 7/31.

New Costume (Swordfighter): Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
Translation: This swordsman’s stylish hairdo really stands out. The adventure begins when you don this costume! Available 7/31.

Translation: And that’s all for today—but there are still more Mii Fighter costumes to come! Stay tuned for the update tomorrow morning!

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