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Celebrating 100+ Posts!


PushDustIn here.


My first post on Source Gaming was written a year ago, and over the course of it’s existence Source Gaming has grown rapidly. We here at SG, are almost at 1,000,000 total views, and we have our own domain name! I sincerely believe that the quality of Source Gaming has vastly improved over the course of the year mainly due to the hard work of all of our writers and translators. Without their efforts, the site would not be half as good as it is today. It is because of this that I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has been involved with the day-to-day operations of running Source Gaming. It’s a lot of effort, but I hope it’s worth it for our fans!

I myself have learned quite a bit about content creation, promotion, research, and organization over the course of this year. I feel that comparing my first post with Why Does Wario Fart?  article best shows this progress. The Why Does Wario Fart? articles were actually done in celebration for surpassing 100 posts. I hope to continually challenge myself with new projects over the course of this next year.

The original header.

The original header.

To celebrate the sites one year anniversary, I figured I would post a little retrospective and include links to some of my “must-read” articles. There are many more posts — over 160 posts if you include everything on the site, and I sincerely believe they are all important. However, for the sake of celebration and retrospection, I’ve limited the number of articles to five. The articles are organized  by importance, count-down style.

Honorable mention: Chrom Almost Had His Day

5. Sakurai Didn’t Say That!  – An article that looks at Sakurai quotes that are either taken out of context or mistranslated. I really felt like an amateur journalist when I wrote this article as I had to do a lot of research and source tracking. It’s also my first major post that includes links to topics within the post, a format that I would continue to use in many of my future posts.

Source Gaming has been featured on numerous blogs and media outlets! Thank you! Clicking this picture will bring you to the full article.

Source Gaming has been featured on numerous blogs and media outlets! Thank you! Clicking this picture will bring you to the full article.

4. Act of Balancing, Sakurai Famitsu Column 480. I have very fond memories of translating this passage. I worked with a lot of different people in order to ensure that the translation was as accurate as possible in regards to the original Japanese meaning. This is when I first felt that the translation system we created for Source Gaming is and was going to continue to be incredibly effective. Even though it was an extremely sensitive topic, we handled the translation in a professional manner.  

3. Did you Know…Misinformation? This article looks at incorrect information featured in the Did You Know Gaming series. The format of the post was directly inspired the Super Smash Facts! format, as we didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Having the transcription with sources allows users to check the facts on their own terms. I feel that this post captures the purpose of Source Gaming perfectly. 2015-08-16 20-33-48

2. Super Smash Facts! Smash 4 Development – Source Gaming’s first video collaboration with popular YouTuber, Relax Alax. A lot of the content we created in the two months prior to the video was made in anticipation of the video’s release. It was a tremendous undertaking by the whole Source Gaming team, and I’m extremely proud with how it turned out. We have a few more collaborations planned with Relax Alax, so please be on the look out for additional information on this in the near future.

1. Definitive Unused Fighter List – This is basically what started Source Gaming on its’ current trend. The reason I started this research was because I wanted to find the original source for “Wolf being planned for Melee” so I could translate the full article. To my surprise, I found out there was no source, and that information on the Japanese Smash community contained very different information from what was circulating in the English Smash community. I decided to collect and properly source everything so that we could always find the original context in which the information was presented in. I have continually kept this updated, and it currently serves as one of the best resources on the net.

A map of where our readers are from. This includes July and August only.

A map of where our readers are from. This includes July and August only.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we potentially host an AMA on reddit (/r/smashbros), August 16th, around 8 PM (EST). We’ve included a small time-table for our fans, and authors worldwide. We are still waiting to hear back from the moderators or /r/smashbros, so things may change. Multiple authors are planning on joining, not just me!

Eastern Time: August 16th 6PM

GMT Time: August 16th 10:00 PM

Japan Time: August 17th: 7:00 AM

We honestly hope that you, our readers, are enjoying the content that we are working so hard to deliver.  What features do you like on the site?  What topics do we touch on too much?  What do we not cover enough of?  Please let us know how we are doing in the comments below.


PushDustIn enjoys discussing the Smash community…a little too much. Follow him on Twitter in arrange to set up an intervention. Bring chips. You can also “like” the official Source Gaming Facebook page.

  1. The Definitive Unused Fighter List is the reason I first came here (I was making as many unused fighters as I could as Mii Fighters in Smash 4.) I ended up opening related articles in new tabs and soon became hooked.

    As someone who’s interested in beta elements that were planned / programmed but didn’t make it in, those are definitely my favorite articles. Sometimes knowing about beta elements can fill in the gaps about content in games (like knowing that Dinosaur Planet was its own thing before becoming Star Fox Adventures.)

    I also enjoy the DLC speculation and Sakurai translations: it helps give me an idea of what kind of characters we can expect in the future (or not, in the case of oddball characters.)

    Thanks for all the great articles, Source team! Keep it up!

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on August 16 |
  2. I came here first, I think, for the “Perception of DLC in Japan” article; I was interested in trying to get more extensive information that people just hyping their favorite characters for the ballot. And what I ended up getting over the next few months was a wonderful, extensive work on trying to get better and more information for the community, interesting translations that clarified a huge amount of theories and claims, and a committed interest in reconciling natural fan desires with more serious logistical issues.

    Well, here’s to a hundred more articles. And all the fan theories, articles and philosophizing from Sakurai, and informed speculation with them.

    Wolfman Jew on August 16 |