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Source Gaming strives to be the best when it comes to the content it delivers. However, we can’t focus on everything. While we are focused on the Super Smash Brothers series, we are expanding our scope in the near future. Despite this, I think everyone that contributes and reads Source Gaming are “super-fans” of Smash Brothers. There are actually a number of other people doing similar work as Source Gaming, but in other areas. I’d like to highlight some of them today. The list is ordered by alphabetical order.

Special thanks to Nirbion for not only making Source Gaming headers, but for creating the following tags. Go follow him on Twitter!

2015-09-24 (3) – Blogs or news sources.

2015-09-24 (4) – Someone notable. Usually they provide information.

2015-09-24 (1) – Collection of information.

2015-09-24 (2) – Notable YouTube channels.

DokiDokiKusoge – If you are interested in import games reviews, Japanese film or anime…or just about anything Japanese then you better check out DokiDokiKusoge. Fun fact:Elliot Gay and PushDustIn stayed in the same suite (but consecutive years). Elliot is very much my ‘senpai’ in both college and when it comes to writing.
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

GameXplain – Very popular and well known, and for good reasons. The GameXplain team works very hard on their content, and their dedication has really paid off. Their channel has seen tremendous growth over the last year, and looks like it’ll only get better. They covered a lot of Smash news in the past!
2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)

gameonion – Partly response for the fake Dr. Mario stage render, gameonion is just starting a YouTube channel. Keep an eye on it as it continues to grow!
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (2)

GlitterBerri – I’ll be completely honest. I have a huge nerd crush on GlitterBerri. She’s done major work on the Zelda franchise as a whole. In addition to helping out with the official translation of the Hyrule Historia, she has done considerable data-mining on all of the games. GlitterBerri helps out with TCRF Wiki as an administrator, and has contributed to the Wiki in a lot of ways. She’s also done some fan-translations (including 1101’s Majora’s Mask interview). If you are a Zelda fan, you probably are aware of her work in some way.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

Kantopia – Kantopia is run and maintained by my friend, XKan. XKan started Kantopia to post daily translations in part to beef up his resume. Since he started, he’s kept that promise and has posted on a daily basis. XKan primarily focuses on the Fire Emblem series. He’s done a great deal of translations for the fandom, and has certainly taught me a lot about the series. Kantopia is part of the reason I even started Source Gaming (GameXplain and Legends of Localization were also huge influences), so I’d strongly encourage everyone to support them.
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

Liam Robertson (Tamaki) – Liam Robertson is a research for Unseen 64, and is behind a lot of rumors and leaks. Source Gaming has recently interviewed him, which you should check out here. Liam Robertson regularly posts updates on his Twitter, which you should also follow/check out.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)

Japanese 3DS– Ever wondered where news sites are getting their Famitsu scans? More than likely they are getting them from Bri Bri. Great resource for those who can read Japanese, or if you are just interested in seeing scans first. Bri Bri also posts news updates, so if the scans don’t interest you, go check out his news coverage!
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

Legends of Localization – Run by Clyde “Mato” Mandelin, “Mato” brings a lot of interesting insight in the localization process for video games by comparing translations. Being a professional translator himself, Mato also brings his own experience to his posts. “Mato” is probably best known for his work on the Mother 3 fan translation. Just recently he announced that he was creating his first book, which will be focused on the Legend of Zelda. Considering his coverage he’s already done for the first Legend of Zelda, I’m eagerly anticipating his book on the iconic game.
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

Minus World – A great blog covering various aspects of Nintendo. They’ve put together some great features in the past, and I hope they become more popular. Very recently they’ve covered other games by HAL, and why Zelda should be on the NX. If you enjoy Source Gaming, I’m sure you’d love Minus World. You can also follow Oliver Jameson on Twitter.
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)

Mortal Kombat Warehouse – Possibly the best Mortal Kombat resource, ever. The website houses information on every aspect of the MK series. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I really like how they organize the information, and is something I’m considering making for Source Gaming’s information on Smash.
2015-09-24 (1)

Nerd Underground – Nerd Underground is a general nerd resource. It covers a lot of topics. Cart Boy covers Nintendo games, and does a great job putting his articles together. He’s also used Source Gaming as a source before, which automatically gives him a gold star!
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)

Nikki– Nikki primarily deals with Splatoon information, but she has done some considerable data mining. She’s someone to keep an eye on as her craft will only continue to improve.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

RandomTalkingBush– A driving force behind both data mining, and making resources available. He’s been behind a lot of the dumps from Smash, and is extremely knowledgeable about graphics, models, and more. He even built the scripting tool to convert Smash textures to a viewable format.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

RelaxAlax – RelaxAlax and Source Gaming have regularly teamed up for “Super Smash Facts”. Dedicated to providing information about the Super Smash Brothers series, RelaxAlax is very passionate about the game and the community. He has a lot of great videos on Smash, so go watch them!
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (2) – Just like STARMAN.NET is THE resource for Earthbound/Mother, Serebii is my go to resource for Pokemon news and information. Run by Joe Merrick, Serebii is always up to date on the newest Pokemon information.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

SmashBoards – SmashBoards is a website where a lot of the writers on Source Gaming met. Most of us met in the former “leaks thread”, now NintenZone. Come join us if you are fans of Source Gaming!
2015-09-24 (1)

Smashified – Smashified is a project started by Artsy Omni, famous for his Rayman render. It’s a great community oriented project that brings together artists and musicians to create renders based on the Smash for Wii U/ 3DS art style. You can check out their YouTube channel too.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)

ShinyQuaqsire – The dataminer that found Ryu, Roy and Lucas, ‘extra Mario slots’ and more. He’s done some work on hacks for the 3DS. Keep an eye on him as he might surprise us again.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)

SSB4Dojo – This was THE place to find rumors and speculation. Still updated by good friend, Brendon Wilson, Wilson answers a lot of questions about DLC speculation and rumors. Source Gaming held an interview with Brendon Wilson which you can check out here.
2015-09-24 (3)2015-09-24 (4)

STARMAN.NET – Possibly THE resource for everything Earthbound/Mother related. STARMAN’s users are very well known for being extremely passionate fans. They’ve worked very hard on lobbying Nintendo to get the other Mother games released in America.
2015-09-24 (1)

TCRF Wiki – The Cutting Room Floor is THE resource for content that is left within the game. While anyone can edit it, there isn’t a lot of misinformation on the Wiki (as far as I know). I’ve also edited their Smash Brothers articles, and in particular contributed to their Smash for Wii U and 3DS coverage. I love taking a Wiki walk and reading over their articles. Lots of great insight!
2015-09-24 (1)

Unseen 64 – This is THE site for beta and information about unused games. I’ve read this site for a long time, and their research and insights into what COULD’VE been is always eye-opening. This is one of my favorite sites of all times, as the history of games has always fascinated me. They are also working on putting a book together, which Source Gaming might be contributing to.
2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)

YuriofWind – Behind the popular ‘Gaming Mysteries’, YuriofWind does a lot of research behind cancelled and the beta of popular video games. His YouTube channel is something I’d recommend to everyone.
2015-09-24 (4)2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)

VG Resource – VG Resource has a lot of sprites, graphics, sounds and models from various video games. They really live up to their name and there’s a lot of interesting content on the website. Check it out!
2015-09-24 (1)

Valve News Network – Valve News Network is a YouTube channel focused on Valve. They’ve done some incredible research in all of their games, and are always up to date on speculation and information. The video quality is extremely well done, and I’m regularly impressed with their editing. I regularly watch these channel. Tyler also runs the Nintendo News Network, which covers various aspects about Nintendo. The Nintendo News Network isn’t as developed as the Valve News Network, but it’s definitely a channel to keep an eye on in the future.
2015-09-24 (1)2015-09-24 (2)


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  1. Quick question

    The Smashified team is not on the list?

    Kinan on September 25 |
  2. I knew I would forget someone! I updated the list. Didn’t mean to leave them out. Thanks for letting me know!

    PushDustIn on September 25 |
  3. I really appreciate the shout out there : ) I recommend people to check out this site a lot, too, as you all do a wonderful job with your translations and research. There’s a lot of fun to be had digging in and finding out all sorts of obscure information that never makes it westward, huh?

    xkan on September 26 |