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Smash 4 Development Timeline

Hello all, Dave here with another image post for you.

This is an image version of PushDustIn‘s post about the Smash for Development History, modeled after the appearance of the official website for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.  Watch out for the 2012 section! The timeline reads from top to bottom, but due to the nature of that section, 2012 also reads from left to right.  I recommend opening the full image to read it. Hope you enjoy!

Smash 4 Development Timeline

  1. Glad to finally see this finished! Great job Dave!

    Spazzy_D on October 3 |
  2. I just love how you captured the look of the Smash-Homepage. Very well done!

    Nirbion on October 4 |