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SourceCast #1

Welcome to the first episode of SourceCast. SourceCast is a podcast-like event where the Source Gaming team comes together to discuss Smash news, rumors and information! This episode was recorded in the morning of October 4th, 2015 (Eastern Time).

We are joined by special guest, Relax Alax (YouTube Channel) while we discuss all the news and answer questions from our friends and fans. For additional and new information on the topics we talked about, please check the links below. Special thanks to Nantendo for handling the video and sound editing.

September 30th DLC Information   by Nantendo
September 30th DLC Review  by Source Gaming Team
Additional Slots found by ShinyQuaqsire   by Wolfman_J
What we Know about Shovel Knight in Smash  by PushDustIn
Sakurai on Third Party Characters   by PushDustIn
Dream Smashers — Inklings    by Nantendo
Case for Simon Belmont     by Spazzy_D
The End of Pre-Ballot Content   by SmashChu
Super Smash Facts! Cut Characters in 64 and Melee – by Relax Alax and PushDustIn
We would greatly appreciate suggestions and comments! This is our first ever podcast, and we would like to improve. Thank you for your support!

You can support Source Gaming by using the following image as your background (Click for full size). Thanks to Nirbion for all his hard work!

2015-10-05 (3)


  1. Interesting reactions on Shovel Knight.

    razorbeamz on October 5 |
  2. The comment about voting for Takamaru just to show people overseas know him is why I voted for Ayumi Tachibana.

    Butt on October 5 |
    • My man! I can get behind this decision.

      Nantendo on October 6 |
    • Takamaru and Ayumi are actually two of my most wanted. Glad to hear I’m not alone in that. \(^_^)/

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 6 |
  3. Enjoyable first podcast. Hope you do more!

    Organ Seller on October 5 |
  4. Sora we need him for smash please we need please mrSakurai ??

    Yaqub on November 2 |