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Source Gaming Polling Results

2015-10-08 (1)

Source Gaming is proud to announce the results of the Individual Character Polling. The poll was organized by BluePikmin11, and conducted by Source Gaming. You may view the full information about the polls here. The results were compiled by Logo12 and PushDustIn.

The results are posted after the jump….

[gdoc key=””]

The files for the poll may be accessed on Google Drive. Please click file -> Download As to copy the data to your drive, or computer.

You may use the data however you may wish. However, we do ask that you either link directly to this post, or to the readme in the drive. This is to ensure that people are aware of where the data has come from, and may check for accuracy.

I’d suggest using this information to compare rivalries between the fanbases (I already posted the preview version of King K. Rool and Dixie), investigate to see if users voted five for a few characters, and one or two for the rest, and to see if voting patterns can be observed (maybe some characters have a sudden surge of popularity?). Please let us know how you are using the data via a comment to this post. I’m very interested to see the reactions to the data!

Please note, I haven’t personally compiled the Ultimate Smash Ballot data yet. I’ve been really busy with other things. Huge thanks to Logo12 for assisting with the data preparation.

*There are some characters that have 2 less votes in the first poll. Comparing the “check” and the “vote number” should show which ones.

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  1. I can’t argue with that top 5. 🙂 Not ALL of my top choices are in there, but I’d be happy to see any of those in Smash.

    The bottom still baffles me, though… Non-Video Game Character ranked 405 / 438? Really? And Goku ranked at 314? Plum and Stanley ranked lower, but I’d much rather have them. 😛

    Very interesting results… thanks for all your hard work, SG team!

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 8 |
    • BTW, PushDustIn (and anybody else that wants to know), the characters from Poll 1 that got two less votes than everyone else are:

      Adam Malkovich
      Baby Bros.
      Dixie + Kiddy
      Lolo & Lala
      Mirror B.
      Mr. Sandman
      New Pokemon Trainer

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 8 |
      • One more thing, you got a Part 3 total on a Part 4:

        433 Part 4 147 Adam Hunter 1.513449367 6 18 231 109 900 _1264_ _1339_

        Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 8 |
      • As far as I can see with the data I get, here’s the character added slightly late to poll (naming slightly changed)

        (Poll 1)

        Adam Malkovich
        Baby Bros
        Mr. Sandman
        Wart Miror B.
        New Pokemon Trainer
        Lolo & Lala
        Dixie+Kiddy duo

        (Poll 4)

        And in case of any deleted entries, they are all duplicates.

        For Adam Hunter, I have no idea. :L One thing can be noted is that it is the first entry of the 4th part, so maybe the mistake comes there.

        Logo on October 9 |
  2. I still don’t know how good of an idea it was to base the rankings on average vote rating. With something like this, you’re going to get a bunch of deliberate 1 votes toward characters who have loud detractors or who are seen as a threat by vocal fans of other characters. In a way, setting it up like this is more a way to gauge which characters have the largest or loudest bandwagons or the smallest anti-bandwagons, to see which ones the fanbase thinks you’re “supposed” to like.

    I guess we’ll have to see how accurate this ends up being toward which characters actually make it. I doubt any of us will end up being on the mark, heh.

    Delzethin on October 8 |
    • If the poll results WEREN’T by averages, the results wouldn’t be as accurate. If you look at the total number of votes in the polls, Part 1 has the most and it decreases as the parts go on. Part 1 had 1,849 total votes, while Part 5 had 673. Even if somebody in Part 5 had all 5’s, they wouldn’t beat out K. Rool, Wolf, Ice Climbers, or Inkling.

      Voter bias will skew ANY results, no matter how you present the data.

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on October 8 |
      • You have a point. It seems like any method one uses to try and figure this stuff out brings its own problems with it. Basing it on number of high votes screws over characters that saw fewer total votes, but basing it on average rating skews results toward characters the biggest bandwagons and least vocal detractors…and since the Smash Ballot doesn’t let you vote _against_ someone, it’s arguably less realistic…

        Delzethin on October 8 |
        • The point of this poll wasn’t to accurately predict the Smash ballot, though, it was to see which characters the Smash community would be most happy to see make it in. “Hate bases” absolutely need to be considered in that scenario.

          Spazzy_D on October 8 |
          • You know…I just put that together a couple hours ago, to be honest. This was never meant to be a poll about perceived Ballot odds, just one to see the community’s overall stances on characters.

            Maybe a lot of the flak it’s been getting is from people who haven’t realized that themselves? There’s a lot of fear surrounding these kinds of things, I’ve noticed…

            Delzethin on October 9 |
  3. Now to combine the poll with Etika’s

    Zerks on October 8 |
  4. Heh, makes me wish Sakurai included a way to gauge disinterest on the ballot. If the characters with more 5s than 1s were the only ones considered, I would be totally satisfied (I’d miss Paper Mario, but oh well).

    And lol at nobody voting 2 on anything. May as well have just made It a 3-point scale.

    Igiulaw on October 8 |
  5. I just found something interesting and kind of funny. Has anyone sorted the ranks by number of 3 votes? The five with the most netural votes are all Xenoblade characters!

    Delzethin on October 8 |
  6. Now this is quite interesting than I thought…I thought K.Rool would be winning since the previous article, but Wolf actually won the poll over him. Plus another most popular Shovel Knight and Shantae didn’t make it in the top 10, but at least my voted characters were lasted in the top 50, so not bad.

    However, this will be more different from Smash Ballot. As we already know Smash Ballot is NOT a voting poll but a suggestion box, we should know and understand the most voted and popular character shouldn’t be the only character to be chosen for Smash. Its all up to Sakurai to choose who he thinks is best to join the Smash, and how many would he choose. Since we now have 54 characters, I guess 6 more characters would be perfect enough for the perfect roster, but maybe 3 according to the leaked info.

    And speaking of leaks, I’ve heard a rumor that said Nintendo will be announcing the chosen ballot characters in the next 2 weeks, and said Nintendo have showed the ballot character video through Youtube but privately. I rather say the video part is fake due to no evidence, but do you think we’ll have something in the next 2 weeks as this rumor may be true, or rather to be fake as it is?

    zoniken on October 9 |
  7. I doubt that we’ll see a ballot winner within 2 weeks getting a crazy full-blown trailer. Those kinds of things tend to take more time than that. If we are going to see something in 2 weeks, it’s something that’s been planned for a while.

    I get the feeling we won’t know the ballot “winners” until months down the line, when they’re close to being available for play.

    spd12 on October 9 |
  8. >Ice climbers in 3rd
    ……….For the last goddamn time people, Sakurai stated on NUMEROUS occasions why that isn’t happening.

    Voigel on October 9 |
    • Calm down bro, this is just a fan poll, and has nothing to do with Smash Ballot.

      zoniken on October 9 |
  9. Also it does me good to see Lloyd in the top 50. BRING ON THE ICED HOT COFFEE

    Voigel on October 9 |
  10. looking at the top 3 and my favorite 2 being in the top 3
    I’d guess wolf and inkling released together and ice climbers get released later due to more time needed

    mrHowlll on October 12 |
  11. Something seems to have gone wrong; the poll results are no longer displaying inline.

    sniffnoy on November 29 |