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SourceCast #3

endless speculation

Welcome to the third episode of SourceCast. SourceCast is a podcast-like event where the Source Gaming team comes together to discuss Smash news, rumors and information! This episode was recorded November 1st, 2015.

We are joined by special guest, NeoZero (SmashBoards), while we discuss our current topic, “Endless Speculation”.

For additional and new information on the topics we talked about, please check the links below. Special thanks to gameonion and Arcaira for handling the video and sound editing. As always, a big thanks to Nirbion who creates the wonderful art.

Direct links to topics within the podcast:

Smash Speculation before DLC
DLC Development
Is the Ballot more Suggestion or Popularity?
Onslaught of Rumors
Questions from Fans

Articles Mentioned:

Smash 4 Development Timeline by djmurr
Sakurai on Melee: Pushing the Limits by sourcegamingsoma
Sakurai Answers Some (Old) Questions about Brawl translated by sourcegamingsoma
The Creators Hands are Alive and Well translated by SG Team
The More I Reveal the More Tight Lipped I am translated by PushDustIn
Smash Ballot: More Suggestion than Popularity by SmashChu 
If There Were a Smash 2 Poll translated by PushDustIn
Chrom Almost Had his Day by PushDustIn
Rumor Betting by SG Team
Approach to Handling Rumors and Leaks by PushDustIn
Gematsu Leak: A Retrospective by Spazzy_D

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The next podcast will cover the recently announced Nintendo Direct. We will be joined by Ash Paulsen from GameXplain. The recording will happen this Sunday, and released approximately a week later. Please send us questions at any time using the #SCQA hashtag on Twitter, or by leaving a comment below.

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Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

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Source Gaming Team
  1. I agree about Leaks boosting popularity- I ran a Rhythm Girl thread on SmashBoards, but prior to the leak seeming believable people just scoffed at the idea of a Rhythm Heaven character, but after the leak became popular people scoffed because they weren’t chorus men.

    DonkaFjord on November 10 |
    • Agreed – I’ve suspected that Gematsu may have inadvertently made the Chorus Kids not only significantly more popular in the west than they would have been otherwise, but possibly even more popular (at least with the hardcore fans) than they were/are in Japan. Chrom, at the very least, only seemed to get really huge after he got disconfirmed; maybe fans get incensed when they don’t get what they were expecting?

      Wolfman_J on November 11 |
  2. The nostalgia of the text leaks…I remember those leaks when I was watching through ssb4dojo and some parts at Smashboards. Gematsu was something I wasn’t focused on, but the only rumor that I got hooked on was the stage roster leak that came along with the Tower of Smash rumor. Some stages were correct although there were few name errors, but ended up being debunked because of some stages were proven wrong afterwards. Although I felt regretful as I got hooked on some stuff that wasn’t true in the beginning, but as I thought back and relate this to the Gematsu leak, I thought it really made sense. Just like how the Gematsu leak might have been a prototype of the plannings, maybe this leak was similar to that too, although it wasn’t specifically explained briefly which might have possibly been kept secret. I don’t know, but this leak really made a lot of sense to me, and I don’t know why nobody mentioned this in the podcast.

    Well, now Nintendo has FINALLY announced that the new Direct will be released this Thursday, I can’t wait what they’ll bring up! I hope it’ll be the Smash DLC update, but don’t know whether that character be the ballot or non-ballot character. I think it’ll still be the non-ballot since the 2 empty slots that was found after the Lucas/Roy/Ryu DLC update might be a non-ballot related, while the newly added slot might represent the ballot character, as there may be possibilities to add in more. I’m still hoping for a Sega and Bandai Namco’s second character, which I’m predicting Sega would bring Arle or NiGHTS, and Namco would bring Dig Dug or Heihachi or Mametchi in Smash. I have a theoretical reasons for that, but I’ll explain it later…

    zoniken on November 11 |
    • Remember that Sakurai likes to stay true to characters, and that the only fighting game ‘Dig Dug’ can stay true to his character is Mortal Kombat. :v

      Ar on November 11 |
    • Sakurai retweeted about the Direct this morning, so it’s likely he’ll present something (thanks Nantendo for bringing it up on my feed):

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 12 |
  3. Great PodCast as usual, everyone!

    I thought the Smash Run comments were interesting. I agree that multiple maps based on different Nintendo IPs would’ve been incredible. However, being able to choose the event at the end doesn’t seem like a good idea to me… part of the fun of Smash Run is not knowing what you’re going to get. It’s pretty much just meant to be a crazy “beat up everything and grab as many power-ups as you can!!” kind of mode. Having CPUs with random equipment further increases the randomness… with either myself being fast or Sonic being slow (or just having stupid AI), I DID manage to beat him in foot races while NOT playing as Sonic. ^_~

    I’m hoping the next Smash game will improve Smash Run outright (as opposed to what happened to Stage Builder. >_<) Honestly, I think it's way better than Adventure Mode.

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 12 |