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Cloud Joins the Battle

Cloud alt

Cloud Strife has been confirmed for Smash DLC in the Nintendo Direct today.

He uses his Advent Children costume as an alt.

A Chocobo costume was shown.

Stage Details: Midgar,

Stage Hazards: Ramuh, Ifrit, Leviathan, Odin, Bahamut ZERO.

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  1. Well, he follows the trend of third-party characters being the absolute most iconic of gaming icons. I don’t like the idea of Cloud being chosen over, say, Isaac, but it’s not about me, or about a vocal segment of the community; it’s about exciting the most people.

    I hope people don’t take this to mean all the standards Sakurai uses to pick characters are totally out the window. “This character is unexpected therefore any ‘unexpected’ character is possible” is not a valid argument.

    Igiulaw on November 12 |
    • Thank you! I have the same feeling. Sure, an icon of the industry like Cloud can get into Smash, but Goku? No, no.

      the101 on November 12 |
    • Concerning “exciting the most peoole,” it definitely worked. I don’t even like Final Fantasy VII and I’m super excited, that trailer was amazing and he looks super fun.

      Trogdorbad on November 13 |
  2. Celebration TIme!

    My favorite character is in smash bros. Way to awesome. Heck I voted for him and Geno for the smash ballot. I know cloud will get in smash becuase he the most known and popular character and really iconic to get in. I would of wanted the summons to join as assist trophies but stage hazard does do them justice.

    Hopefully the remake should come to NX i reallly reallly wish it happens.

    KeyTree on November 12 |
  3. This is quite disappointing. Although I could go on an uninteresting rant on how I thought of cool ways characters like Young Link or Pichu could be reinvented and be much better choices, or why NOT choose Wolf, I feel this is obviously another low-tier sword-fighter. A character that has rarely done crud for Nintendo. Even a Dragon Quest character would’ve been better, with full on different character classes for different costumes. Definitely Black Mage would’ve been a better choice for Final Fantasy, given his much more broad moveset, even the Chocobo would’ve been better. I never got why people liked such a disgustingly overrated game. Call this harsh, cause to be honest it really is, but this is a very odd character for Smash that balances much farther for bad than it’s good.

    aguchamp33 on November 12 |
    • I mean why wouldn’t they just bring back wolf?

      aguchamp33 on November 12 |
    • Cloud Strife is one of the biggest icons of the video game industry. Similar to the inclusions of Snake and Ryu, his precence as a fighter further soldifies Smash Bros. as a platform for the greatest franchises one can experience from video games, not just Nintendo. Admittedly less relevant characters to the industry – like Young Link, Pichu, and Wolf – may have already established foot within Smash and with Nintendo, but the those who appreciate video gaming for what it is and don’t narrow their view to be solely Nintendo oriented will know that Cloud was a more excellent and appropriate choice. I don’t even think Cloud was included based on Ballot results, but based on what Sakurai knows Smash NEEDS.

      the101 on November 12 |
      • He probably wasn’t chosen from the ballot. But either way, I guess I can see the huge demand really. I just really don’t like the character or game. I wish they had chosen Black Mage, since a huge part of FF/Nintendo fans love the original NES lineup. Usually I’m happy when people get a beloved character, but this just hurts.

        aguchamp33 on November 12 |
      • Well… My opinion is… This characters makes the game feels kinda too “not-nintendo”. I’m not saying I dislike him but, I don’t know, It felt kinda weird, I don’t think he’s the character Smash needed right now, the first thing that came to mind was “is this Smash Flash 2?” because it looked like fanfiction, something from Dragon Quest would fit more well, I think. That stage seems super cool though. If not for Cloud, what Square Enix character you’d like to see?

        Ar on November 12 |
        • Oh, I get it now! (I think..) Most of FF fanbase have Sony consoles, and with that announcement, I can see this could bring up a lot of interest from people who don’t own a Wii U.

          Ar on November 12 |
          • Cloud got in because he’s incredibly iconic and well loved! It’s not advertisement it’s a celebration of gaming.

            Source Gaming Team on November 12 |
        • It’s great for people that love the character, but for people like me, it just feels like another Snake, a character from a company that will likely never bestow truly big titles on Nintendo systems, only to leave with barely any thanks or appreciation, and like Konami they’re in development of a currently non-Nintendo release game during the character’s announced inclusion.

          aguchamp33 on November 15 |
      • Still, you can’t blame em for wanting Nintendo characters–I can imagine an almost 50-50 split between fans of Smash regarding third party characters. Regarding Cloud, I would like to see his moves before making a final judgement–being another Sword user makes me skeptical..would like to see something for a down B other than a counter

        AnonymousMoon on November 12 |
  4. Congrats Spazzy_D. I went back to see if you all EVER talked about Cloud being in the game, and I saw that he was one of your most requested characters. Out of everyone on that “most requested 3rd parties” page, I’m extremely surprised to see Cloud be the winner…..but I’m glad for ya 😛

    Anime9001 on November 12 |
    • It does feel good to be right every now and again 🙂

      Spazzy_D on November 13 |
  5. PushDustin, would you mind translating Sakurai’s latest tweet? Used bing translate but it sounded pretty weird

    AnonymousMoon on November 12 |
    • It’s on @AllSourceGaming. I’m on mobile now, sorry.

      Source Gaming Team on November 12 |
  6. he doesnt summon anyone thay are stage hazards

    dan diaz on November 13 |
  7. This is a crazy choice! I love it.

    Gameplay-wise, from what I can gather, his real gimmick is that he has a Limit meter he charges up (down+B?) in order to unleash really powerful attacks. I suspect his play style will actually not be all that aggressive. Some reliable attacks of decent base knockback but not much growth from said knockback, more to give him space to charge up for those killing blows… that’s how I’m seeing him.

    Non-limit broken recovery seems kind of weak if not completely laughable in terms of horizontal distance, wouldn’t be surprised if he lacks real killing power outside of limit break-empowered special moves (though his projectile attack looks very fast and reliable).

    All in all he looks like a lot of fun to play in terms of finding breathing room to prepare a nasty attack. I know there were doubters about how Ryu might play given he’s typically the baseline for a fighting game character design, but Sakurai pulled through and made him incredibly interesting in honoring the base mechanics and feel of Street Fighter. I’m sure he’ll do just as right for Cloud here, too.

    spd12 on November 13 |
  8. This is going too be amazing :):D:D👍👏🎮 just only one character left I wonder who could that be 😍I can’t wait

    Yaqub on November 13 |
    • There are 3 open character slots in the games code though? They also haven’t confirmed if that will be all or not, but it seems that December will be the last Smash exclusive broadcast, so it could really go either way. But we’re getting at least 2 more characters it would seem.

      Anime9001 on November 13 |
      • I always found it interesting how a third slot was added with little fanfare (keeping in mind, I guess, they don’t intentionally trumpet big changes inside internal code). To me, it seemed like they were genuinely planning for only two more characters, but then added that in…

        I wonder if Cloud’s FF7 and AC costumes will technically be taking up two of those slots, like how transformation Final Smashes have their own entry in the character list… which would mean, to me, that the addition of the AC outfit might’ve been decided on later on the character’s overall development.

        If so, we may be looking at just one more character left. Not that I’d complain – after Ryu and Cloud really being crazy unexpected picks, who could top them? The face of fighting games, and the lead character of the game that turned JRPGs into a global phenomenon… it’d really have to be something special, I think.

        spd12 on November 13 |
  9. I was extremely shocked and surprised by this…not until my co-worker who’s a gamer as I am spoiled everything while working.

    Just to remind you all, I love Cloud, even the FFVII as it was my first FF game played in my life. However, as I believed FFVII had no relationship with Nintendo since it and it’s sequels only released on Playstation, and since FFVII was the cause of Nintendo and Square’s break up, I’ve always believed that Cloud would never had a chance to join Smash. Well, Theatrhythm may explain, but I thought that wouldn’t count anything, but I guess I was wrong. But even though, it looks really great and definitely buying it without any doubts!

    But now with the inclusion of Cloud, I think this choice made us more confusing who’s gonna be in the next DLC, as much I can no longer understand how Sakurai chooses the characters. Well, if popularity and advertisement isn’t the point of Smash, then somebody who’s more iconic in video games may be the possible choice to be in Smash. We already know Shovel Knight’s not gonna have his chance, and due to understanding advertisement isn’t the requirements, then Shantae may not have her chance too. But this’ll also mean we may not get Sega and Namco’s second character, which is disappointing in my opinion. But having another third party may be a difficult one either, whether Koei Tecmo and Level-5 will be involved or not. So I guess we can focus only on Nintendo characters instead, but I disagree we’ll have any returning veterans at this moment either. But as the next DLC will be the final DLC, then we’ll be having the last two remainings in the end. I could’ve have hoped adding another two slots to total it up to 60 characters, but since creating a character is a hard work as we don’t wanna push Sakurai harder on this, I think we must accept what’s left and keep it satisfied. But anyways, can’t wait til next month!

    zoniken on November 13 |
  10. I was totally blindsided when I saw the Direct… Cloud was the last character I would’ve suspected to make it in.

    I’m excited for the news… not because I’m particularly fond of Cloud (I have mixed feelings about FF7… love the gameplay, story got terrible in the second half), but because Square-Enix finally got representation in Smash.

    I’m starting to feel like Wolf isn’t coming back and Snake is more likely at this point.

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 13 |
    • I have a similar feeling. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the last two characters included was Snake, so Konami could have the appropriate representation it deserves. Originally I would think Bomberman would’ve fit in better against Sonic and Mega Man, but with Cloud’s inclusion it seems to no longer matter. Snake would contrast with Cloud Strife and Ryu perfectly, and having an old favorite like him come back would be great for the fans.

      That being said, I do believe that at least one of the two final characters will be a true Nintendo character. It would kind of feel disheartening to have all three DLC fighters be Cloud, Snake, and Shovel Knight…

      the101 on November 13 |
    • I agree with you, Cloud’s inclusion was a trick card of the day. Nobody even knew a Square Enix character would have a chance to join Smash, which I believed offering Square Enix to join Smash was a complicated thing due to what happened to each other in the past. But I guess Cloud’s entry proved Nintendo and Square’s relationship is recovering in a good way, so as Cloud wasn’t part of my prediction list, I’m glad to see a Square Enix character finally joining Smash for the first time. We can thank Sakurai for creating such miracle too. (lol)

      But at the same time, I guess the next choice for two remaining will be complicated too. I can’t see a possibility for more third parties to join, as of course Indies may not have possibility, but at the same Sega and Namco may not have a possibility to bring a second rep too, which is disappointing and unfair IMO. I wouldn’t even think returning vets are necessary as being part of the ballot choice at this rate, so we can only think for brand new Nintendo fighter instead. Inklings, Waddle Dee, Isaac, K.Rool…who else can we think of?

      zoniken on November 13 |
  11. In all honestly, I’ve never played any of the FF games are any games by Square Enix. (I just can’t get into JRPGs so well, but still appreciate their existence.) With Cloud in Smash I’m somewhat indifferent but at the same time excited to have more characters and see their unique moveset. I also think that since he and his stage, Midgar, is well polished, he may have been the last pre-ballot character since it would take at least some extra months for that. Anyways, I’m glad his fans are happy and cannot wait to try him out soon. Also, excited for the December announcement!!

    Chris.W on November 13 |
    • are -> *or* , sorry.

      Chris.W on November 13 |
  12. While Cloud looks great, I’m a bit conflicted, considering Cloud is possibly the one FInal Fanatsy rep who is about as far away from Nintendo as you can get. Yeah, he’s had cameos, but I don’t find that as significant has having a game on the system. Seems like a very tiny loophole was made to slip Cloud in and I’m a little ticked by it. Literally anyone else would have worked better. Black Mage, even Chocobo with the amount of spin-offs he’s had for the Wii and DS systems.

    My point is that Smash has had the novelty of being a game to celebrate Nintendo’s history. And even the third party characters, yes even Ryu and Snake, have had their roles to play on the sidelines as well. Cloud single-handedly broke the mold in regards to third party characters and how Sakurai chooses them. I’m more than a little worried for what December might bring…

    Gurin on November 13 |
    • It IS pretty ironic… Squaresoft back in the day took Final Fantasy VII to PlayStation because of the increased space on the discs, and we get Cloud Strife, who is the protagonist of said game.

      I’m pretty sure Cloud was chosen purely for his popularity, and potentially to make FF7 fans get Smash 4 (and potentially buy a system for it.) Nintendo purists may feel a bit cheated, but you have to admit that it’s not a bad marketing tactic.

      As a bit of a purist myself, Cloud wouldn’t have been my first choice to represent Square-Enix, but at the same time, I’m glad they finally got SOME recognition in Smash.

      Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 13 |
    • Same as you, I was conflicted with confusion for Cloud’s inclusion. I’ve always thought Cloud was impossible because FFVII was never released for Nintendo in the past, and thought cameos doesn’t count at all either. However, Sakurai said he really had a hard choice of bringing Cloud to Smash, which he’ll explain why in next month’s Smash Direct. I’ve thought of Chocobo’s better to be the SquareEnix rep alongside with Dragon Quest’s Slime as a duo, and maybe Black Magician too among other’s choices, but FFVII is the strongest game over all other series of FF, as having a huge success on marketing, and having so many sequels, prequels, spin offs and crossovers among that game, which Cloud was the only choice for Smash as he’s a main protagonist of that game. Sure, it may look unfair, but I believe Sakurai will bring up some good reasons for next month.

      But due to Cloud’s inclusion, now things became really confusing on who’s gonna be the last two characters for next month’s Smash Direct, as we can no longer know how Sakurai’s choosing that character. I believe third parties won’t be chosen next, which I believe any Indie games won’t have a possibility due to not known globally, while Sega and Namco having a secondary character may be too impossible at this rate now. Now we can only think of a Nintendo character to join in for the last time, but I do think there won’t be returning veterans. Splatoon’s Inkling may be a strongest, but since they’re too new to Nintendo and since advertisement isn’t the main requirements anymore, I think they’re impossible to join Smash. So, maybe we can focus on reps that didn’t have any new fighters for their roster, such as DK, Zelda, Kirby, and Star Fox.

      zoniken on November 13 |