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SourceCast #4

SourceCast 4
We are proud to present the fourth episode of SourceCast!

Welcome to the fourth episode of SourceCast. SourceCast is a podcast-like event where the Source Gaming team comes together to discuss Smash news, rumors and information! Special thanks to gameonion and Arcaira for handling the video and sound editing.

We are joined by special guest, Ash Paulsen of GameXplain, while we discuss our current topic, being the recent Nintendo Direct-reveals. The video is below, but you may download the mp3 here.

In the next episode we will discuss “Who is an All Star?”. Therefore, we are asking our readers to take part in a poll. Please select which characters you think are gaming icons. If a character is not listed, you may manually add them on the second page. If you already voted, please spread the word. Thank you!

Lastly, if you would like to leave us questions for the next SourceCast you may leave us a comment below, or tweet the question using the #SCQA hashtag on Twitter. 2015-11-22 00-17-25
For additional and new information on the topics we talked about, please check the links below.

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Source Gaming Team

Source Gaming Team

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Source Gaming Team
  1. Only been able to listen to some of it so far (Got a Let’s Play to put together!), but yeah, you’ve covered some good points so far. There were a lot of fan assumptions surrounding which characters have a chance, and especially now we need to focus on what Sakurai has actually said and avoid treating extrapolations from it as truth. At the same time, though, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions–the assumed rule that third party characters have to have major Nintendo presence is out the window (Cloud _has_ showed up before, just in cameos and small roles), but we don’t need to throw out everything we thought we knew.

    Better to use our heads than jump immediately onto the hype train and floor it without seeing where the tracks are, you know?

    Delzethin on November 21 |
  2. Man I had my boyfriend take the poll alongside me and compared who we chose (He picked like 5 characters, I ended up picking 3/4 of the list) so we even each other out pretty well. He said he didn’t know a lot of the characters because he wasn’t familiar with Nintendo-I told him the list didn’t contain a single Nintendo character.
    Also any thoughts on how Japanese reaction to Cloud seems to say he was chosen “for the foreigners” while western reaction seems to be mainly “He was chosen because Sakurai is Japanese.”
    He is the worldwide gaming Icon for JRPGS so is that why both sides of the globe think cloud is significantly more popular on the other side of the globe?

    DonkaFjord on November 21 |
    • I’d say Clyde cherrypicked comments expressing that sentiment, but I wouldn’t say those individual posts are in any way indicative of a larger trend. If anything, most of the Japanese fans I’ve talked with are excited precisely /because/ Cloud’s a Japanese RPG character.

      Masked Man on November 22 |
    • That’s actually a normal phenomenon tbh. Westerners always said the DLC lean towards Japanese because the game is developed in Japanese by Japanese, while the Japanese always said the DLC lean towards Western because the game is more popular in the West and marketed for the West.

      The grass is always greener on the other side.

      Logo on November 22 |
      • That makes sense- Must be human Nature. Also makes sense that he would have cherrypicked the most interesting comments as well.

        DonkaFjord on November 22 |
  3. What about sora form kingdom hearts

    Yaqub on November 22 |
    • Haven’t heard of him. Who is he?

      PushDustIn on November 22 |
  4. I have to say… I was a bit disappointed. You guys forgot to answer my amiibo question last time because the podcast was running too long… this time, you answer a similar question about amiibo that someone else asked in a podcast that ran so long your special guest had to leave. 🙁

    It’s funny, because Masked Man and I have almost the same amiibo collection… I have the entire Smash series so far (which includes everyone aside from Lucas, Roy, Ryu, and obviously Cloud… even one of each Mii Fighter type and I have a Famicom Robot on the way to go with my R.O.B.), classic 8-bit Mario, Silver Mario, blue Yarn Yoshi, Toad, Chibi-Robo, and Inkling boy and girl.

    Besides that, it was a great podcast… the Wart discussion was pretty amusing. XD

    My predictions for the other two DLC characters may be pushing it a bit, but I’m pulling for Solid Snake and Inkling. If Sakurai wants the Smash Bros. DLC to go out with a bang, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

    BTW, my thoughts on the Limit Break system for Cloud are that it probably charges both when you take damage and when you manually charge it. Having it be charge only seems to deviate a bit too much from the FFVII system when it doesn’t need to, while at the same time manually charging it lets the player power up Cloud’s specials without having to purposely take punches.

    Also, calling it now… Tifa and Barret costumes for Mii Brawler and Gunner, respectively… it’s way too good of an opportunity to pass up.

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 22 |
    • I don’t have any of the special Marios yet, but I’m thinking about getting a Gold Mario once they’re available over here. I need to stop collecting! D:

      And given the immense power boost provided by Limit Charge, I think allowing players to fill the gauge of their own volition AND have the gauge fill automatically when Cloud takes damage would be a little broken, even though it would be more accurate to the original game.

      Masked Man on November 22 |
      • But amiibos are so awesome… one should never stop collecting! ^_~ It’s basically like my dream as a kid to have so many awesome video game figures… having them interact with various games is just a plus (I was surprised at how many are compatible with Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash!) Even though I’m running out of space for them, I’m going to keep getting them because they’re so awesome. <3

        Taking damage and being able to manually charge worked for King of Fighters. *shrugs* I figured that taking damage would fill it up a bit faster than manually charging it. Since it's a one-time use, I didn't think it would be too broken, especially if the charging rate stays the same regardless of damage. Even if the manual charge was faster at higher percentages, I'd see it as a similar mechanic to Lucario's Aura, where higher damage yields greater reward at the risk of being knocked out easier.

        The actual rate of charge and how much more effective the specials are during Limit Break mode would truly determine which system would work better. (I think I may need to watch the trailer again to see if there are any hints dropped about that.)

        Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 22 |
    • Sorry that we didn’t get a chance to answer your question! It wasn’t intentional that it was missed! I have 15 amiibo. Captain Falcon, Sheik, Megaman, Zelda, Link, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Game and Watch, ROB, Duck Hunt, Western ROB (on its way from Nantendo), Ness and my mains: Wario and Pac-Man!

      PushDustIn on November 22 |
      • Very nice! Hopefully they come out with Mario series 2 with classic Wario… I know we’d both enjoy that. ^_^

        Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on November 22 |
  5. I am really excited to play with Cloud! 🙂

    Nico on November 30 |