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Announcement: Smash Weekly

Today, SmashBoards and Source Gaming are proud to announce, “Smash Weekly”. Smash Weekly is a partnership between the two sites in order to provide high quality, enjoyable podcasts for the Smash Community. Smash Weekly will alternate between the two sites, and “themes”, allowing a wide variety of topics within the Smash community to be highlighted.
Generally speaking, SmashCast will focus on the competitive side of the community. SourceCast will focus on the speculation and Nintendo side of the community. By combining these two together, we hope to appeal to any fan of the Smash Bros. series. The tentative schedule for Smash Weekly will be as follows:
On December 7th, SmashBoards will release SmashCast #1, “Community, Rulesets, Smash 4
On December 12th, Source Gaming will release SourceCast # 5, “Who is an All-Star?”
Members of SmashCast:
SmashCapps (Host)
ThunderCat (Audio Editor)
ThirdKoopa (Theme song)
Members of SourceCast:
PushDustin (co-Host)
Nantendo (co-Host)
Arcaira (Theme song/Audio Engineer/Editor)
Gameonion (Video)

8bitgrrl – Audio checker

The iTunes image was created by Nirbion.
An easy way to follow everyone on Twitter is to use this list.
The first four episodes of SourceCast have been added to the Smash Weekly feed. Alternatively, going to the old SourceCast posts will now display a media player in that post.
If you are interested and are able to assist with audio or video editing, please contact either PushDustIn or SmashCapps. While we can not provide monetary compensation at this time, it will be amazing experience and a great way to help out the community out.
Let us know in the comments if there is a particular issue that should be tackled in a podcast.
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  1. Glad to hear you guys are collaborating and expanding. I’m probably just going to listen to SourceCast, as I have pretty much zero interest in competitive Smash. (^_^’)

    So it’s going to be Mondays and Saturdays, or is there really no set release day?

    Winturwulf (@winturwulf) on December 5 |
    • Still working on ensuring a weekly release, but it might be every Saturday or Sunday.

      Source Gaming Team on December 5 |
  2. Talk about going places! I’ll have to tune into these if I get the chance. Been really busy lately with my latest projects…

    Delzethin on December 5 |
  3. I love listening to the podcasts as they have some good insight about Smash, Nintendo or gaming in general. Not too heavy on the competitive scene, but I’m looking forward towards SmashCast.

    Chris.W on December 5 |