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ANNOUNCEMENT: SourceCast #6 Livestream starts!

Our SourceCast #6 just went for the first time live!

Nantendo , Spazzy_D, Neo Zero and PushDustIn will discuss about our predictions and expectations for the coming DLC before the Final Smash Broadcast begins.

For the Pre-Show, we have Tamaki as our Special Guest and after the Smash Broadcast, we’ll be joined by Stealth. Don’t miss it and watch our SourceCast Live!

SourceCast #6 is on our Twitch-Channel!

NOTE: The pre-show will be spoiler-free! We will NOT discuss the data mining until after the broadcast. We disabled the chat in this stream for
extra security.

  1. Is this recorded anywhere so I can watch it since it’s already done? I wanted to watch it on my own first and I’d like to see what everyone here thought about it now~

    Anime9001 on December 15 |
  2. Yeah I wanted to check out thre archive but it’s not there 🙁

    bassey13455 on December 16 |