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Final Smash Broadcast *LIVE* Reactions [UPDATE]

Live reactions

Hello Source Gaming fans, today we will be bringing you something a bit different from our regular articles. As I’m sure most of you know, the final Smash broadcast for the Smash for Wii U and 3DS occurred on the 16th of this month. You can, in fact, find our written reaction to the presentation here.  What we would like to share with you in this post, however, our some of our live reactions to the event!

UPDATE: And as promised, our reaction to the Bayonetta-Reveal.

Featuring PushDustIn, Nantendo, Spazzy_D and NeoZero.


  1. I don’t like to much his/her inclussion… But, he did it in the funniest way possible xDU

  2. I remember when Sakurai said the development of Mewtwo took “several months”.

    Bayonetta “won the Smash ballot”, & she’s going to have a lot of detail an continuity, so much detail. She will be available around February. So, from October to February, she’ll be in development for 4 months. 4 months???

    So, Sakurai either lied about the time of development, or he lied about the validity of the “Smash Ballot” altogether, because along with inking the deal with PlatinumGames, this is likely taking much more than “4 months”.

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on December 18 |
    • Well, “several” is typically a term for 3-5 more or less, isn’t it? That sounds pretty accurate to me, even disregarding translation errors. Speaking of which, Source Gaming has talked about how there isn’t really a word for “few” in Japanese, so going off of extremely specific words can easily steer you astray.

      Also, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sakurai/the team took some form of break after the initial release of Smash Bros, nor would I blame them for it.

      Anime9001 on December 20 |
  3. Awesome reaction. xD

    Ar on December 19 |
    • Wasn’t Tamaki also reacting too?

      Ar on December 19 |
      • Tamaki was only available for our Pre-Show Livestream.

        Nirbion on December 19 |
  4. Pretty neat idea I would say. Instead to rage or cry, just laugh out of complete ridiculousness. I think most people however already stated their comment about the weird character choice in the larger discussion two articles before.

    mothes on December 19 |
  5. I like that Sakurai, to the very end, defied any sort of expectations any of us could’ve put forth.

    – A character whose game was responsible for shifting the balance of power in the console wars almost single-handedly against Nintendo? We got him, even if elements of his inclusion seem incomplete (lack of English VAing, only two stage BGM choices that are direct rips, etc).

    – No such thing as “too many from one series.” This was a delightful thing when Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings got in after Rosalina’s inclusion made us think we wouldn’t see him… then they go on ahead and add yet another Fire Emblem character to the pile who looks amazing in terms of unique, subtle touches. Independent of their series of origin, they look fun – that’s all I ask for in these games, a lot of fun characters to play with.

    – A final third-party character who doesn’t have as big a legacy as some of the rest, but hails from an incredible set of action games… and they appear to transition into Smash with their core character largely intact in spite of being from a (very) Mature-rated game, playing almost like they stepped right out of said games for a spot of afternoon tea (and violence).

    Rather than stick with “safe” choices, it feels like the DLC fighters from Ryu on were a chance to really go balls to the wall crazy, and to me, it’s paid off… even if I voted for Donkey Kong Jr. and had my fingers crossed for the Inklings.

    I’m not sure how many unique playstyles would really be left to put into Smash. SSB4 was already a very complete package out the door, and the additions have made it that more special a product. The game’s a masterwork and a fitting celebration of video games as a whole – we may always want this or that, but you can’t please everyone. You just go forth and do the best with what you have within time, budget, and ability… and what a “best” it was!

    spd12 on December 20 |
  6. I’m still dumbfounded by people thinking Ridley could’ve gotten in.

    Like, it’s actually more ridiculous and delusional than the current crop of morons thinking Wolf’s gonna be SUPER SEKRIT LAST MINUTE SURPRISE DLC.

    Burb on December 31 |