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News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Trophy Gallery

Trophy galerxy

Hello! It has been a while, but here it is!
This is a translation of the Trophy Gallery page from News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo, Melee’s version of the Smash Bros. Dojo. Thanks to PushDustIn, Soma and Sutamen for their help with the translation.

Smash is the only game that has mixed the worlds of various Nintendo games.

For example, there are a lot of Mario spinoffs, and after the release of the previous Smash game, it was possible for massive crossover games like this to be created.
But, the current state is that these games have not appeared.

As for the reason why…? We’ll leave that aside for now.

This time, the game comes with an extra feature, the Trophy Gallery[1], where you can enjoy collecting Nintendo characters as 3D models.
There are lots of ways to collect them.

This is the Trophy Gallery.
Descriptions are paired with the trophies.

And we can zoooom in really close!
This is a Metroid’s trophy.
You didn’t think of Samus as “Metroid,” did you?

Whoa. They’re really made from scratch.
That’s quite something.

Each of these comes with a description, letting you know the characters’ backgrounds and notable games.
(Of course, the descriptions are written by me)

  • Even though there are references in the game, knowing the origin of those references is a different kind of enjoyment.
  • From major to minor characters, there are a lot of requests for characters to join the battle, so even if your character was impossible to make, this fulfills the request a little.

These, among other reasons, are why trophies are included.

To be honest, completing even a single trophy requires labor beyond imagination.
Even so, to provide fun through the old, storied history of Nintendo games is also Smash’s job, so we put in an obsessive amount of work.

By the way, the total amount of trophies is still a secret.
A better way to put it is that we’ll make however many we can.

There are various images shown here, but please do not mistake them as playable characters.

We sent him a Smash invitation too, but he was away on a trip to the mansion…

A little announcement! In the Pokémon movie “Celebi — Voice of the Forest” which releases on July 7, you can watch a preview of the Smash opening movie in the theater! It’s a short, edited version, but please look forward to it!

…Wh, what are these stuff~!
I mean, we went overboard.

In this Smash Bros., the setting is that trophies fight each other in an imaginary world.

Of course, it’s impossible to make all Nintendo characters playable, but isn’t it nice to look at the trophy characters and dream, “If this character is in Smash Bros., how will they fare?”


Translator’s note:
[1] The Trophy Gallery is called the Figure Directory (フィギュア名鑑) in the Japanese version. Likewise, Trophies are called Figures (フィギュア).

nocturnal YL

  1. I think it’s funny this is the first “fake-out” in the series.

    PushDustIn on December 22 |
    • Looks like Luigi found his way out of the Mansion early.

      DekZek on December 22 |
  2. Luigi deconfirmed


    SC on December 23 |
  3. I really wish that some of the exclusive trophies from Melee and Brawl would carry over to each meta-game. It was good to know that IP exclusive to Japan made it into trophy form, such as Doshin the Giant.

    Chris. W on December 24 |