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Monthly Reading List (December 2015)

Monthly Reading List (2)

This is a post where the Source Gaming team shows interesting articles, podcasts, or videos from other sites. Let us know in the comments if there’s something that we should check out!

Source Gaming will be hosting a tournament tomorrow! If you can’t join, watch it on Twitch! The stream will be saved on Twitch. Please note that only PushDustIn’s games will be recorded.

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Hope to see you there!


Gaming and Gamers, and Demographics of Device Ownership by (Pew Research Center)

Read all of it. It’s good information to know.

Bloodborne: You are the experience points by (Gamasutra)

A fun examination of what makes Bloodborne, and the Souls games, work.

Don’t Call It A Remake by (metopal)

Whats up with remake culture?

The Pointless Scale of Xenoblade Chronicles X by (Killscreen)

Killscreen reviews aren’t really like normal reviews– check their review policy if you really care– so this is more of a rumination on XCX compared to Testuya Takahashi’s other games. It is a negative review, but that doesn’t mean I hate XCX or agree with the review– I just thought it was an interesting read.

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Cloud is “Super Smash Bros.” DLC, but Does he Deserve it? by CartBoy

Technically from November, but I didn’t get a chance to include it in the last month’s reading list! I really enjoy CartBoy’s Smash coverage, so please check out his other articles here.

I will now talk about Kotaku being blacklisted for just over 35 minutes by TotalBiscuit

Hypocrisy and being excellent to one another by TotalBiscuit

I’ve been on a little bit of a TotalBiscuit kick lately, and these are the two discussions that had the biggest impact on me. TotalBiscuit is very articulate whenever he is formulating any opinion, and his podcast and ethical journalism really inspires me.

24 & ready to die by The Economist

A documentary about assisted suicide. It’s a pretty rough subject, and the political and social consequences of allowing assisted suicide is something that has interested me. Personally, I think it’s a human right but one that should be granted in extreme cases, where medical professionals deem it’s okay. What do you guys think?

Adam Ruins Everything – The Real Reason Car Dealerships Are the Worst by TruTV

While I haven’t fact checked his video, I do enjoy Adam Conover’s approach to correcting false information. He attempts to mix humor and information without diluting the overall message. The show also publishes their sources right on their website, and show the URL in some of the videos. Here’s an interview with Adam, where he discusses misinformation.
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The Multiplayer-Only Problem (The Jimquisition) by Jim Sterling

I adore Jim Sterling’s view on games media as a whole, and of all the December episodes of the Jimquisition this is the more interesting one.

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An Interview with PixelBomb Games (the Mancunion)

A rookie’s interview that came out quite well. For anyone who is interested in the indie scene, as well as third-person shooters, this interview can give you some insight into a popular upcoming title that was created and is set in the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Definitely one for our UK fans to read.


Kantopia Feature

Fire Emblem Fates: 4Koma and Character Book Translations – A truly impressive feat. X Kan translated the entire book into English. Even if you aren’t a fan of Fire Emblem, you need to check this out! 2015-12-25 21-56-10

For the full image, check out the post on Kantopia.

Toru Nirhiro — Interview on Fire Emblem for Wii  — FE 25 Translation –
An interview in which the Fire Emblem Wii game is briefly discussed. Check out both posts!

FE Fates Original Proposal – X Kan also translated the original proposal for Fire Emblem Fates. It’s interesting to see how long the game was in development for.

If you want to see the rest of the information that came from the FE anniversary book,  check out this compilation post. 2015-12-25 22-00-08

For more information check out this post.


Minus World feature

Flash Kicks, PCBs and Squid Romance — Culture Collection #4 – Lots of cool gaming memorabilia!

The Minus World 2015 Christmas Guide – A little late for Christmas, but if you are looking for gifts for some friends, then this is an excellent post. I personally want the Legends of Localization book.

Review — FAST Racing Neo – A review of the F-Zero like indie game on the Nintendo eShop. Looks very promising!

You’ve probably never played…Melfand Stories – I really need to check out this game. Love the visuals, and I enjoy those beat-em up games.

You’ve probably never played…Daze Before Christmas – Perfect for the holidays! Better be good or ‘Anti-Claus’ will get you!


Japan 3DS

Check out Japanese 3DS regularly for updates on Nintendo news in Japan.


The (almost) daily updates are great! Here’s today to get you started.

The one who gets hit can adjust the direction of their knockback! For those of you who have played a lot of Smash, I’m sure you can tell how important this is.

The one who gets hit can adjust the direction of their knockback! For those of you who have played a lot of Smash, I’m sure you can tell how important this is. 2015-12-25 22-13-40

Smash History: Stock Counts In Smash by SmashCapps
In this, SmashCapps reviews hows Smash 64 started with 5 stocks, and the debate on how many stocks is ideal for tournaments. Great read even if you aren’t involved in the tournament scene.

Project M Ceases Development by SmashCapps
Outside of the Smash direct, this was the biggest news this month. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this decision.


So let us know in the comments which pieces you liked. Also, tell us if we missed anything!