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Famitsu News — “Sakurai Catching a Breather”


Special thanks to Bri Bri over at Japanese Nintendo for giving us a heads up!

Sakurai wrote a quick blurb in the latest Famitsu about the upcoming year. Previously, a short summary was available. Source Gaming is providing the full translation.


I’ve been developing the DLC characters for Smash for 3DS/ Wii U. I’ve been very thorough when making these characters, so I needed a lot of time. I haven’t been able to take a vacation since starting this project, but it’s almost over!  I want to enjoy every day like it’s a Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean my next job hasn’t been decided already. So it’s less like I’m taking a break, and more like I’m taking a breather for a moment.

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  1. This man is inhuman. I wonder what makes him drive himself so hard…?

    MaskO' on January 6 |
    • He’s a director.

      J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on January 8 |
    • Sakurai is more like a hollywood actor than any game director I know. His role has been nothing compared to what other developers worked on recently, notably Kojima, Sefton Hill, Leslie Benzies, & Todd Howard. When have any of those guys complained about their jobs?

      J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on January 8 |
  2. Great seeing that Sakurai will already start a new project soon. I hope it is a new original game, like Meteos in 2005.

    fabricioogrande on January 6 |
  3. I always look forward to what Masahiro Sakurai produces. He’s always quite inventivw, thorough, and original with his games. I look forward to seeing what he does, be it an original property, a new Kid Icarus installment, another revitilization (maybe of The Mysterious Murasame Castle…?) or the more probable choice of “other”.

    the101 on January 7 |
  4. Whatever his new project i, Sakurai’s games never disappoint me. I don’t expect another Kid Icarus but an entirly new game . But who knows?

    Chris.W on January 7 |
  5. Although many people didn’t seem to satisfy on the result of Smash 4’s final production, I still believe that Sakurai really did a great job of creating a world’s ultimate crossover game ever. Creating a character that totals 58 of them is a really long work for him, and I salute him for pushing over those limits and fighting against many hardships. Sakurai is the master of ideas and imaginations with unlimited possibilities, and I believe he will create another successful game when he comes back to work. But for now, I do wish for him to rest easily.

    But I wonder what will his next project will be? Smash 5 may be too early at this moment since NX isn’t released yet, but I do think he’ll have lots of time thinking on more new characters with many uniqueness. There may be a possibility for the Kid Icarus sequel, but just like the101 said above, maybe he’ll try working on retro Nintendo remakes like he did to Kid Icarus, and The Mysterious Murasame Castle is another interesting title since that game’s having a little attention by western audience. Or he can create a remake of Shin-Onigashima or Yu-Yu-Ki, rather being an action game remake than just a novel game. There are many possibilities he can do, and I’m looking forward for him doing another great job.

    zoniken on January 8 |