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News Flash! Super Smash Bros. Dojo: Fox

Fox alt

Hello! We are working very hard on translating the Melee website. We decided to ramp up our translation focus on the character introduction pages in order to give everyone a better picture of Melee, and its’ character. Special thanks to soma for providing assistance with this translation.

All comments were originally written by Sakurai himself. You can see Sakurai’s individual picture comments by hovering your mouse over the image.  Originally pictures were given their own page, but for the sake of brevity I combined them. The original page can be accessed here.

Updated: July 7th, 2001

The first character we’re going to introduce is Fox.

The reason why I’m introducing Fox first instead of, say, Mario is because I feel like it.fox_pinup

Each character has gained another special move in this game.

The input is side + B.
If you’re too used to the last game, it might be hard to use the neutral special and side special properly?
(that’ll probably only be in the beginning, though).

And so, Fox now has the move “Fox Illusion,” a special move where he can move a set horizontal distance very quickly.

His mastery of his Blaster has become a bit flashier too, so expect even more from him in this game!


(Images taken during development)

1. Fox stands tall.
2.Diagonal Blaster shots?
3.This time around, his Blaster is one of those rare moves that won’t cause enemies to flinch.
4.The production value on this move have gone way up.
5.His new move, “Fox Illusion.” What is its real value?

Special Moves
Neutral Special: Blaster
Side Special: Fox Illusion
Up Special: Fire Fox
Down Special: Reflector



  1. “The reason why I’m introducing Fox first instead of, say, Mario is because I feel like it.”

    That made me laugh way harder than it should have.

    Handy Man on January 14 |
    • I didn’t laugh at all…

      I need a humor transplant.

      Spencer Bennett on January 14 |
  2. Its as if they knew he’d be top tier in this game

    Octavian on May 13 |
  3. Reflector? I think you meant to say Shine.

    MegaSuperab on August 28 |
    • Nope, we meant Reflector. Shine is the unofficial term.

      PushDustIn on August 31 |