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News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Marth


This is a translation of Marth’s character page from News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo, Melee’s version of the Smash Bros. Dojo. Thanks to PushDustin, Soma and MaskedMan for their help with the translation.

A fighter from Fire Emblem.
The fans were waiting, right? Well, he’s finally here!

It was quite a hurdle to overcome, though.
The character isn’t solely a Nintendo property, and he’s from a title that hasn’t been sold overseas.
Even so, due to strong wishes from the fans, we did what seemed impossible.
# To be fair, we couldn’t have achieved the impossible without the cooperation of INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS and others.

We made Marth knowing that he might be excluded in the overseas versions, but after we created him, he was loved by our overseas partners. As a result, we kept him in the game with the same specifications as the Japanese version.
(Therefore, Marth speaks Japanese, not English.)

There is another sword wielder, Link, so in order to differentiate Marth from Link, we focused on Marth’s “fluid sword technique.”

Naturally we made his movements reflect that, and in order to capture that feeling when controlling Marth, we gave him the characteristic, “attacking with the tip of the sword is stronger”.

This is a technique that Marth players must know. In order to overcome enemies with Marth’s sword, you must use his sword fluidly.

On the other hand, opponents must try to rush Marth in order to gain an advantage.

Furthermore, Marth’s strong points are his high attack power (if you hit with the tip), long reach and and his disjointed hitboxes.
However, his weak points are his light weight, extremely weak throws, weak launching power, and his predictable recovery.

Unlock criteria:
Play Regular or basic Melee at least once with all 14 starting characters.
Alternatively, play 400 multiplayer matches.

(Images taken during development)

  1. Marth appears. Undoubtedly, this is a dream match.
  2. Dancing Blade. Unleash a series of slashes, selecting from 9 different sword strikes by tilting the control stick.
  3. Counter. Block the enemy’s attack with the sword and strike back. Anyway, it feels good!
  4. Dolphin Slash. A quick, ascending move.
  5. In fact, its speed makes it useful in 100-Man Melee.
  6. Shield Breaker. A sword strike that can be charged for more power.
Special Moves
Neutral Special: Shield Breaker
Side Special: Dancing Blade
Up Special: Dolphin Slash
Down Special: Counter

  1. This translation appears to be missing a big chunk from the original page about his play style and differentiating Marth from Link.

    Ryan on January 22 |
    • Thanks for the heads up! It seems like that section wasn’t copied over when the original translator made the Google Document. I have a version of it translated, just need another translator to check it. Hopefully it’ll be up later today. Sorry about that!

      PushDustIn on January 22 |
  2. No problem — I’m really excited about SG’s efforts to translate the Melee site, and I just didn’t want to see anything left out.

    Ryan on January 22 |
  3. That comment on his weak throws is an interesting one, since it probably unintentionally gave him a chain grab. Sure, if you look at each individual throw, they don’t do much, and that’s probably what he had intended for it to be like.

    Spiral on January 27 |