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News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo: Mr. Game & Watch

Game & Watch alt (1)

This is a translation of Mr. Game & Watch’s character page from News Flash! Smash Bros. Dojo, Melee’s version of the Smash Bros. Dojo. Thanks to PushDustin and Soma for their help with the translation.

A character that people in the know will appreciate, from the LSI game system series, Game & Watch. [TN1]

A rule-breaking choice in a certain way?

Game & Watch units have been sold since ’80.
Overseas, the system was sold all the way up until ’93, and more than 40 million units were produced worldwide.
In that sense, one can say it was a major phenomenon that rivals even Mario.

Game & Watch doesn’t use cartridges.
One Game & Watch units corresponds to one game, with pitch bmrgame_watch_pinuplack figures moving on the LCD screen while producing beeps.

The Smash character Mr. Game & Watch is a reappearance of that character.
Actually, his normal attacks and Special Moves are all references to different games.
(How many can you identify?)

He is drawn in a perfect flat style, and his moves in a frame-by-frame, LCD-like way.
Actually, during development, we thought to make his movement frame-by-frame too, but since that made him difficult to play as, we kept him the way as seen in the game.

On a side note, while it’s hard to buy Game & Watch units now, you can play it through the Game & Watch Gallery series. They were also ported to Card-e. [TN2]

Unlock criteria:
Clear Classic, Adventure or Break the Targets! with all characters beside Mr. Game & Watch himself.
Alternatively, play 1000 multiplayer matches.

While you unlock him more quickly by clearing Break the Targets!, you can also try other modes like Classic if you’re not confident with it.

  1. This is a Game & Watch!
  2. This oldest portable game character, now revived with the latest technology!
  3. Explanation of the standard moves (see below)
  4. In Judge, the attack’s property differs depending on the number that appears.
  5. With the down special move, Oil Panic, Mr. Game & Watch takes three projectile attacks and attack back with oil, dealing twice the total damage absorbed.
  6. And we have this! Mr. Game & Watch’s home stage, Flat Zone!
    Unlock criterion: Have Mr. Game & Match clear any of the Regular Matches


Standard attack Green House (can be fired repeatedly)
Dash Attack Helmet
Strong side attack Lio
Strong up attack Flagman
Strong down attack Manhole
Side smash attack Fire Attack
Up smash attack Octopus
Down smash attack Vermin
Standard air attack Parachute
Front air attack Cement Factory
Back air attack Turtle Bridge
Up air attack Spitball Spark
Down air attack Donkey Kong Jr.
Throw Ball

[TN1] LSI stands for large-scale integration circuit.
[TN2] Manhole was the the only Game & Watch-e game to become available.

Special Moves
Neutral Special: Chef
Side Special: Judge
Up Special: Fire
Down Special: Oil Panic



  1. You know, it’s funny. I had the first Game & Watch Gallery when I was little, so I actually knew who Mr. Game & Watch was supposed to be!

    delzethin on January 22 |
  2. It’s still annoys me a little how Sakurai presents Mr. Game & Watch in Smash: “a reappearance of that character” “the oldest portable game character”, I can understand if he said “a spiritual character that represent the Game & Watch and it’s man-like figures”, but he keeps saying it as if that character existed before Melee, it kinda feels like he’s trying to fool people into thinking Mr. Game & Watch existed before (and if yes, it worked for a lot of people I saw), and there’s not evidence of it being true as far as I know, maybe is it possible that only the developers know the existence of that character but didn’t officially presented him before? Also, I’m still interested in that “e-mail that may have inspired Mr. Game & Watch” that you said you would translate one day. xD

    Ah, I don’t where I got that from, but I always thought Dr. Mario was added because a *fan* asked for Dr. Mario’s song to be in the game, but then when you translated the Dr. Mario page and Sakurai said *he* wanted to put Dr. Mario’s song, is the “fan suggestion” story fake?

    Ar on January 23 |
    • A fan suggested Dr. Mario as a costume back in Smash 64 ballot responses and Sakurai stated that he didn’t think Dr. Mario could shoot fireballs.

      PushDustIn on January 23 |
      • Aah.. Alright, thanks!

        Ar on January 23 |
    • Are you seriously trying to say that GaW didn’t exist before Melee? Just google it and you’ll find plenty of evidence that he existed.

      Gfox on April 21 |