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February Smash DLC Review

February DLC review

The Source Gaming team reviews the last DLC wave for Smash for Wii U/3DS. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!


The end is finally here! For reasons I have already explained, this DLC pack doesn’t excite me that much. There’s Corrin, a character from a series that I personally feel is overrepresented…and Bayonetta, a character I don’t have a personal connection with. However, pushing my own feelings aside, there’s a lot of content available (basically my main issue with the December DLC). Umbra Clock Tower is a great stage (with great music), and the new characters are unique. The extra trophies for both Fire Emblem and Bayonetta are a nice bonus too. I’m glad that Ashley and Takamaru finally have costumes. Great content, just not very interested in it personally so it feels a little underwhelming for me.


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Wow. Corrin and Bayonetta far exceeded my expectations. They are fun. Bayonetta I find comparable to Dante in MVC3 in terms of complexity, but the gunplay is so unique. Corrin has traits to separate him from the other swordsmen as well. The costumes are well detailed as always and Umbra Clock Tower is quite the visual spectacle. A worthy end to DLC in my opinion and worth the 2 month wait.

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This DLC was officially a success since we finally have a Mii Fighter costume to pair with the Light Shuriken special. Hooray Takamaru! I’m actually pretty happy with most of the Mii Fighter costumes this time around. Ashley is great, and I am still shocked Gil was chosen as a costume. Now on to the main event. Neither Bayonetta or Corrin feel as immediately accessible or fun to me as Cloud or Ryu did, and I doubt either will see a massive amount of play time on my console. Still, they are certainly unique additions and I will not detract points from them simply because they are not my cup of tea. Both characters have been shown a lot of love, and Sakurai seems to have gone above and beyond with Bayonetta in particular. This is especially true in regards to her stage. Clock Tower is a fun but simple stage, and it is refreshing to see the amount of music included after the disappointment that was Midgar. Would have been nice to see one or two more returning stages in the patch, but that’s more of a complaint about the DLC over all.


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First thing’s first: Corrin and Bayonetta are pretty damn fun. Bayo’s admittedly really hard to figure out – like, Olimar-level hard – but both of them have such a unique feel which is hard to quantify. As much as we’ve talked about Corrin from a broader context, purely as a fighter he’s really neat, equal parts balletic and ferocious, and with some truly weird moves to match. But while he feels simply like a particularly unique Smash character, Bayonetta feels almost…otherworldly. Her bullets and odd mechanics remind me of Snake, another character whose success came partially from his game leaning on how alien he was to the rest of the cast.

New music’s great, especially after Midgar’s disappointing show, and the Clock Tower is cool. I don’t score for reviews, so I’ll just say these characters are super fun, and this DLC gets a grape sticker because it was…a grape job.

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The ride is finally over. And this DLC delivers. Corrin and Bayonetta are fun additions, but I do admit they’re more difficult to get used to than Cloud. Despite that, Bayonetta ended up being more easier than I imagined, though the combos can still be hard to pull off without serious practice.

Corrin feels a lot like the other Fire Emblem characters at a first glance, but he/she does have a distinct touch that sets them apart from the other characters overall. The side special requires good timing to pull off correctly, but it’s a very satisfying move to land on opponents. His/her projectile move can be very handy too. While he/she wasn’t a character I really wanted in the game, he/she proves to be a fun addition to the roster.

The Umbra Clock Tower is an awesome stage. I only have the 3DS version where the stage doesn’t quite have the same impression as in the Wii U version, but it does play the same and it’s a great stage overall that isn’t very disruptive either. The falling clock tower scenario does make it stand out from the rest of the stages. My only nitpick would be the lack of Tomorrow Is Mine as a song on the 3DS…

Don’t have anything to say on the Mii costumes since I didn’t download any.


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  1. Frostwraith seems quiet today…

    aguchamp33 on February 5 |
  2. Haha “Grape Job.” Just skimming through the article prior to reading it I was confused what the grape was there for.

    I still have to buy Cloud/Corrin/Bayonetta.

    DonkaFjord on February 5 |