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Straight from the Source: James Montagna (WayForward)

james montagna

We had the pleasure of interviewing James Montagna, one of developers from WayForward about indie games, Shantae and Smash Bros.

The interview was conducted on January 16th, 2016. Due to some audio-related delays, we are just releasing it now. We discuss working at WayForward, Shantae, Smash, Sakurai and the Smash Ballot! Let us know what questions/answers you enjoyed in the comments below.

0:30 – Discuss indie games development, WayForward and the localization of Shantae.
49:15 – Start of the Smash Discussion
1:22:40 – Start of the Lightning Round, new game announcement.

Dodge Club Party Pocket is available on iOS, and Android. Dodge Club Party is also available on the Wii U.
Koko Soko: Beat Prototype
Make sure to also follow James Montagna’s on Twitter.

Sources Mentioned:
Painful Memories of Fighting Games” — Sakurai destroys a couple while playing King of Fighters ’95.
Sakurai Thumbs Up Picture
James Montagna’s Website (where you can check out all his projects!)
The audio was cleaned by Gene Choe:

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