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Linkle’s Story

2016-02-08 (1)
In a small village lived a young girl named Linkle who raised Cuccos. Ever since she was little, she was convinced she was the reincarnation of the Hero of Legend.

After hearing word of monsters assaulting Hyrule Castle, she quickly donned her green tunic and, with her trusty crossbow and grandmother’s old compass in hand, she flew forth from the village.

Believing herself the legendary hero reborn, the girl felt it was her duty to defend the peace in Hyrule—or so she thought.

However, not all proceeded according to plan on her journey. Having set but a single foot into the nearby woods, Linkle met with trouble: a small imp hiding behind a strange mask stole her precious compass.

Linkle chased after the little rascal, and she convinced him to return what he stole. In that instant, as if responding to Linkle’s pleas, the compass began to emit a mysterious light.

She knew neither the nature of the light nor the reason the compass began to shine.

Yet this, she thought, was proof: the compass must have belonged to the Hero of Legend. If she called upon his power, she could save Hyrule from peril. With renewed conviction, Linkle resumed her journey.

She knew she was headed straight toward Hyrule Castle…but the citadel was still nowhere in sight.

Linkle also encountered many troubled folks along the way, and she could not help but offer to lend a hand.

At long last, she has arrived at the castle—but can she save Hyrule from its plight?


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