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Artsy Omni will Join the Upcoming SourceCast

Upcoming SourceCast

While some of us will celebrate Valentine’s Day with our significant other, Source Gaming will be celebrating the anniversary of the Rayman Leak, and the end of Smash DLC! Joining us will be the creator of the leak, Artsy Omni.

The title of the SourceCast episode is “SourceCast #8 – The End of Smash DLC

If you have any questions for the Source Gaming team, or for Artsy Omni then please submit them here.  You can also submit them on Twitter using the #SCQA tag.


Source: Smashified

About Artsy Omni:

Artsy Omni is the creator, and co-lead of Smashified. Smashified was announced shortly after Omni’s infamous Rayman leak (video). So far, the Smashified team has done renders of: Rayman, Shovel Knight, Banjo & Kazooie, King K. Rool, Travis, Inkling, Shantae, Bomberman, Isaac, Dixie Kong, Krystal, and Lilac (The first Smashified that was commissioned by the developer of Freedom Planet, GalaxyTrail). The group has also expanded outside of Smash characters. They created a tribute cover for the Nintendo Force Magazine. The Smashified Patreon page can be found here, and Omni’s Smashified page is here.

Articles to Check Out:

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February Smash DLC Review – SG’s review of the last batch of DLC.


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  1. Were you planning on having Xander Mobus help you with your Rayman hoax?

    J. G. (@GeneralRayburn) on February 11 |
  2. This guy is a complete legend in my opinion. Well done to fooling me and many others. Nice to see Source Gaming pay respects to people who cause such a stir in the community.

    haruhisailormars on February 11 |
  3. Can’t believe you forgot he made a render of Klonoa.

    aaaaaaaaaaa on February 11 |
    • We didn’t forget! Klonoa techniclally predates the Smashified team (it was still passed off as a Smash for Wii U/3DS leak).

      If I included Klonoa then I thought I would have to include the Kirby Hats and other amazing things he’s created and there would be no end to it.

      Source Gaming Team on February 11 |
  4. Do you think there’s still unused stuff to datamine in Smash 3DS/Wii U?

    epicmartin7 on February 13 |
  5. How do you (Omni) feel about the way you went about the Rayman leak?
    Do you think people were justified to be angry at you? (I was one of them for a while lol but I’ve come to terms with my destroyed dream after a while)

    Ikke on February 13 |
  6. Have anyone from Nintendo noticed or talked with you/smashified/the smashified team? I wonder if Sakurai ever saw something about it.. xD

    Ar on February 15 |